How Can a Foreigner Register a Business in Dubai?

business setup in Dubai
business setup in Dubai

Foreign business owners can get various incentives from the UAE government to open Business in Dubai. Due to the increase in investments, the number of Dubai-based companies has increased. Dubai’s economy is thriving. With no taxes and world-class infrastructure, business registration is booming. While there are restrictions for foreign investors, it is easy to get your business started.

Dubai offers a great place to start a business due to its favorable tax environment and trading opportunities. It also has access to financial and other natural resources and a highly educated workforce. Because of its central location, you may be able to contact more than 1,000,000 potential clients.

It takes a lot of research to register a business in another country. Are you wondering how to register for Dubai Company? Are you curious about the cost of Dubai company registration? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. This article provides detailed information on how to register a Dubai business as a non-resident.

Things to Know Before You Register a Dubai Business as a Foreigner:

There are a few things you should know before you register a Dubai company. These rules will also be applicable to companies registered in UAE. This is a list of things you should remember before starting a business in Dubai as an international.

1. Choose the right type of company

It is important to create the company and determine the structure. This will help you decide what type of company it should be. This will determine the nature and purpose of your company, as well as other factors such as operational factors and business goals. This is an important step in determining the next steps and direction of your business.

2. Select a business name

There are two domains that can be used to register Dubai companies: the free zone and the mainland.

  • Mainland

A Mainland company is one that has been registered with the UAE’s Department of Economic Development and requires their approval before it can start a business. This means that you will need to register a business entity at the DED in order to start doing business in the Mainland of UAE.

You can trade with both local and international markets by starting a business in Dubai mainland. You will receive your license in a matter of days after registering your business on the Dubai mainland.

  • Freezone

Freezone Company Formation in Dubai can be a very productive venture. This is the ideal place to start a business. While there are restrictions on setting up a business within the Dubai free zone, there are many benefits for foreign business owners who set up businesses in this zone.

  • Obtain a license

An outsider cannot open a business in Dubai. It is difficult to open a business in a new country. It takes a lot of planning to set up your business. There are four types of business licenses in Dubai. You will need to register depending on the requirements of your business.

These are the types of licenses offered by the Department of Economic Development, (DED).

    1. Industrial License
    2. Commercial License
    3. Professional
    4. Craftsmanship License
    5. Agriculture license
    6. Tourism License

These are the steps to follow when you register a business in Dubai as a foreigner

1. A Business action plan

The Perfect business plan that includes steps to take. It can be difficult to set up a business abroad. The rules and regulations are not always clear. It is important to have a detailed business plan that outlines the actions and goals. This requires a deep knowledge of the country. A local partner can be helpful as well. This will help you get clearances quicker.

2. Visa

A business’s visa is a must-have. You can obtain a visa by calling the nearest or local UAE Embassy. This document will be required along with any other business documents. These documents will be required to pass immigration.

    1. Register company in Dubai by submitting a completed visa application
    2. A collection of color photos
    3. Your passport
    4. Ticket details
    5. Information about the purpose of your visit
    6. Your business plan
    7. Security amount
    8. Statement from the bank
    9. You may also need to provide additional details

3. Obtaining the license

The license of your company is an important document when registering a Dubai company. There are several licenses available depending on the type of business. Get the required licenses from the Department of Economic Development.

Documents Requirements to Start a Dubai Business as a Foreigner:

When registering a business in Dubai, as a foreigner, documentation is crucial. This determines the speed at which your company will be launched. Free zones are managed differently to businesses on the mainland. Depending on this, the documentation may differ.

  1. Completed application form
  2. Business plan
  3. Copie of registration or trade license certificate
  4. Colored passport copies for the company’s shareholders as well as the newly appointed managers.
  5. Signed specimen by the shareholders and the appointed managers of the new company.
  6. Two years of audited financial statements for a corporate entity, or a certificate of reference from the personal bank of an individual shareholder.
  7. No Cost of Compliance (NOC) from a current sponsor for each business.


An Outsider would find it difficult to open a Dubai business. It’s not easy to open a business in a new country. Setting up a business requires a lot of planning. Make My Firm Business Setup can assist you in registering your Dubai business.


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