How can you avoid cervical cancer?

cervical cancer

Necessarily, a woman must make sure that her cervix is healthy. An individual must ward off the growth of unhealthy cells there. Following that, the person’s healthy food intake can be the best option in this case. Besides that, one needs to know that proper vaccination can also be of great help. Following that, a woman older must be extra cautious regarding this disease. However, one may consult the doctors of KIMS Hospital Kondapur in this regard. 


So, a reader may go through the tips for avoiding cervical cancer by deep diving into this article. Even, one may find various treatment means for the same



Best Ways to Avoid Cervical Cancer


A woman must note that this cancer can be formed without any prior sign. Following that, the person’s awareness of this disease is quite important. Furthermore, an individual may easily avoid the risk of cervical cancer in certain ways.


So, one can avoid the symptoms of cervical cancer in the following ways:


  • Go for safe intercourse 

Mostly, individuals turn out to be quite active while having intercourse. Here, a woman may affect her cervix in that process unknowingly. Moving on, one should go for regular checkups in that phase. At times, a woman’s test may reveal traces of syphilis and gonorrhea as well.  


  • Get away from Smoking Habits


One can avoid the major causes of cervical cancer by staying away from smoking. An individual may increase his risk of having other serious health conditions with this. Furthermore, a woman with HPV disease may have a worse effect carrying out smoking. Here, one may switch to motivational videos for helping her out. Eventually, an individual’s willpower in leaving this habit can be more useful.


  • Push yourself for screenings


Most importantly, a woman must realize the significance of going for the screening test. An individual should go for screenings quite often in her life. Following that, the doctors may help in attaining the signs of cervical cancer rapidly. India’s resilient oncologist may begin with the treatment procedure at that moment. In doing so, the doctors may prevent the cancer cells from spreading into distant organs. Undoubtedly, one can ward off the growth of metastatic cancer growth in this way. Eventually, doctors may also detect cell transformation with the help of imaging tests.


  • Escaping Sexually active at Young Age


One can avoid the symptoms of cervical cancer by being sexually active at a very young age. A woman can have the highest probability of catching up with HPV during sexual intercourse. Following that, this encounter can prove to be quite risky. 


  • Attend the human papillomavirus program regularly


Usually, a woman can educate herself about cervical cancer by attending various programs. Here, the doctor takes the responsibility of providing counseling to patients with cervical cancer. The woman needs to remain updated about the occurrence of the human papillomavirus program. Ultimately, an individual can ward off the risks of this disease after attending the same.


  • Use protection while having intercourse.


The woman’s sexual encounter can become the prime cause of cervical cancer. Following that, an individual may restrict the entry of HPV by using a protection. Here, one may educate other women regarding the same thing.


Hence, an individual should always remain cautious about the occurrence of cervical cancer. The woman must try to avoid cervical cancer by living a healthy lifestyle. By doing so, one may avoid the symptoms of cervical cancer significantly.


Signs of Cervical Cancer’s Occurrence


Generally, a woman above 30 years of age has the highest risk of ending up with cervical cancer. Following that, an individual must be capable of understanding the warning signs of the same. 


So, the signs of cervical cancer must include the following:


  • Pelvic pain
  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • Appetite loss
  • Lower Back pain
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Excess Weight Loss
  • Swelling in the legs


How can you treat Cervical Cancer?

People can treat the conditions of cervical cancer by treating this in its initial stages. Many oncologists treat this condition by using several treatment options for the same. Eventually, the person can be treated using cold-knife conization. 

So, one can treat cervical cancer in the following ways:

  •      Chemotherapy

One of the best ways to avoid the symptoms of cervical cancer may proceed with its treatment. An individual may consider chemotherapy as a relevant way to treat cervical cancer. Here, doctors use several chemicals to treat cancer patients. Following an individual can treat many other types of cancer with chemotherapy. Furthermore, an oncologist can’t alleviate all cancer cells by using surgical procedures. Even one may attain advanced cancer types with the help of chemotherapy. 

  • Radiation Therapy

Primarily, cancer specialists can use high-powered radiation beams for treating cervical cancer. Besides that, an individual may take the help of radiation for many other types of cancer. Following that, the person may undergo multiple kinds of side effects with this treatment. Eventually, the patient can discuss cancer patients with an oncologist.


  • Surgical options 

Most importantly, the oncologist resolves surgical means to treat this condition. This is used when cancer cells haven’t transmitted from the cervix. A doctor tends to remove unwanted cells with the help of surgery. Furthermore, an oncologist may also choose radiation therapy along with surgical procedures. This can be done if the doctor feels cancer cells’ presence after surgery. One can damage all cancer cells by following this means.

  • Immunotherapy

Doctors can use the technique of immunotherapy for treating cervical cancer. Doctors use one’s immunity to defeat cancer. People can also use the name biological therapy for immunotherapy. Ultimately, a victim’s protein growth can be stopped at once. In doing so, tumor growth in the cervix can be stopped. 


People can easily avoid cervical cancer by following certain measures. Eventually, an individual may talk to the doctors of KIMS Hospital Kondapur for help.

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