How long can you have Cervical Cancer without knowing?

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People should know that cervical cancer takes time for its full development. Usually, one may take months or decades to understand its presence. Besides that, the person needs to be aware of the cervical cancer symptoms. But, one may live for many years along with cervical cancer without knowing about it. However, an individual needs to consult the doctors of a Cancer Hospital in Chennai for this cause. 

So, one can go through this article to know about detecting cervical cancer. Eventually, the person may find out more about the treatment options for this disease.

Can you remain unaware of cervical cancer’s occurrence?

Generally, an individual may not know about the occurrence of cervical cancer in its initial stage. It means that the symptoms won’t get that prominent during that phase. In general, doctors may face much more difficulty diagnosing such types of cancer.

Furthermore, the patient’s treatment process can get delayed without any relevant cause. Here, one’s cells may take many years to attain invasive cancer. Thus, a person may understand cervical cancer after the abnormal growth of cells. 


What are the symptoms of cervical cancer?

Normally, a patient won’t reflect any signs of cervical cancer in its early stage. But, one’s cervical cancer symptoms can be seen when the cancerous cells turn wild. However, you can contact an oncologist to know more about this.

So, the common symptoms of cervical cancer may include the following:

  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • Foul-smelling white discharge
  • Abnormal menstruation
  • Pain in the pelvis area
  • Weight loss
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Heavy menstruation
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Lower back pain

How can you diagnose cervical cancer?

Various diagnostic tests can give an insight into the presence of cervical cancer. Here, an oncologist recommends the diagnostic test per the patient’s health condition. Simultaneously, the person should know about their significance of them too.

So, one can diagnose the cervical cancer symptoms in the following ways:

  • Blood Test

Generally, a person’s heat profile concerning plasma thermogram can assure the presence of cervical cancer. Many individuals can determine the stage of cervical cancer through this.

  • Pap test

A Pap test is one of the most relevant means for detecting abnormal cells in the cervix. Here, doctors collect the cells from the vagina to send them to the laboratory. Following that, a pathologist reviews the cells to trace cancer’s presence in them. 

  • Biopsy

An individual may go through several biopsies to detect the cause of cervical cancer. Here, the doctor removes abnormal tissues for checking cancer cells. Following that, one may use a biopsy to check cancer treatment progress. Often, the patient can find the occurrence of polyps with the help of a biopsy. 

  • Colposcopy

Mainly, the doctor uses a special magnifying instrument for checking abnormal cells in the cervix. Furthermore, an individual takes a sample of cervical cells for testing in the laboratory. 

  • CT Scan

Usually, people can determine cells’ structure by using the means of ct scan. The person may check the defective tissues in a single imaging session. Eventually, one’s spread of cancerous cells in the lymph nodes can be detected through cervical cancer. 

  • X-Ray

Doctors use the means of X-rays to check whether cervical cancer has spread or not. In general, an individual is given a small amount of radiation to trace the changes inside the bone. However, one may take a few minutes to go through this test. But, the person won’t have any pain after undergoing a chest X-ray.

  • HPV test

Most importantly, one’s HPV test may detect cells for an infection that can trigger the cause of cervical cancer. However, the person needs to know that the HPV test doesn’t say anything about cancer’s presence. Here, an individual may know about the HPV virus that can cause cervical cancer. 

Hence, one may undergo several diagnostic tests to trace cervical cancer symptoms. Besides that, the person may go for a pelvic examination to detect the same.

How can you treat Cervical Cancer?

Undoubtedly, the person should know that cervical cancer is easily treatable. But, an individual’s diagnosis of this disease in its early stage can be quite beneficial. However, a patient can also discuss the same with the concerned doctor.

So, one can treat cervical cancer in the following ways:

  • Surgery

The doctor uses radical hysterectomy to remove cancerous cells in the cervix. Usually, a person in his early stage may be treated with the help of surgical intervention. Furthermore, an oncologist removes the cancerous area concerning the cervix. Eventually, a surgeon also alleviates the fallopian tubes during this procedure.

  • Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy includes anti-cancer drugs that are injected inside the vein. Simultaneously, an individual may consume the pills containing the same. Besides that, drugs get into the bloodstream for passing in the body. Furthermore, an oncologist may successfully kill cancer cells with the help of chemotherapy.

  • Radiation Therapy

Generally, doctors use high-energy x-rays to defeat the cancer cells in the cervix. Most importantly, one’s use of radiation therapy depends upon the cancer’s stage. Many times, an oncologist uses radiation therapy along with surgery. However, the patient must remain well-acquainted with the side effects of this treatment.

  • Immunotherapy

Many doctors take the help of immunotherapy to control the growth of cancer cells. An individual’s immune system is made strong in this treatment. Furthermore, the person’s body may recognize the cancerous cells to fight them off.


People may not be able to get assured of cervical cancer’s presence that early. One should know about the minimal symptoms reflected by this disease. Following that, an individual reaching the last stage of cervical cancer may reflect certain signs. Simultaneously, the person needs to remain aware of the same. Furthermore, an individual should understand each diagnostic test as well. In doing so, the person may reach treatment means quite rapidly. Here, an individual may consult the Cancer Hospital in Chennai for this purpose.

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