How can I Save Google Docs to OneDrive – Simple Tips & Tricks

Save Google Docs to OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive brings some of the best features to its users, such as advanced sync technology, Office 365 licensing, competitive pricing, enterprise-grade security, and other productivity and collaboration tools. This is the reason why it has become the #1 preference of users when it comes to protecting data on the cloud platform. With its growing popularity among its users. OneDrive is ranked with the first position for both business and enterprise customers. Now the real deal starts when users have to save Google Docs to OneDrive account. At that point, they start looking for various methods to be able to easily save Google Drive documents to OneDrive.

Is it Beneficial to Save Google Docs to OneDrive Account?

  1. Users mainly need to save Google Drive documents to OneDrive in the case of large enterprises. It is because OneDrive is considered better for business collaboration than Google Drive. The biggest advantage with the Microsoft OneDrive never compromised with the storage space, while Google Account storage space is shared between Gmail, Google+, and G Drive.
  2. As we all are well aware of the fact that Google is completely a browser-based application, on the other hand, Microsoft Office is a desktop application. There are multiple subscription pricing plans for OneDrive. So you can pay on a pay-as-you-go basis. Google has a single fixed-price plan. The Office platform is better known than Google, and OneDrive is perfect for cloud storage.

How to Save Google Docs to OneDrive Account?

There are three different methods by which users can save documents from Google Drive to OneDrive accounts. We will discuss each and every one of them one by one. So, without much further ado, let us go through the first manual method to perform the importation.

#1. Save Google Drive Documents to OneDrive One by One

Before saving Google Drive documents to OneDrive, users must download all files from Google Drive and then upload them to their OneDrive account. Follow the steps below in the same way to perform the task:

  1. First of all, you need to run Google browser and sign in to Google Drive and OneDrive account at the same time.
  2. On the Google Drive page, go to My Drive, select the required files, and then download them to your system.
  3. On the OneDrive page, select the file, click New and choose to create a new folder. Now select the files downloaded from G Drive and click the Open button.

#2. Save Documents from G Drive to OneDrive

Here you can follow the set of instructions to save Google Docs to your OneDrive account at the same time:

  1. You must log in with the Google account with the respective credentials.
  2. Next, click Select All Options and make sure you have enabled the Drive option. Press the Next button.
  3. Skip the delivery method menu, select the Add to OneDrive option, click Link account, and create an archive file. Next, sign in to the OneDrive account and all Google Drive files will be successfully added to the OneDrive account.

Shortcomings Offered by Manual Methods

The main disadvantage of the manual approach is that it is time-consuming and the internet connection plays a crucial role during the entire data conversion. Also, once the process of saving G Drive documents to OneDrive account is interrupted due to a power outage or internet connectivity, it cannot be resumed. This leads to data loss.

#3 Recommended Solution to Completely Save Google Docs to OneDrive

Many users opt for a smart and reliable solution to save Google Drive documents to a OneDrive account, the reason being that manual solution takes a long time and requires an internet connection. So among them all, one such application is SysTools Google Drive to OneDrive Migrator Tool, which helps to save all Google Drive items such as documents, photos, PDF, .jpeg, MP3, etc. In OneDrive for business. It also saves time and effort when saving Google Docs in batches. With the help of this software, you can easily save password-protected documents without data loss.

This utility has a simple and user-intuitive interface. It is equipped with multiple advanced features that facilitate the work of a non-technical user. Some of the other features offered by the tool are mentioned in the section below:

  • Incremental Migration: Users can make use of this feature only if they have migrated the data at least once earlier. This will allows the users to migrate the newly received files only which will result in saving time and effort of the users.
  • Concurrent Migration: One can save Google Docs to OneDrive account of multiple users at once. Apart from this, they can also set the preferences in which they want to migrate the data.
  • Category Selection: Users can choose the category from which they want to migrate the data. By doing so, only the data of the selected category will be saved to the OneDrive account.
  • Help Window: For the easy, smooth, and hassle-free working experience, the tool offers a help window. It contains all the necessary information which is required for the migration.
  • Selective Migration: By using the date filter of the program, the users can effortlessly perform selective migration. One just has to fill in the details in the To and From fields to perform the importation procedure.

Working Steps to Save Google Drive Docs to OneDrive

Step 1: Choose the platforms, to begin with, the procedure. In this case, they would be G Suite and Office 365 respectively.

platform selection

Step 2: Next, on the same screen, go to Workload Selection and select Document from there.

workload selection

Step 3: Enter the G Suite admin details very carefully. Attach the certificate file and click validate.

G Suite Admin Details

Step 4: Now, enter your Office 365 details on the Destination screen and hit Validate to grant the permissions.

Office 365 destination details

Step 5: Add users to the software and start the process of saving Google Docs to OneDrive account.

start migration


In this blog, we have summed up a manual and automated solution to save Google Docs to OneDrive account. To carry out the procedure smoothly, the user can use an automated solution. With Google Drive to OneDrive Migrator, users can save Google Drive documents to OneDrive account with just a few clicks.


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