how can you try to repair the Canon printer error code 5800?

Canon Printer Error Code 5800 Solution

The Solution to the Canon Printer Error Code 5800

In this article, we will talk about the fault that you are experiencing and show you how to fix the Canon Printer Error Code 5800 Solution in a few easy steps. If you follow the straightforward troubleshooting techniques given by Canon Printer specialists, you should have no trouble removing the Error Code 5800.

Error code 5800 signals that the waste ink counter has been reset successfully. (many brief bursts of light in the colors yellow and orange) It is necessary to reset Canon printers rather frequently so that they will remember their original factory settings. After a substantial amount of printing has been completed, the Canon printer needs to have its settings cleared. When the Canon Printer Error Code 5800 Solution needs to be reset, the lights on the front of the machine will often flash orange and green in an alternating pattern, and the monitor will display the error code 5800. Then, if you want to fix the problem as quickly as possible, you need to use the remedies that are suggested by the professionals who provide printer technical help.

Resolutions for the Canon Printer Error Code 5800

To correct this mistake, please follow the procedures or solutions that are provided.

The first step in solving the problem is to switch out the Waste Ink Absorber.

To address this problem once and for all, you will need to follow these instructions to replace the waste ink absorber.

The first thing you need to do is push the “Power” button.

The Canon Printer should be turned off; however, it should still be plugged in. The next step is to press the “Power” button while maintaining your grip on the “Stop/Reset” button.

After that, keep pressing and holding the “Power” button.

You should turn off the Canon Printer but ensure that it is still plugged in. The next step is to depress the “Power” button while maintaining pressure on the “Stop/Reset” button.

Transition into the Service Mode

The printer will go into service mode whenever you let go of the “Power” and “Stop/Reset” buttons, regardless of the order in which you do so. (Waiting for the selection of the menu.)

Press the button labeled “Stop/Reset.”

Press the “Stop/Reset” button the number of times that are specified in the table that is located below the on/off light when it turns green.

(When you click the button labeled “Stop/Reset,” the LED flashes between orange and green in an alternating pattern, beginning with orange.)

Turn on your Canon printer at this point 

Turn off the printer and then turn it back on.

Check to check if the issue with the Canon Printer Error Code 5800 Solution has been fixed by looking at the settings. In every other case, continue to the following choice.

The second solution requires that the Canon printer be put into service mode before it can be used.

Putting the Canon Printer Error Code 5800 Solution into service mode is the recommended course of action for resolving the issue because it will facilitate the process. Make sure that the ink absorber pad on your Canon printer sees itself as empty rather than full. If you can open your printer, I would appreciate it if you would use a napkin to wipe down the ink deposit and make it a bit more transparent. Please proceed in the following manner.

  1. To get started, you’ll need to activate your Canon all-in-one printer.
  2. After that, choose the choice from the menu on the printer.
  3. To activate the service mode on your Canon printer, you will need to press the “SCAN,” “COPY,” and “SCAN” keys in that order. You must keep in mind that the service mode menu, much like the BIOS of a computer, is written in English.
  4. Keep going by pressing the “+” key until the choice to “COUNTER ACCESS” appears before you. Once you have arrived at your destination, press the OK button.
  5. On the display screen of the printer, you should now see a page counter. The number that is displayed on it indicates the total number of pages that were printed.
  6. After that, you should press the “OK” button.
  7. At this time, you are required to press the “COPY” button.
  8. Use the minus key to bring this total back down to zero (0). To continue, click the “OK” button.
  9. You can traverse the menu by using the plus sign (+) until you find the option to SCAN PAGE COUNT. Return this counter to zero (0) to clear the score on our Canon printer’s page counter, which is only accessible when the printer is in service mode. This counter is only displayed when the printer is in service mode.
  10. Proceed through the menu steps by step until you get to the option that says “ABS-M DO NOT COUNT.” Simply clicking the “OK” button will bring this total back to zero (0).
  11. After you have ensured that everything else is off, push the button labeled “stop/reset.”
  12. Simply clicking the on/off button will turn your printer off and then back on again.
  13. If at the end of this procedure the warning “INVALID KEY” shows on the screen of your computer, disconnect and then reconnect the power cable that is connected to the printer.

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