How Dissertation Writing Can Enhance Your Employability?


Many of the students will be working on the dissertation writing and most of you must have completed your thesis. Some of you still wondering how to complete research work according to the standards. Thanks to higher education that they provide a variety of opportunities to the students. Dissertation writing is one of the opportunities where students can showcase their skills to attract employers.

Dissertation writing is a mandatory activity for the students which they have to perform in the final semester of the program. There are no doubts that many advantages are associated with academic research. If students show their interest in the research process, they can easily develop the required set of skills.

In this article, we are going to see some of the best considerations that can help students to enhance and market their employability in the competitive job market.

Research Skills

Research skills are one of the basic requirements for writing a dissertation. It is also required and highly demanded in the job market. Research skills help you to develop an understanding of differentiating between relevant and irrelevant knowledge. It further helps you, if the selected information is helpful for the selected project.

Students can also implement their research skills in finding the right job. Employers look for students who have good knowledge of the competitive market for all industries and organisations. This helps them to find out the capabilities of the students. This also expresses the level of interest you have in organisations and industries.

Communication Skills

It doesn’t matter how good ideas to have out a specific situation, it is of no use if you do not have the communication skills to explain your ideas and information. This is one of the things that employers focus on whether you have enough communication skills to express your thoughts and ideas in the best possible way.

Your dissertation explains the entire communication skills that you have. It shows the claims that you have provided in the dissertation writing along with arguments and logical facts to support your claims and to convince the readers at the same time. This helps the employer to understand the level of your communication skills. Communication skills can help you in the following ways throughout your professional life;

  • There are a variety of report writings that students have to face in their professional life. Communication skills help you to meet the requirements of each type of report writing.
  • It helps you to persuade your managers along with the employees to understand and implement your ideas.
  • In professional life, you have to attend a variety of meetings with different clients. If you do not have good communication skills, then you would lose your clients.
  • Best communication skills will help you to grow in the organisation. It further provides a variety of opportunities within and outside the organisation.

Problem Solving Skills

Problem-solving skill is a fizzy term. However, it shows the level of adaptability and how good are you in taking initiatives for different scenarios. If you have problem-solving skills, then you must have critical thinking skills.

Problem-solving skills shows how good you can handle the situation. It further explains that how you overcome a specific problem. It assists the employer to know your abilities how good can you react to the problems arising in the department.

Just take an example, for instance, you have taken a certain decision in the organisation and it does not come out as the desired results. So, you have changed your tactics to make your decision right. That self-awareness is your plus point in the eyes of the employer.

Numerical Skills

It is a basic requirement of many organisations that you must have basic numerical skills regardless of the nature of the job. Students learn numerical skills when they are working on their research. Dissertation writing requires a good amount of numerical skills so that you can handle large sets of data effectively.

One of the best advantages of the dissertation is that it makes you experience in handling a large amount of data. For quantitative research methods, students have to put their data in a statistical tool, such as SPSS. This helps you to enhance your computer and analytical skills at the same time. Numerical skills are not only the requirement of thesis writing, but it is also demanded in a variety of assignments as well.

Working Under Pressure Situations

There are situations in the organisation where you have to work under pressure. It is because of the uncertainties that occur anytime. Once you have experienced writing your dissertation it helps you to learn the techniques to work effectively under pressure. The entire dissertation consists of more than 8000 words or as per the consent of the supervisor of the university.

Managing this huge amount of words is not easy for the students. However, there are few technique and procedures through which students can easily get the desired results of professional dissertation writing. This helps them to manage each important component of the research effectively and efficiently.

A dissertation helps students to learn management skills by managing the dissertation and handling all other academic and social activities at the same time. Once you develop time management skills, they are really going to help you how to manage all the task even under pressure.

Time Management Skills

Time management skills are necessary for professional life. It is because there are a variety of tasks that you have to do in your office on a daily basis. There are times you have to face multiple and uncertain tasks which can affect your daily routine work. Without handle time management skills, it is impossible to make it to uncertain tasks while maintaining routine work as well.

Dissertation writing help students to learn time management skills. The entire structure of the dissertation compiles into 5 detailed chapters. Students have to give proper every time to every component if they want the desired results. Students are provided with a minimum limit of three months within which they have to complete their research and submit the dissertation. This helps them to manage their time significantly while developing time management skills at the same time.



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