How Can I Scrape Emails & Numbers From Google Maps?

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Google Map Extractor

Why Emails And Phone Numbers Are Necessary For Marketing?

If you are a freelancer, business owner, marketer, or startup, growing an online business can be very difficult without marketing campaigns and leads. Everyone is finding new and trending ways to grow an online business through different marketing campaigns. Most people use email marketing, telemarketing, social media marketing, and text marketing to grow a business. Web scraping helps you to connect with real and targeted customers through valid data. You can stay in touch with your current and future clients with proper marketing strategies.

Customer data has become very important for any marketing campaign. Because it allows marketers to easily communicate with many potential customers. To market your business through b2b marketing you must have a database of b2b leads of your target audience. And Google Maps is a great source for data collection. It can be very difficult to find and build a database of business email addresses and phone numbers manually as there are millions of businesses registered on Google Maps. So, it is very difficult to find and collect data from Google Maps in this million count.

Why Data Scraping From Google Maps Has Become Very Important In 2022?

Google Maps has become the best and real platform for business data collection. You can find and scrape every kind of information from Google Maps for any industry and category for your marketing campaigns. Google Maps Scraping is a common data collection method used by companies, freelancers, and marketers to collect data from Google Maps without wasting time doing repetitive tasks of copy-paste.

Google Maps Scraper Tools are developed specifically to extract useful information from business listings. These business scraping tools are useful for anyone looking for specific data from Google Maps. Scraping data from Google Maps can be a way of earning for freelancers, marketers, and business owners. There are millions of businesses registered on Google Maps with complete information. But, everyone wants to collect huge quality data in the minimum time. There you need to use a Google Map Extractor software that can provide you unlimited b2b leads from Google Maps in the shortest time without coding.

How Can I Extract Emails & Phone Numbers From Business Listings?

Google Maps is the best medium all over the world to connect with business owners of different industries and countries and the best source to collect data for lead generation and marketing campaigns. Each business listing offers the business address, phone number, email address, business description, business hours, established date, ratings, reviews, latitude, longitude, specialties, and other contact details. Google Maps offers users great searching options to find products and services.

Most users use Google Maps to find business data for b2b business and b2b marketing campaigns. If you want to use this Google Maps data, you have to extract and export this data in CSV, Excel, or any other document used. You can collect this data manually from Google Maps but it may take time and effort and it is a boring task.

If you want this data to come to your computer automatically in the form of CSV, Excel, or Text files then you have to use web scraping software. Many marketers and freelancers use Google Map Extractor to extract phone numbers, emails, ratings, reviews, and other contact details from thousands of business listings without coding. You can extract data from Google Maps for any industry and country with this Google Maps Business Extractor by zip code and category and can use this extracted data for any marketing campaigns, to beat their competitors, or to sell others.

Main Reasons To Use Google Map Extractor

Typically, when you search for a business for a specific location on Google Maps, Google Maps displays thousands of businesses for your keywords and locations in seconds. To use the data of these businesses, you have to save the contact details in an Excel or CSV file. This is the main problem that many use Google Maps Scraping Tools. Because Google Maps doesn’t provide any download option for the user.

One more reason is that it will save you time, effort, and money. If you need to export Google Maps data from thousands of business listings, it may take several days or weeks to find and export data from a few thousand business listings and there is no guarantee that the data collected is 100% accurate. In other words, Google Maps Listing Scraper saves time and provides a quality b2b database from Google Maps in the minimum time.

Another reason to use this business lead extractor is that it is a codeless web scraping tool. Everyone, even if you did not hear about web scraping before can use this Google Maps Business Data Extractor easily. Just find data with keywords and then export the found data in CSV, Excel, or Text files.

According to Google Maps, there are more than 12 million businesses using Google Maps. And it’s impossible to visit each business listing manually and export data from Google Maps to Excel. The data is updated by Google Maps on a daily or weekly basis. For this reason, you need a business scraper tool. And that’s where the Google Maps Data Scraping tool comes into play.

The Google Maps Email Extractor can collect the phone number, email address, name, description, social media links, ratings, reviews, latitude, longitude, and much more from a business listing.

See, How Google Map Extractor Works?

Here is a detailed guide on how to use this Google Maps Lead Extractor Software for Google Maps Web Scraping. First, you need to install the Google Maps Contact Extractor on your PC/Laptop. The Google Maps Scraper can be downloaded on Windows platforms. You just have to enter business keywords in the search bar of the Google Maps Crawler software. And it will automatically find all the results from Google Maps according to your given keywords. And then you can select specific search results or all results to scrape for data.

The Google Maps Phone Number Extractor can find data from Google Maps with business listings URLs, zip code, country code, and business address also. After that, click on the “Extract” button given in the software to extract data from Google Maps. And then export the extracted data by pressing the “Export” button to get data in CSV, Excel, or Text files. If you want to export data from Google Maps to an Excel sheet. You have to purchase the license of the Google Map Extractor. The price of the Google Places Scraper software is just 49.99$ for a month.

See, How Software Works?


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