How Can Progressive Web Application Help Your Business?

progressive web app development company

In the modern era, everyone loves using apps, don’t we? Yes, with the flood of innovative apps for your smartphones, in 2015, developer Frances Berriman and Google Chrome engineer Alex Russell phrased the term progressive web apps.

Progressive web apps are now regarded as the best approach for developers to build web apps that would load faster and function better than their peers.

However, they are still websites but look and feel like an app. They utilize the latest and advanced web measures that enable installation on any device used.

Market leaders like Twitter, Alibaba, Trivago, and Walmart use progressive web apps. They have registered doubled conversion rates and high revenue growth after launching their PWAs.

This blog will discuss the key benefits of using a PWA for your business. So, let’s dive in. 

Top 6 Key Benefits PWA’s Provide to Your Business

It looks and Feels Like an App

Nowadays, mobile users select mobile applications rather than websites. Progressive web apps offer a great user experience by incorporating the look of a mobile app with the effectiveness of a website. The design of a PWA is the same as a native app. Moreover, they are fast and responsive, and search engines can also index them. So, if you want to build PWA for your website, consider taking the help of a progressive web app development company for productivity. 

Fast Installation

The installation of progressive web apps is faster than installing a standard app which enhances the user experience. Users can easily download a PWA without going to the App Store or Google Play. The desktop for a progressive web app occurs instantly after downloading the app. 

Offline Feature

The option to work offline makes PWAs more suitable than websites that need a stable internet connection. One of the significant aspects of a progressive web app is a caching mechanism to handle offline requests.

Superior Performance

A web application development services provider is creating PWAs for businesses to increase user experience and boost customer retention. PWAs cache texts and other content such as images and videos efficiently, letting them operate like a regular website. Fast speed is another characteristic that significantly improves user engagement and conversion rates. 

Push Notifications

Push notifications efficiently engage with users. There is a high possibility that push notifications may draw users’ attention as it is shown on the user’s home screen. PWAs are also capable of accessing device-related operations just like native mobile apps.

Simple to Update

Progressive web apps include features that assist them in updating by themselves without the user’s knowledge and without seeking permission. Whenever any user visits any website, the applications are updated by themselves, eliminating the need to download and install them individually. You do not have to update apps manually it will automatically get updated. 

Wrapping Up

With PWAs, you can effectively enhance your website traffic, conversion rates, and user engagement while reducing the bounce rate. Progressive web apps will not destroy the presence of native apps; however, no one can refuse the fact that enterprises are a huge interest in exploring them. Web application development service providers are capable of building PWAs that will help your business to grow.


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