How e-commerce mobile app development is beneficial for small businesses

e-commerce mobile app development

Is your small business thinking of taking the plunge into e-commerce? If so, you’re not alone as more and more start up businesses are now choosing to sell their products online. The benefits of operating an e-commerce store are clear: increased revenue and improved customer reach leading to a bigger market share and higher profits. What’s even better is that you don’t need a huge budget to get started and can easily launch a mobile app for one or multiple devices.

There’s no doubt that we live in a digital age where smartphones and tablets have become essential tools for communication and information gathering. Millions of apps are downloaded every day by consumers who rely on them to facilitate many everyday tasks. From keeping in touch with friends through Facebook to catching up with breaking news stories via twitter, customers are taking advantage of these benefits which ultimately saves time and helps them work smarter.

According to our mobile app development company expert’s, E-commerce is no exception and there’s now a huge range of well know websites offering everything from flights and clothing to food deliveries. According to statista, in 2013 the global market for mobile e-ers who want instant access to entertainment, news, shopping, travel updates, social media connectivity – the list is endless. This has been a huge boost to the app economy and as a result, we’re seeing an increase in customers accessing retail websites and engaging with brands via mobile devices on the go.

How does this affect small businesses? Mobile e-commerce apps can be beneficial for all types of business; increasing sales, improving customer loyalty and building brand awareness…the list goes on!

So if you think your small business could benefit from having an e-commerce website, here are some of the reasons why developing a mobile app can help attract new customers and see your SME reach its full potential:

  1. Convenience

Customers want convenience – saving time and money whenever they shop online and this is something

  1. Connectivity

Customers will expect to be able to stay connected, even when they’re on the move – that’s why e-commerce apps are so useful for small businesses as you can provide your customers with real time information about products, sales and special offers. This is particularly beneficial if you trade in anything from fashion items to tickets for events – it allows users to purchase instantly wherever they are. Any business which stocks a high volume of goods or sell travel tickets online will benefit hugely from having an e-commerce mobile app!

  1. Customer feedback

With only 24% of people trusting brands, good customer service is more important than ever . By embracing new technology, small businesses can create stronger relationships with their customers by providing a direct channel of communication. This means that advice and information can be provided quickly without the customer ever having to pick up the phone.

  1. Brand exposure

In addition, apps have become an effective way for SMEs to raise brand awareness as they offer marketing opportunities with features such as push notifications which marketers use to target their audience using smart messaging . At a time when competition is fierce, this is invaluable for small businesses who want to increase awareness of their products and services whilst engaging their customers on a more personal level – it’s win-win!

  1. High conversion rates

As mentioned, e-commerce mobile apps allow users to purchase goods wherever they are – which means higher conversion rates as there is less chance of customers leaving your website to make a purchase elsewhere. This is especially beneficial if you run a bricks-and-mortar store too as you can drive footfall by promoting in-store events and deals through the app.

  1. Fast access to important information

Customers are looking for convenience, faster access to goods and services, reduced waiting times and more control…and that’s exactly what e-commerce mobile apps give them! If you have a business which is time sensitive or which requires real time updates then developing an app can be extremely beneficial – allowing your customers to receive detailed company information such as stock levels in real time which means no wasted journeys and quick turnarounds when it comes to delivering customer service.

Whilst there are many benefits of having an e-commerce mobile app for your small business, it is important to consider whether this form of marketing is right for you and if it will benefit your target audience before investing any time or resources into building one. At the end of the day, your SME will only benefit if it increases sales and loyalty; so you need to make sure that your chosen mobile app developer understands your business goals. This is where we come in!

Since 2006, we have been building custom e-commerce websites for a range of businesses from fashion boutiques to hotels – so when it comes to developing apps, you can count on us! We offer a full mobile development service which means not only do we build them but they also come with free updates and ongoing support meaning that over time, your small business can become more profitable and efficient.

From setting up payment systems to creating search functions, our expert team work with you every step of the way in order for you to have the peace of mind that your app is being built exactly how you want it. Plus, with our fully responsive design service, your e-commerce mobile app will work seamlessly across all devices – including Apple and Android!

There are also many hidden costs which small businesses should consider before developing an e-commerce mobile app such as hosting fees, maintenance costs, call handling fees for back office functions, software fees to create apps on the host platform (Apple or Google) and more! This is why we make things simple by offering a fixed fee for unlimited updates over two years. So whatever you need from your e-commerce mobile app in 2019, get in touch today for a free quote.

So there are just some of the benefits that e-commerce mobile apps can offer small businesses – not only in terms of cost effectiveness, but also in customer satisfaction which really helps improve brand loyalty. Not convinced? See how retail brands are using mobile e-commerce to enhance their customers’ experience here.




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