How is Technology Transforming Education?

Technology transforming education

Technology has dramatically altered every aspect of the life of today’s generation and the way we do things, be it shopping for groceries, making payments online or connecting with people across the globe. In fact, it is the life and blood of modern society, and the education sector is no exception. With the increasing dependence on technology, education is also transforming, making teaching an interesting and interactive session for students and teachers.

Technology aided in providing education to everyone, even when the life-threatening COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Due to the evolution of technology, many schools’ conventional blackboards have been replaced with whiteboards and textbooks with project-based learning. Technology is the future of schooling to make learning seamless and smooth.

Here’s a list of reasons why technology is transforming the education model.

1. Facilitates interactive sessions

Technology has modified the way education is being imparted to students nowadays and makes the learning sessions interactive and dynamic. Knowledge is no more restricted to textbooks, digital devices like computers, laptops, and tablets with internet access are a myriad of knowledge. The different methods of e-learning, such as video classes, slideshow presentations and quizzes, make sessions interesting and help in the better understanding of concepts.

For example: Instead of just teaching the theoretical method of the volcano eruption, with the help of videos, teachers can show students the actual process. This will enable students to experience what they are learning and make them understand complex concepts easily. Teachers can also opt for project-based learning to give their students in-depth knowledge about the topic.

2. Improves technological literacy

With technology being an essential part of life in today’s era, technological literacy is vital for students of all ages. The use of technology in education helps in improving technological literacy amongst students and makes them tech-friendly. A better understanding of the technology enables students to get extra knowledge apart from the bookish knowledge on various syllabus topics.

This technological literacy is not just restricted to completing projects and assignments but can be put to various uses in the long run. The students can surf about various available career options, the best institution for their desired career field, and different courses that are available online. It will also provide them with the upper hand when looking for a job and prepare them to compete with others globally and locally.

3. Improves knowledge retention

The use of videos, games, slide presentations, and other interactive apps while teaching makes the lessons exciting and results in better knowledge retention in kids. The colourful images, graphs, animations, short video clips, etc., tend to last longer compared to boring bookish text.

Using technology is not beneficial for students but teachers also. With technology, teachers can easily explain difficult concepts and topics by showing videos or images on the internet and saving them from the extra effort. They can also easily track students’ progress by organizing online quizzes or any fun game on the topic that is being taught.

4. Easy to track progress

Just imparting knowledge is not sufficient. It is essential to track every student’s progress and ensure that everyone is on the same page before moving ahead. Initially, monitoring students’ progress was a bit of a hassle for teachers as it required teachers to evaluate all student’s answer sheets and then prepare report cards, which consumed a lot of their time.

Technology has simplified this process. Instead of preparing report cards, teachers can easily track the progress in real-time with the help of various software available online. In short, online education has cut down the steps for parents to track their kid’s progress.

Moreover, with an ample means of digital analytics used by e-learning platforms, tracking progress is made more concrete, precise and easy to access. As per stats, over 2.04 million children are now homeschooling. The figures are up by 75% from 1999. This is made possible due to the advent of technology in the education sector.

5. Distance learning

Distance learning has been a blessing in disguise for many. From kids and adults to even the elderly, distance learning has genuinely proved there is no age to start learning.

Through distance learning, people from all spheres of life can fulfil their wishes of pursuing the career of their choice. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop/computer to apply for a distance learning course. Also, the availability of information online has made the task super smooth and easier.

The instructors on ed-tech platforms provide two-way communication, which helps in boosting the confidence of students. Distance learning also helps in studying at your own pace and your convenience.

6. Student motivation

Online education has contributed a lot to keeping students motivated. With the help of personalized learning provided at e-learning platforms, students and even kids can clarify their basics. This keeps them motivated to study further without taking frequent breaks.

Furthermore, the digital learning apps and tools for kids are amazing. These apps are developed with utmost creativity to keep kids’ interests alive. This is another factor that keeps the students motivated at all times. No doubt, studying is fun if you enjoy it.

7. Instant availability of knowledge

There is ample information available all over the web. Each topic is explained in multiple ways with the help of examples from daily life. There are hundreds of educators available over the web. Each educator has their own way of explaining things. This easy accessibility allows students to clear their concepts in an instant. Further, e-learning platforms also provide live sessions and recorded sessions that allow not only easy availability but easy accessibility of knowledge.

This enables students to understand better with clarification. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that online education motivates students to garner knowledge. 21K School just fills this gap with different syllables on a platform, 21K School is able to cater to everyone. We have a plethora of value-added courses which will groom your child and help them reach their potential.


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