How much does a Sri lanka visa cost for US Citizens?

sri lankan visa

The Procedure for the Srilankan visa is easy and simple, especially for US citizens. The Sri Lanka embassy USA is trying hard to make the procedure of the processing just too easy for the applicants. The Sri Lanka consulate USA is always working in tandem with the US government to make the procedure simple and fast. The cost of the processing of the Visa for Sri Lanka is just too cheap compared to the other countries around the world. Sri Lanka us embassy has made the whole procedure of getting the Srilanka visa simple steps. 


The basic documents required for getting the Srilanka visa are a personal passport and an email ID. The personal passport should be valid and it should not be expired. A passport having less than 6 months of expiry is not accepted for the processing of the visa. Sri Lankan embassy in USA has made the whole procedure of the visa processing online. You simply need to submit your visa fee via debit/credit card or by Paypal. The normal processing fee for the Srilanka visa is around $ 61, the processing fee may vary regarding the mode of your visa processing required. All types of processing of the visa, are to provide the best of services to US citizens by the Sri Lanka embassy USA. The processing can be smooth and fast according to your desire and requirement if you remain in contact with the Sri Lanka consulate.  Submit all the information in the prescribed manner which is described by the Sri Lanka embassy USA.

The modes of the SriLankan visas:

The various modes of processing have been introduced just to make the whole processing just feasible for the applicants.

The first mode of processing:

The standard processing of the visa has been introduced for US citizens. If you are living in the Washington DC area, you can contact the Sri Lanka embassy DC for all the information. The standard processing does need only 5 days time. You need to provide all the documents just in time to complete the processing on time. The Sri Lankan embassy in USA has made the whole process just too easy for the applicants. You need to submit only $ 61 when you are applying for the visa. This is just a fraction of the amount when you are applying for the European Nations.

The second mode of processing:

The second processing type is the Rush hour processing of the Sri Lankan visa. The Rush hour processing only takes 3 days to process the visa and it normally costs $ 94, when you are applying for the Single entry visa. The service changes are also included in the processing of the Visa. The Sri Lankan embassy in USA is just working hard to make the processing just too feasible for the applicants. The tourists visiting the country can get a Visa just in 3 working days. 

The third mode of Processing:

The Super rush hour is processed only in 24 hours and it is just too helpful when you need a visa on a contingency basis. You can get all the information from the local Srilankan embassy like in Newyork. All the information is provided on the official website of the Sri Lanka embassy new york.  The processing fee for getting the online visa is $ 103.75 and the application is processed only in 24 hours. The Rush hour processing of visas is more feasible for people who want to travel to the country on an emergency basis. Business people do need to attend the meeting for closing a deal, it can be just too essential to get the visa on an urgent basis. This can be done by getting the Rush hour visa.

Documents required for Srilankan visa:

For the simple documents required for the Srilankan visa, you need to submit the following documents:

The personal passport:

A personal passport is required for getting a Srilankan visa. The Sri Lanka visa for US citizens is just too simple to get but you need to submit a valid passport getting us a Sri Lanka visa is easy to get for US citizens, as the whole process is smooth. The information page of the US Sri Lanka visa should be properly read by the applicants as they have to replicate the same format on the visa processing application.

A valid Email ID:

The Valid Email Id is required to process your Sri Lanka visa US citizen. It may be difficult to visit the Sri Lanka embassy USA. Try to check the accessibility of the Email ID as sometimes it can be hectic to access your email ID. It is better to access your Email Id then provide it to the Sri Lankan embassy in USA. All the communication is done via online channels, and providing a valid email ID makes the whole visa processing just too smooth for the applicants.

The Format of the application:

All the information you are providing should be in the perfect format in which your information appears on the passport. Most of the applicants may delay their US Sri Lanka visa process by adding the wrong information on the application form.   


Sri Lanka embassy USA is working well with the collaboration of the Local USA authorities. The Sri Lankan embassy in USA is doing an active part in compiling the online visa applications. People do ask a question, Is Sri Lanka open to US tourists? The simple answer to this question, the Sri Lankan government is welcoming tourists from the USA. They have made available different modes of visa in this regard. These modes of visa processing are making use of easy access to US tourists. That is why you don’t have any questions about the process. There is no question about it, Can US citizens travel to Sri Lanka? The simple answer is that it is open for USA citizens and the Sri Lanka consulate USA is making the whole process just too easy for the applicants. The whole visa processing for the applicants is now simple and fast.


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