How High Bay LED lights are the best?

high bay led lights

For years the LED market has continued to grow and everyone in the industry has claimed that they are selling high quality lighting. You can find High Bay LED lights in specialized webshops (e-commerce sites) just like eBay, Amazon, etc. However, just because it is mentioned in the description “high quality or“ best ”does not mean that said product has all the criteria that make LED really the best.

What LED lighting should I buy?

China currently produces more than 60% of the world’s production of High Bay LED lights, especially for the most famous brands. The real problem is, it’s hard to know which Chinese manufacturer to trust. It would be extremely expensive to test them all for due diligence. Big brands such as Osram , Philips and Noxion have already done this job. They know full well that they have to keep an eye on their production process to maintain their credibility. Therefore, it is better to go for these brands rather than go for an unknown brand.

How to choose High Bay LED lights

Apart from the light temperature, light color , socket, color rendering and the application area, the lumen plays an important role. If you’ve spent most of your life buying traditional light bulbs, you’re probably used to choosing them based on wattage. Lumens and watts are different. which can make it difficult to determine which type of bulb you need.

The easiest way to determine which bulb you need is to use this conversion chart.

Let’s say you want to use a 50W halogen bulb, so you should choose a 5-7W LED bulb, which has a luminous flux of 500-700 lumens to achieve the same type of lighting. To save the most energy, we recommend that you choose from a selection of bulbs with the most lumen you need, and then choose the lowest equivalent wattage. For example for a 30w incandescent bulb, you will opt for a 300 lumen at 2W bulb.

The differences between expensive and cheap High Bay LED lights


In terms of constructions, the design, appearance and strength should be checked when purchasing LEDs. Keep in mind that manufacturers always produce a large amount of competitively priced products. If the paint or coating is not applied well, there is a good chance that the interior constructions are not of good quality. In addition, it is difficult to obtain good quality of products with very low weight. Since all High Bay LED lights need good heat dissipation, they cannot be achieved without a good amount of aluminum.

High bay lighting tends to demand more exacting placement of lamps and reflectors. If properly configured, it can achieve superb quality and intensity of light across the entirety of a wide, tall space.

This lighting type can also be positioned at lower mounting heights where necessary, in order to achieve more intense illumination over a narrower distribution area.

LED chip

LED chips are made by various large and small manufacturers around the world. It’s all about the materials used in the manufacture of the chip. A larger chip provides more light and good stability against current fluctuations, but costs more. The cheap and small size LED chip gives less light, stability and does not reach the promised lifespan.

Light quality

Another expensive thing in High Bay LED lights is the presence of phosphor. Low-cost manufacturers use inferior phosphor in order to reduce their production cost. If you see an High Bay LED lights with different colors of white, it is a sign of poor quality. Maintaining the same colors in white is quite a difficult task for LED producers (see blog on “ LED Binning ”). Then color rendering is also an important factor. Inexpensive LED lights usually don’t have a good CRI because high quality phosphor is required.

High bay lights are available in several different types, from High Bay LED lights through to metal halide bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Using different reflectors in different positions will deliver different results and that’s where our team comes in.


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