How Businesses Are Looking at Employee Welfare

businesses are looking at employee welfare

To build a healthy relationship between employees and employers, it is important to create a healthy work environment to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all workers. Businesses all around the world have put a conscious effort to ensure that their employees receive all the benefits that they seek at a workplace and their needs are being met to a certain capacity.

Large, medium or small scaled businesses that act in the best interest of their employees are often seen more positively and in good light compared to those who do not. Being responsible towards the workforce and looking after their physical, emotional, and mental well-being can result in a positive contribution on behalf of the employees. Working in a healthy environment means that the employees are motivated to make use of their full potential. This way the employees grow in a professional setting, and they see scope to grow and develop in their personal lives as well. 

Importance of employee welfare

  • Improvement in retention rates

Employees who are happy and satisfied at their workplace most likely stay in the same workplace for a long period. Most often, the cost of hiring and training a new employee for a particular position is more expensive than keeping an existing employee. The higher the wage of a position, the more expensive it is to hire and retrain someone for that position. If the employee welfare is being taken care of and the employees are mentally satisfied with their work environment, then they are more likely to stick around and perform more efficiently. This has a significant impact on their productivity levels, and they are less like to make big mistakes. 

  • Creates positive brand loyalty 

By fostering a caring environment for the employees where the focus is on their growth and productivity, the companies do not only retain existing employees but also end up buying brand loyalty. Some large-scaled companies offer healthcare packages and pension packages that work as incentives for the employees to stay motivated. Paying attention to employees’ needs and their requirements make ethical sense for both parties involved. Additionally, employees who are genuinely happy and satisfied tend to spread positive word-of-mouth about the benefits they are receiving from their respective companies. Creating a positive image about a company helps in building a positive brand image and reputation. 

  • More possibilities for innovation 

Motivated employees tend to perform better at work if their work is being appreciated. Employees who work in a more dynamic work environment and are living an inflexible work life, are more likely to be creative than those who are in their comfort zone. This kind of creativity allows employees to be more innovative and come up with substantial ideas that will bring a positive outcome to their company. 

  • Reduce talent fight

Employees who are satisfied with their work-life and love the work they do, often seek growth within the same company rather than looking for growth elsewhere, such as joining a different company. Satisfied employees who appreciate the work environment they are in, often replicate the same kind of behaviour outside and inside their workplace. This automatically enhances their behaviour in other aspects of their life, resulting in a more appropriate work-life balance. 

  • Recognize the human value and increase the standard of living

There are several ways to motivate employees in a company, such as by recognizing every employee’s individuality, rewarding them for the skills they bring to the table and appreciating them for the values they entail. This way the organization ends up shaping their employees into a more motivated and efficient workforce. The existing employees can harness their skills and polish what they possess so that it can work as an asset for the company. 

  • Show up with a positive mindset at work

Satisfied and motivated employees often adopt a positive mindset towards all aspects of life, including the work environment. Adopting a positive mindset and lifestyle enables the employees to spread the same kind of energy to those who are around. This has a significant impact on the work culture as embracing positivity also allows the employees to harness their creative side. Additionally, it also helps to positively develop one’s attitude and personality. 

It is imperative to highlight the importance of employee welfare so that companies can consider the significance of the repercussions of building a strong employee welfare system. There are several measures taken by companies to boost employee welfare and increase their social morale, to boost their overall satisfaction and confidence. 

Measures to boost employee welfare

  • Health and safety measures in the work environment 

Physical and mental health are the key factors in determining the overall welfare of employees. Several initiatives and measures can be implemented to motivate employees to look after their health and overall lifestyle. To promote a healthy lifestyle among team members and make it more interactive, companies can organize seminars with health experts and nutritionists to spread knowledge about wellbeing, nutrition, and physical activity. Companies in India have started taking initiatives to boost company morale by organizing events for their employees on the weekends. In Mumbai, some companies host marathons on the weekends to promote physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Companies rent out parks, grounds, or even wedding venues in Delhi to host sports activities such as Cricket, Football or Basketball.

  • Offer benefits to promote employee welfare

To foster well-being, employers can offer several benefits to promote employee welfare. Such benefits can include health insurance, gym membership, stock ownership, pension systems and packages, discounts on shopping, special leaves, and concierge services. Some companies have started offering lifestyle concierge services that are offered to make employees’ lives easier. This concierge service is useful when an employee is seeking help with their errands such as booking tickets or making a travel itinerary. While offering such benefits, companies make it easier for the employees to track their benefits online by creating a portal and listing what offers they can avail of. Additionally, they also add information and guidance on related subjects, making it easier for the employees to get educated. 

  • Introduce the concept of mindfulness at the workplace

To increase productivity and internal motivation, introducing mindfulness and spreading awareness about the same would help the employees become more self-aware. Practising mindfulness increases productivity and overall well-being of the employees as it helps to reduce stress and depression. Moreover, companies who spread awareness about mindfulness also tend to spend less on medical costs as their employees are healthier and more active, and the quality of work increases and becomes better over time. Creating a comfortable work environment is essential to bring more tranquillity to the atmosphere. Indoor plants are a great way to boost ventilation at the workplace and to bring a peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, promoting a clutter-free environment is essential as it would help the employees to stay clutter-free mentally. 

  • Create a positive office environment

Studies have shown over time that natural light in the workplace helps to boost the overall mood, energy levels and productivity at the workplace. Creating a space where employees can take in natural sunlight will be beneficial in the long run as it helps to stay mentally and physically healthy. Additionally, it is imperative to keep the ergonomics in mind to look at the employees’ health. It is essential to ensure that the employees at the workplace have access to ergonomically friendly furniture and workstations by following the correct health and safety procedure. Adding a splash of colours to your workplace has worked wonders in the long run. Bright colours help to suppress melatonin (the sleeping hormone) and boosts positive mood instantly, keeping the employees chirpy. It also helps to stay focused and more productive at work, preventing any sort of distraction. 

Employee welfare has become a significant part of all companies, to create a healthy work environment and improve the relationship between employees and employers.

  • Let employees set their own goals and strategies

Along with the goals set by the employer, encourage employees to set their mini-goals at work and come up with strategies that will help them achieve them. This will give them a sense of accountability and responsibility as they will feel more independent while working towards their goals. If they can achieve their goals, they will feel more motivated to set bigger and better goals as they will receive a sense of achievement. Along with that, they can create better strategies as to how they will achieve these goals because they have a better idea of how to harness their skills and qualities. However, it is imperative to create a structured plan for employee goal setting to ensure they can meet their goals. This way it is easier to give them the autonomy to create their strategies without undermining core company goals. 

Overall, it is believed that by offering such benefits to the employees and understanding the importance of employee welfare, companies can achieve increased levels of productivity and see a significant rise in the quality of work. 

Employee welfare has become a significant part of all companies, to create a healthy work environment and improve the relationship between employees and employers.


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