How Can Google Shopping Ads Increase Ecommerce Sales?

Increase Ecommerce Sales?

Google Advertising has become a major player in the e-commerce business model. The platform has had great success in helping to drive the growth of e-commerce for both established and new e-commerce business owners. However, Google is constantly updating its plans to help those looking for more, more conversions, and better marketing.

As a result, the Google Shopping Ads platform was introduced to customers and as a result it became a game changer for many entrepreneurs.

As of October 2021, 80% of e-commerce business relies on Google Shopping Advertising to drive e-commerce marketing. In addition, Google Advertising has reached over a million websites and applications. The main marketplace in Google Ads gets 65% of clicks, which is huge. Thus, 98% of advertisers believe that this advertising platform can have a high impact on the highly competitive market.

In order to advertise effectively, the Google Advertising platform deliberately requires brands to spend time, gain experience, and then start “experimenting.” Here are our top 7 tips for increasing your e-commerce and Google marketing campaigns to get your brand and a good start. Let’s start with the basics.

What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Advertising is focused on its search engine and is one of the most powerful e-commerce channels. Google Search focuses on topics users are looking for and displays relevant content as well as various ads for brands – text ads, display ads, and of course, marketing ads.

Google collects rich product information from product listings provided by the brand. They combined product information available in-store with the Google Merchant Center. It allows searchers to see relevant ads for products related to the original search.

In most searches, Google’s shopping cart ads appear at the top of the page — making it easier for customers to see.

Learning how to increase your Google marketing campaigns can increase not only traffic to your website, but also your e-commerce sales.

Brands that use Google shopping ads

Surf-fur Manufacturers

Sulfur manufacturers are known for creating parks for water sports. They are the most active and fast-growing manufacturers of America. They hope to increase e-commerce sales by attracting new customers to their website. So they publish the best Google shopping ads.

They conduct market research and create relevant Google ads to entice customers to purchase their products. As a result, within two months of distributing the ads, they made a strong marketing effort. Also, they got 7x return on investment compared to previous months.

According to their research report, conversion rates increased by 11%, CTR increased by 23%, and CPC decreased by 4%. They started marketing campaigns after gaining interest for customers.


4XEM designs and sells high-performance, interactive, digital and digital communication solutions in stores across the United States. The company started with an IP camera and VOIP solution for business, but has expanded to include a number of technology services for business and personal use.

4XEM, on the other hand, is unable to provide the latest information on real products. As a result, 4XEM’s impossibility is more evident online due to insufficient product details.

 Thanks to Google Manufacturer Center, 4XEM can enhance its brand experience and stand out in the competitive market. The company creates a list of reliable products with the help of Google Manufacturer Center. Finally, marketing campaigns were a huge success, with a 46.6% increase in impact and a 37.0% increase in clicks.

How does the Google shopping ads work?

Traditionally, Google ads have focused on specific keywords. By integrating Google’s shopping ads into your digital marketing strategy even for a charity organization for children, this approach has changed to include more powerful product feeds.

The performance of your Sense product file depends on the accuracy of the information contained in it. Following Google’s instructions carefully will ensure that the algorithm recognizes the product listing file and increases your brand awareness.

Usually, product list files contain product information such as title, image, description, price and more. When a customer enters a keyword, Google matches the data and information in its index.

Once the algorithm detects the most important summary of the results based on the keyword, Google displays many marketing ads to give users as many options as possible to compare products.

Once a user clicks on the ad, Google redirects the customer to the brand’s top e-commerce site.

How can I create a Google ad campaign and boost my e-commerce business?

Creating a Google ad campaign is easy. Follow these steps to get started:

  • If you do not have a Google Ad account, please create one and sign in.
  • Next, create an account in the Google Merchant Center and link it to your Google Ad account.
  • Create a complete product listing file with product information for all your online stores. Submit a product listing file to the Google Merchant Center so that Google can understand your product data.
  • Customize your ads through your Google Ads account. Google will use the information from your product listing file to link the data to a relevant search query. The ads show that Google leads customers to a Google-sponsored website or landing page.

You can follow Google’s instructions further to learn more about Google’s marketing campaigns to improve your e-commerce business.

As you can see from step 3 above, Google relies on your product information to display ads. Google displays results from ads based on your product information (including title, description, link, etc.). Creating a list of the best products is very important to get high rankings in Google ads – well, good?

Why is Google marketing advertising used?

Undoubtedly, Google is the most sought after product on the internet. Internet users did a $ 3.5 billion search on Google, showing a huge search volume. As such, Google’s advertising campaign is one of the best ways to attract the attention of its big user.

Banner advertising is one of the two most common types of advertising used in Google Shopping. These types of ads from Google will process your product information. Moreover, it is the most effective and cost-effective way to promote your product as well as promote your e-commerce sales. As a result, these ads have a higher success rate than any other platform.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should use Google marketing ads:

Increase product visibility to increase e-commerce sales

The main difference between Google shopping ads and other search ads is the placement of ads on search results. Here are two ways Google can quickly identify your product by using Google’s marketing ads.

Google displays three types of results in its search results:

  • Shopping ads
  • Text-based advertising
  • Organic results

Of these three types, search engines are given the most relevant content and appear on top of any other type of search results. Your customers may first see marketing ads on top of the results.

Successful Google marketing campaigns and SERPs display key product information that users are looking for. It has compelling, high-resolution imagery and more information works than words. Ultimately, customers will rely on your product information because of interesting search results.

Increase your ROI by using Google-designed marketing campaigns

Trading ads have a higher CTR for marketing related questions, around 0.86%. According to Merkel, their conversion rate is 30% higher on desktop and 21% higher on mobile.

As we analyzed ad performance, we also found that marketing ads had lower CPC than regular search ads. This means you can reduce your advertising budget without worrying about traffic to your website.

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