How is Virtual Schooling Beneficial for Preschoolers?

Virtual Schooling for preschoolers

We all hear the tales of our first school day as the most anticipated and significant memories of our life. Preschool is a crucial aspect of a child’s life as it is for the first time that they prominently interact with the world outside their homes and people other than family. When a child officially starts learning to get ready for the outside world, this major step is deemed of utmost importance for their development. At this stage, the basics of skills like interacting with friends, being confident enough to take the initiative, and the basic etiquette are acquired.

Virtual Schooling

COVID-19 has given us insight into how sudden happenings worldwide, be it a war or a pandemic, can hinder students’ learning. The sudden paradigm shift of the education industry from offline to online is one of the solutions to the obstacles in education. Virtual Schooling refers to children’s schooling at home or any other place via the Internet and Virtual Classrooms. It is very similar to homeschooling, yet it is more structured, disciplined, and advanced. Highly qualified teachers with undeniable expertise in virtual schooling teach the children at home through the internet.

Advantages of Virtual Schooling

Like any other virtual learning program, virtual preschooling also faces the issues of misconceptions and false beliefs. Parents often question the decision to send their kids to virtual schools. But the advancements of modern technology have evolved online education to a far greater level. Some salient features of online preschools are listed as follows:

  • Diversity in Education

Online learning tools equip the teachers and parents to provide the child with a wide range of education, right from communication skills to creative arts & crafts. The instructions are often imparted with the help of audio and video tools to engage the student’s attention and cater to their understanding. Trained teachers with honed virtual teaching skills ensure a minimised healthy screen time for preschoolers by engaging them in numerous activities with their capability of keeping in check the short attention spans of the toddlers.

  • Defined Study Schedule

Online education programs are modelled to structure children’s daily activities by establishing a consistent array of activities at fixed timings. A fixed learning pattern helps children develop independence that comes with stability and security. The structured activities and carefully imparted instructions make the children more responsible people.

  • Enhanced Social Interaction

With the new norms of social distancing, it has become a challenging task to interact with people in the post-pandemic world. For these children stepping out into a whole new world, childhood friendships and interactions play a pivotal role in the developmental and growing process. Thanks to the technologies catering to virtual education, this task is made simple; students, teachers, and parents from diverse backgrounds, locations, and personalities can interact freely. The teachers ensure peer-to-peer interaction of children through several engaging activities that help them practise their communication and social skills.

  • Interactive Learning Technology

The most vital aspect of Virtual Education is technology. The multisensory devices employed to orchestrate a high-grade, fun learning environment through interactive technology are even more efficient than in a traditional classroom. The immersive technology ensures reliable play-based learning that boosts the child’s participation and keeps track of their individual progress.

  • Customisable and Individualised Study Programs

Online Schools like 21K school take advantage of data and technology to design an activity-based, age-appropriate academic plan. Based on the National Curriculum Framework, the academic curricula are commendable. Best educational practices are employed, emphasising a child’s learning styles. Parents can also regularly check their ward’s progress and suggest any alterations to the individual academic plan.

  • Safety and Security

What can be a safer place for a child than home? Indeed today’s advancements have made it possible to bring the schools home. Today, a parent can see their child learn in front of their eyes at home without any worries about their well-being. The initial days of schooling, when a child interacts with the world, are full of anticipation and reluctance. They find it difficult to part from their family even for a short time and often show temper and throw tantrums. This, unlike conventional classrooms, can’t arise in virtual schools.

  • Development of a Confident Self

The learning programs are defined so that the hands-on practical experience and theoretical knowledge imparted along with regular interactions among students and teachers provide a sense of confidence to the child. Narrative and stories are also included to nurture a strong independent character with ethics and values, build an independent mind, and be confident leaders of tomorrow.

  • Education beyond the boundaries of Time and Space

The parents no longer need to worry about their child missing the classes anymore. The salient features of online education enable a student to access quality education from anywhere. No matter where you are, the limitations of geographical location won’t hinder your child’s education anymore. One can have world-class education at their fingertips at home through E-Learning platforms like 21K School.


With its remarkable breakthroughs, today’s world doesn’t wait for anyone. Like every other industry, the education sector has also reformed to cope with the post-pandemic world with its new norms. The remedy to all its predicaments has come to light as Virtual Learning. Students can now get hold of calibrated and organised education beyond time and geographical location. The programs of online preschools are orchestrated scrupulously to forge a confident, independent, and strong character child with morals and ethics.

Online Schools like 21K School offer an interactive activity-based learning environment with regular parent-teacher participation and advanced technology to amplify the studying zone. The curriculum is age-specific in accordance with the National Curriculum Framework. The small class size enables personal attention and care, engaging academic support, and stress-free learning. The parents can rest assured and watch their child receive high-grade education at home.


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