How do I plan a weekend trip to Triund trek?


Triund trek is one of Northern India’s most popular places. Most people traveling to Triund are going to Mcleodganj and Dharamshala. The Triund Tour is highly regarded, especially by foreign tourists and young people.


Well, it is no wonder that so many new agencies can offer a variety of packages for a trip to Triund. It’s not surprising that some of these travel agencies also offer insane and moronic ideas about films and disturbing the peace and solitude of this astounding place.


Planning a weekend trip to Triund weekend

Many people call Triund Dharamshala and Mcleod Ganj’s heart or crown. The Triund trek from Mcleod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh is approximately 9-10 km. On either side of Triund, you can have a splendid view over Dhaulandhar and on the opposite side of Kangra Valley.


The hike is lovely and can be done by people of all ages, surrounded by forests. That’s perhaps why this Himachal Pradesh Trek is so popular with beginners.



Triund is located at a height of some 2,828 meters (9350 feet) at the bottom of the Dhaulandhar ranges in the Himalayas.


Best time to visit Triund


The Triund tour can be done at any time of the year, apart from the heavy snowfalls of 

January and February. But the best time to visit Triund is in North India from March to the middle or end of June.


Then in September and October, you can also go to Triund. In the event of bad weather or heavy snowfall, this trek is closed sometime in January and February.


Can I make a weekend trip to Triund?


Many routes can be planned for a visit to Dharamshala, McLeodganj and Triund. Today, I will propose a common route to Triund during the weekend.


Please note that if the time is pressing and you want to do the tour to Triund over the weekend, I suggest that we add one or more days to the plan in order to maintain it relaxed:


Take the HPTDC Volvo bus from Delhi to Mcleod Ganj at approximately 18-7 p.m., from Mcleod Ganj around 6 a.m., for an overnight stay. Take space to be fresh or use public toilets according to your comfort choice.


Saturday: eat a good breakfast and bring some fruit and water to the trip to Triund. Saturday: Reserve your cab to the temple of Galu and start your tour of Triund at 10-11 AM. The trek crosses the beautiful forest and offers a beautiful viewpoint. Triund is reached at 2-3 pm.


If you do not have one, reserve your tent by contacting the people at cafés. Enjoy the beautiful sunset, look out at the sun and rest the day. If you book it, you should sleep in your camps or arrange a pre-arranged stay or in a Forest Rest House.


Sunday: Watch the sunrise waking up early. Take a breakfast and begin your trek to Mcleod Ganj. Take the Dharamkot-Bhagsu Naag waterfall route and stay in the waterfall for a while. If you still have time, visit Mcleodganj and get back to Delhi in the evening with a bus.


Accommodation at Triund


At the price of Rs 300-500 per person tents are available in Triund. On-site availability can sometimes be a problem. In Triund you can also take your tent and pitch it. There is also a Forest Rest House at the top, but it is not so trivial to book.


For the Forest Rest House from Dharamshala, you have to book in advance, given that there are limited rooms. If not, you can arrange your stay at Mcleod Ganj with certain local travel agents, and they can help you to take up your camps and your food.


In Mcleod Ganj even some businesses also provide rental equipment for camping and trekking. Walking, hiking or traveling in the Himalayas makes buying your tent or camp better, and the Quechua is generally good and can be easily purchased in Amazon India.


Food options at Triund


Triund does not offer many food options. There are only a few dhabhas and tea shacks to eat. The food is a bit more expensive on top of Triund, so you can save the best way to bring your food, some fruits and a water bottle.


The cost of a bottle of water is Rs 50, Rajma or Dal Chawal and a Maggi plate is Rs 70. It is better for you to bring a great deal of water and fruit.


ATM Availability


The last point where the ATM is available is Mcleodganj. So, you should have enough cash with you.


Mobile Connection / Signal at Triund


In Mcleodganj, all mobile networks are available. Triund has no strong relationship. The network is usually here and there. It’s better to stay out for a while, try, and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy that. In any case, BSNL is best at work in the Himalayas.


About the trek to Triund


Trek begins in Mcleodganj from two places. The temple of Galu is the last point that any vehicle can reach. Galu can be reached with different options. From Mcleodganj, one can start a trek or book a cab or car to the Galu Temple. From the waterfall Bhagsu Naag you can start this hike too.


The walk or trail to Triund is easy and mostly well marked. You pass through the lovely forest on the trail. Besides the few patches, the trek is okay. On the way to the Triund you have several small shops and tea shops where Maggi and tea can be found.


On the middle of the trek there is a magic viewpoint and the place to enjoy some beautiful aerial views of Dhauladhars. Triund is worthy of being a witness to Sunset and Sunrise and you will certainly love them if you love photography.


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