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If you own a good phone you most likely have sent and received a text message before and you probably have a peek here a text plan. A very important factor that was clear from my five interviews is that five of the participants needed the Status” function to be removed, explaining to me that there are other apps for posting 24-hour disappearing photos and videos. They said their main purpose on WhatsApp is to send communications and make phone calls, and that this function is irrelevant to WhatsApp’s core brand.

3. Collection – This app allows for users to send communications and make voice calls with their contacts all over the world. It can save you a ton of money on your cellular phone bill by using this app as it offers unlimited free getting in touch with and messaging 24 hours per day. In addition, it has a huge amount of other features like group chats and video calls between fellow Series users, photo posting, ability to express yourself with the help of stickers and Emoji. You’ll find hilarious and funny stickers of famous people from round the world. Series now features of an incredible number of users from more than 200 countries of the world. The reason behind its popularity is that it’s packed with many exciting features and is absolve to download. The application is also available for desktop computers and tablets.

Typing brands of important people in the search pub or scrolling right down to get to their chat history might get frustrating and monotonous each time you want to converse. WhatsApp gives you to pin chats of three contacts at the top. Swipe a talk with the right and faucet on the pin icon to get it to the top (iOS) or hold a chat and tap the pin button once selected (Android).

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The thing is, it is harder to text people on a simple phone. While I believe people misuse their mobile phones I also realize that they are a part of normal life and not going away. Every time there’s a new invention many people fear so much it. It had been the same with the first landlines. We have to learn to use our cell phones in a far more harmonious manner.