How Lead Generation Agency Generate Leads


Generating leads is an important, even vital, point in the development of any business. Above all, a lead in BtoB marketing refers to a potential prospect. However, getting leads isn’t always easy. But, fortunately, there are marketing strategies that make it possible to achieve this. You can also opt for the assistance of Lead Generation Services Agency.

Some techniques to generate leads

The acquisition of leads would not be possible without certain levers. Among these levers, the most effective and beneficial are:

 1-Google Ads

If you want to generate leads, the advertising network of the Google search engine, Google Ads is one of the preferred levers. The reason for this statement is simple. Indeed, almost all Internet users search the Net every day to find a service or product. This is why several companies choose the paid advertisements offered by this search engine. Some forms of Google Ads advertising such as Remarketing, Search, Display or even shopping allow you to access a satisfactory volume of traffic in a very short time and generate qualified leads. This considerably reduces the time required for content marketing to be truly efficient.

Moreover, before launching a Google Ads campaign, it is necessary to think carefully, because there is very tough competition on this platform. Also, some expenses are to be incurred. To do this, you must first define your target, define the message to be conveyed and then determine an effective landing page. Then, you have to set up a good monitoring system, because without it you will not be able to measure the ROI in marketing. Finally, an analysis of the impact in terms of lead generation must be carried out in order to better refine the results.

2- Bing & Yahoo Ads

Bing and Yahoo Ads are also important levers for generating leads. They are a very interesting advertising strategy and work with a few exceptions, in the same way as Google Ads. The Bing Ads lever will allow you to reach a new community of targeted Internet users and increase your conversions on your advertising expenditure. Just like the Google search engine, Yahoo Ads will allow you to display sponsored links on search results pages.

The operation is very simple. As soon as the Internet user clicks on your link which is at the top of the page, he is directly redirected to your website.


Facebook is also an excellent lever for generating b2b leads. Indeed, used effectively, the targeting options of the Facebook platform make it an impressive and remarkable tool for generating leads. However, to succeed, you need to put in place a real lead generation strategy with Facebook . To do this, you must start by creating engaging content that will fit seamlessly into the conversation thread of your subscribers.

Then, you have to promote your content to a test audience. Afterwards, it will be necessary to create lead-generating content, that is to say premium content that can push the user to take action. Finally, create your Facebook ad campaigns. These lead generation campaigns provide information about people who are showing an interest in your business. They therefore allow you to generate leads without leaving the platform.

4- LinkedIn

With thousands of users to its credit, LinkedIn is one of the best professional social networks in the world and in France. Among the interesting features offered by the site, we can mention the search and publication of job offers, training recommendations adapted to the profile of users, targeted advertising solutions and also the creation of business opportunities.

While taking into account your needs and objectives and your message, you can choose the most appropriate format to approach your audience and attract the most interesting leads. With the LinkedIn lead gen feature , you can boost your conversion rate by auto-filling the user’s contact and personal data form . The different formats offered are a real wealth, because it pushes the limits of targeted advertising. You create ads and generate qualified leads in minutes while checking costs.

5 – Emailing

Another effective digital lever for finding prospects is Emailing . Thanks to the power and effectiveness of targeting, emailing allows you to send the right target, the right message and at the right time. By using emailing as a channel to generate leads, you will on the one hand reach professionals with a short and medium term purchase intention and on the other hand develop your notoriety among b2b buyers .

In addition, for your emailing campaign to be effective, you must analyze the situation of your prospects and then send the types of email that best correspond to the expectations of your Internet users.

6 – Native Advertising

Still called Native Ads , native advertising consists of inserting advertising under articles, within the major media. This image and text approach offers a very interesting targeting capability. It reaches a very large audience because it is a multi-device ad that comes in a non-exclusive format and is not blocked by AdBlock type software.

7 – Content marketing

Content marketing or content marketing is also a powerful lever to attract a prospect. It’s harder to convert a lead that isn’t hit by an offer. And so, the objective with this powerful tool is to mature the prospect by directing the content towards the need and not to adopt an aggressive approach centered on the offer or the price.

It is a question of bringing added value by setting up infographics, customer testimonials or guides. Thus, the brand or the company stands out from its competitors and establishes a customer relationship of trust by helping the user or the Internet user in his approach.


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