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Article summary: In each college for assessment of students, the teacher gives some assignments to the students because doing the assignment help students to gain more knowledge, and it is not valid for colleges in Perth, but it is universal. This article tells the importance of doing assignments during the academic season of the students. This article also tells the points intended to contribute to the growth of students. After reading this article, readers will know the importance of doing assignments.

Assessment is the only path to knowing students. It is confined to academic-related growth, but it can be used to know other aspects of the students. A teacher teaches students regularly and completes the syllabus. At the end of the season, he makes a question paper based on the taught topics and gives it to the students during their final examination. Some students who were good at something got more marks while some got more. It would surprise the teacher how it happens while trying his best to teach the students. Therefore this is not the way to assess students. We would see below for any ongoing process, and the facilitator needs to make interventions and how to intervene.

There are mainly two types of assessments, one is formative, and another is summative. For the formative and summative assessments, teachers give assignments to the students. Summative assessments also involve examination apart from giving assignments.

We will know about formative assessment and summative assessment one after one.

  1. Formative assessment: Suppose a person has given a contract to a builder to make his home. The person analysed the home and found something which is not going according to the requirements; hence he or she intervened and asked the builders to make the changes. Now, work is in progress; a person goes to visit the home, and he finds something wrong or inappropriate, then he or she will tell the builder to make changes. Though work is in progress, it means not completed; builders can make the changes. The builder will make the changes without extra effort as work was not completed. The state of the building was information; hence it was possible to make changes.

In the same way, formative assessment works. Teachers give assignments to the students after teaching for one or two months, and assessing students before the final examination can be multiple times. Suppose the teacher gives the student the assignment after two months. Now students will accomplish that assignment by using their learnings whatever they have learnt during those two months. If something is not feasible, students can take help from sources other than the teachers. After completing the work, students will submit the work to the teachers. Now, the teacher will analyse the answers of the students and will try to find out the lacks or gaps in the works of the students. Teachers do not see the wrong or correct answers but also analyse the students’ approach.

The teacher will assess answers and make a list of things that need to be addressed about the students. Students will know these things by the feedback given along with the score of the assignment. Now students can work on those points and can do better in future.

2. Summative Assessment: Take the above example once again. Now the construction of the home is completed. It is time to make the final payment to the builders. The same person went to observe the home’s construction, and he or she found that there was something which has not gone or been constructed according to the given instructions. The person will deduct the payment. Now builders will learn what things should have been cared for by him during the construction of the building. Here, the builder and that person can not intervene but take a lesson next time.

In the same way, summative assessment works. After completing the whole academic season, teachers will assess the students’ full knowledge by giving those assignments. Now, students will use their whole learning to put into the assignment to address the assignment’s demands.

Now, the teacher will assess the students’ work and find out the gaps or extensions of knowledge. In this stage, both the teacher and student cannot intervene, but things can be understood in the future.

Now we know what formative and summative assessments do for the students. Formative assessment gives feedback to improve the learning and prepare for the summative assessment; on the other hand; summative assessment tells how much students have prepared themselves for the final combat. Doing assignment help students to accommodate new things, either student studies in Perth or anywhere in the world. Formative assessment gives scope to make changes or make an intervention, but summative assessment tells the whole development of the students where intervention is not possible, but a student can know about the capability and efficacy of his or her learning process. Formative forms the students, while Summative tells how much one has gained and improved.

Both assessments play a great role in the academic life of the student. One tells students on their each step what to do for doing better, while other summative tells what students have attained or gained. Hence both gives a clear picture of the growth of the students.

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