How does a private detective do pre-matrimonial investigation?

matrimonial investigation

One of the most important decisions of a person’s life is the decision to get married. This decision affects your life for a lifetime, changes its course, decides on your future and makes you responsible. Things may change after marriage because you are going to settle down with a person who you should be compatible with.

In previous generations, marriages were a family matter and the families would do a complete background research of the other family. But in a 21st century culture, marriages are organized differently and no longer are arranged marriages so popular. 

Changed Equations

The new generation wants to get to know their would-be partners and they sometimes get into love relationships with the people they want to marry. At the same time, while you may have known them for years, there are chances of them lying about some things and you being a victim of cheating.

Whether marriage of choice or arranged marriage, talks can break down due to the lack of substantial information about the groom/bride or their family. This is when it is mandatory to conduct a thorough background check on your would-be partner through a Pre Matrimonial Investigation to get all the facts out of the way.

Why the need for a pre-matrimonial investigation at all?

Matrimonial sites and dating apps have over the years changed the mating landscape totally and young people can check their prospective partners online. In cities, people may be too busy to meet their significant other in person, so they rely on dating apps. While these platforms provide you with many choices to choose from, they lack authentication as people lie on these platforms in the absence of a security check.

With the rise of private detective agencies in India, the investigators they hire are knowledgeable about the methods of investigation on all types of cases. 

A detective agency in Delhi that holds a prominent and successful track record hire these skilled and trained professionals. 

The background check includes:

Family Issues

An investigation into a background analysis of the person’s family, and all details such as their social behavior, social reputation, profession and occupation are thoroughly checked. A survey of the vicinity tells the investigator that, as for example, questioning the neighbours. 

Educational Qualifications

To probe whether their qualifications and their claims about holding higher degrees is genuine or fraud or even if they hold original degrees or not is part of their investigation.

Criminal Antecedents

The territory’s police station and law authorities verify if the person being probed holds any criminal record or not.

Extra marital affairs

The investigators check on the person being probed for any previous relationship they may have had, especially if they are adulterous and may have had affairs and if they had, then it is difficult to trust the for moral and ethical character.

The private detective agency in Hyderabad collects all the required information about the bride or groom-to-be with the assistance of their professionally trained and technologically equipped officers.


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