How does keyword search work?

keyword research

Keyword Research is a keyword analysis for a successful SEO campaign or marketing campaign. A wrong and unprofitable marketing strategy can cost a lot of money and time. Especially if you use the wrong keywords. With keyword research, search engines and competitors are analyzed and the most frequently shown keywords are queried.

Of course, it doesn’t always make sense to include the most frequently displayed keyword in the “to-do list”. Especially if it is already represented 2.5 million times and maybe it also consists of English search words. Because then you also compete with the international sides. The experience of the SEO consultant also plays a major role here.  

What is keyword research?

Keyword search or keyword research is practically the search for certain keywords on a topic in order to subsequently create content about the keyword. Because only with content can you be found on the Internet. 

However, since there is no use in describing the keyword “iPhone”, you have to switch to another keyword or several keywords such as “replace iPhone battery”. This way you can ensure that your article has a good chance of being placed relatively far upfront. 

Likewise, with keyword research, it is important to consider whether the keyword is associated with your business by customers and the search engines. At Keyword Research you come across keywords that might fit the online shop or blog, but give more in the industrial direction. 

So have nothing to do with sales. You should avoid these keywords so that the search engine can also assign your contribution factually correctly. In the area of ​​spirits, Tequila Gold and Tequila with a worm would be a good keyword. Tequila cocktails or tequila mixes tend to be of secondary importance.

Who conducts keyword research?

In an SEO agency, an SEO consultant usually carries out keyword research for the customer and then has content created. After a certain time, the reports created are analyzed and, if necessary, additional keywords are added or changed. Keyword research is a very important area for increased visibility on the Internet.

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