How do I get over the trauma of having an alcohol withdrawal seizure?


You might have mental and physical issues if you drink too much alcohol for weeks and months and stop it suddenly. It is known as alcohol withdrawal. If you are suffering from this syndrome, you shouldn’t think twice before heading to alcohol detox near me. You wouldn’t have any alcohol withdrawal symptoms if you tended to drink once in a blue moon. Seizures are also quite common even if you don’t have withdrawal. They might occur after you just had a drink or can even pop up after some days. You are more risk at seizure from alcohol if you had a seizure before due to any reason.

The foundation of alcohol withdrawal seizure

  • As per experts at inpatient psychiatric care, you aren’t likely to suffer from seizures if you drink alcohol in small amounts.
  • If alcohol is related to seizures, it is mainly in the state of alcohol withdrawal, leading to strokes. Your risk of attacks significantly increases when you have at least three or more alcoholic drinks.
  • You might suffer from status epilepticus, a life-threatening ailment if you are prone to binge drinking.
  • Seizure medicines can minimize your tolerance for alcohol, so the instant effects of the drinks will be more. To quote, people can get drunk in no time. One of the most significant issues is that rapid intoxication is a huge issue.
  • Some experts say that chronic abuse or alcoholism is mainly linked to eplispy development.

How can you avoid seizures in alcohol withdrawal patients?

Avoid binge drinking- When you visit sober living near me, the experts might suggest you avoid binge drinking. It is mainly because alcohol doesn’t trigger seizures while you are usually drinking. But withdrawal seizures might happen between six to seventy-two hours while drinking is stopped.

Doesn’t abuse alcohol- If you have an issue, then you must not think twice before getting help. Alcohol withdrawal seizures are pretty common among people who are likely to abuse alcohol for a long time. When alcohol is stopped or reduced suddenly, then alcohol seizures might happen. It can happen to anyone irrespective of the epilepsy case.

Drink in moderation if you are allowed- If you can drink, then you must drink only some drinks. People with epilepsy are most likely to be at a high risk of seizure after drinking at least two or three alcoholic beverages. If you have seizure issues, then you must drink in moderation.

Best ways to overcome the trauma post seizure

Take medications as prescribed- The medicines are mainly prescribed to help prevent seizures, and you should take your doctor’s approval before you stop taking them. When you fail to take your medications, you might be at a high risk of uncontrolled seizures besides withdrawal seizures.

Avoid substance misuse- Besides avoiding alcohol, you need to prevent misuse of substances if you want to manage the seizures. If the condition is quite severe, then you should consider heading to alcohol detox near me.

Practice stress management- Often, stress leads to seizures, and if you manage stress, you can easily manage attacks. All you need to do is exercise well and have an adequate sleep.

Have a sleep schedule- It is vital for you to sleep on time and wake up at the same time if you want to maintain a perfect sleep schedule. If you are too tired, then your body can go through seizures, but regular sleep can keep them at bay.

Keep a consistent meal schedule- As per experts at sober living near me, skipping meal often leads to Hypoglycemia which leads to seizures. It is mainly true for people with diabetes. If you have diabetes, then you must practice a consistent mealtime and quick active sources of glucose to prevent seizures.

Avoid flashing lights- You can go through seizures if you are photosensitive. No doubt you can rely on anti-epileptic drugs, but it is also vital to avoid flashy lights and images. Playing video games with too much light can lead to a seizure. You can quickly cover one of your eyes with other if you are exposed to a flashing light suddenly.

Protect yourself from head injuries – Often, head injuries lead to seizures. Hence it is vital for you to protect yourself from potential head injuries, or you might have multiple episodes. You can decrease the risk of falls. You can connect with a medical expert for stability. While driving a bike, you need to ensure that you wear a helmet. Hence connecting with an expert is vital.

Do parents or family members play a crucial for seizure patients?

Seizures are pretty unpredictable, so the caretakers and parents have a pretty challenging job. There will be a lot of stress if parents go away from the individual. Alcohol is never recommended for people who have epilepsy. Alcohol and seizure tend to have similar effects. The caregivers need to know that epilepsy is not contagious and it is not a mental illness, so the family members don’t need to stress as such. All they need to do is ensure that they stand through the patient throughout their journey. The entire family, including parents, grandparents and siblings, have a crucial for patients suffering from a seizure.

Seizures mainly occur in no time, and there is no apparent reason for it. However, if you have repeated attacks, then you might have a condition known as epilepsy. The seizures are mainly caused due to abnormal electric signals in the brain, which might cause you to lose muscle control, focus, or even consciousness. Your medical professional might run several tests to uncover the seizure’s causes, and it might take several medicines to find the perfect mix. Safety should be a priority while you have attacks, and it’s essential that people around you know what to do when a seizure happens.

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