How can I memorize better for studying?

How can I memorize better for studying

Are your exams near? Are you asking yourself “How can I memorize all this?” Out of fear of losing grades, students ask others to take my online exams!

Well, you do not need to do this at all. You can successfully memorize everything and can pass your exams successfully without any struggles. Improving memory can help you to be better at your studies and will save you from failing. You can easily remember things and improve your memory by implementing a few techniques. In this article, you will find some amazing ways that will help you to make your memory sharp and better for studying. So let’s dig into the details directly and help you to remember things!

Excellent Tips To Improve Memory

Struggling with your academics because of your poor memory? Worry no more and just follow a few exercises for your mind mentioned below for effective study.

Don’t Chime, Understand Concepts

To improve your memory, you need to exercise it. The more you will use your memory, the more it will improve! Students try to learn topics from their books or notes without understanding. They keep on repeating it and learn it by heart. At that time, it feels like everything is fixed in your mind but after a few days, you won’t be able to recall anything and will blame your memory.

It is better to first understand the concepts thoroughly and then memorize them. Learning after understanding works like magic. You will never forget the thing which you have learned after understanding. Try to recall the thing again and again and you’ll remember it every time.


Another best way to improve your memory and to learn things better, you should try to learn things using mnemonics. It is a technique that students use to learn any order or anything by creating patterns or creative words. For example, if you are trying to learn trigonometric ratios and are unable to memorize then here is a funny way to remember them.

(Some People Have) (Curly Brown Hair) (Through Proper Brushing)

This line represents trigonometric ratios as:

  • (Some People Have)= Sine: Perpendicular/ hypotenuse
  • (Curly Brown Hair) = Cos: Base/ Hypotenuse
  • (Through Proper Brushing) = Tan: Perpendicular/ Hypotenuse

It is the easiest way to remember the basic trigonometric ratios. Similarly, you can connect any type of information with anything and will never forget it!

Jingles and Songs

Another best way to improve your memory for the effective study is to learn things in the form of songs. You must have observed that when you hear a song once, you easily grab most of its lyrics. And if you hear it twice or thrice, then it’s all in your mind. The reason behind it is the tune and the beat that allows your brain to easily digest it.

Similarly, if you apply this technique and learn things by creating your own tune, you won’t forget it ever. Doing this you can be a study singer! Else you can also Google, there are many songs based on different topics for students’ aid.

Recall It

Recalling things is one of the most essential exercises for your mind. It not only help you to make your memory sharp but also improves your thinking capabilities. Recalling enhances your mind’s presence and makes your brain active. It is very important to recall what you have learned daily. There is no specific time to remember anything. You can recall what you have learned at any hour of your day. However, we recommend you to daily spare a few minutes for your revision. This will help you to retain information that you have learned in your memory chamber. Thus, recalling is a good exercise to improve your memory.

Use Images

Sometimes when giving exams you might have gone blank and don’t remember anything. Suddenly, an image comes into your mind and you start writing in your paper. What happens at that moment that saves you? Is it some magic? Actually No!

Our mind attracts images and shapes easily. So, if you reading some text from a book that has some bright images also gets framed in your mind and helps you to remember things. It means that learning through images is an excellent way to remember things. If you are learning something that does not have any image try to make a small diagram out of it. Either it is in the form of a flow chart, tables, or random bubbles. To make it more creative you can make a bunch of balloons and write small points in them to remember information graphically!


Colors help memory to retain information easily. Just like images, our mind captures colors faster. Therefore we recommend you use highlighters of different colors to mark information. Or write different points with different colors for better learning. You will observe while giving your exams that colored points will come to your mind immediately as compared to things learned with black ink.

Write It

Last but not the least, writing things down can help you to memorize your study effectively. It is observed that if you learn some text from a book it won’t retain much as compared to the things which you learn by writing it. Therefore, we recommend you to learn things and then write them down.

For instance, if you have learned an answer, close the book and take a piece of paper and start writing it. When writing you will get to know how much you know and how much you don’t. Once you write the answer check your mistakes, learn it and write it again. The second time writing will give you the perfect answer and will stay in your memory for a longer period. Writing things will not only improve your learning but will also help you to rectify your mistakes. So, learn and write for better results.

Good memory is important, especially for students when their exams are near. We assure you that if you follow the above-mentioned proven techniques, you won’t need to ask others to take my online exams for me. Use these five smart memory-improving techniques and ace your exams with flying colors. Good Luck!


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