How A Video Game Marketing Agency Markets Your Game?

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Have you ever wondered how game marketing companies promote their game to a wide range of audiences? Well, there was a time when we only had a handful of games to enjoy, and therefore, we never thought that even games would need marketing. 

Today, even a fantastic video game needs marketing to ensure that it can engage prospective gamers within the game. Without partnering with the best video game marketing agency, your game will have no value in the market, as you can never outperform your potential competitors. 

There was a time when gamers were treated like individuals who struggled to fit within the real world. Today, everyone loves to enjoy games from architects to kids and from engineers to old women.

So, who you feel should get the credit, whether the company that has developed your favourite game or the company that has marketed the game towards your efforts. In this blog, we will explore some of the best strategies which a game marketing agency uses to promote their client’s game. You will also find out how you can promote your game in an effective way. 

Youtube is Still The Central Hub of Of Game Marketing:

Do you want to market your game and compete with the likes of COD and GTA V? The first thing you will have to do is start your Youtube gaming channel. Your gaming channel will act as a place where your gamers will come to know about your game. 

You must be well aware of the fact that Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google; therefore, having a Youtube channel is an excellent way to kick start your game marketing campaign. 

You can create a short promo video or the trailer of your video game where you have to incorporate the application of great graphics and outstanding visuals to ensure that it is quite enough to catch the attention of your target audience. 

As a game developing company, you can take advantage of Youtube advertising to promote your game effectively. 

How do gaming influencers create an impact on a new game?

In the digital age, influencer marketing has become one of the most significant ways of promoting any product. People love to buy products recommended by the people they trust. Well, since the birth of advertisements, all sorts of industries have backed influencers to promote their game. All you need to make your game successful is you will have to partner with an influencer who can promote your game across their social media platforms. 

Did you know? Social media influencers make thousands of dollars with the help of game marketing; therefore, when you reach out to influencers to promote your game, you will have to have a healthy budget in mind. Moreover, most gaming influencers came from youtube, making it an ideal platform to find the right influencer to promote your game. 

The world is welcoming mobile games with open arms:

According to recent research, mobile games contribute more than 51% of total revenue in the gaming world. In addition to that, the mobile gaming revenue is also higher than the entire GDP of Costa Rica. So, if you are building your game or want to promote your game, you will have to promote it on mobile as you have a ready market filled with players who will welcome your game. A perfect example of mobile game launching is Brawl Stars which partnered with the right influencers who helped them in gaining five million registrations even before they launched their game. 

Women are on the rise:

The old-time is gone when an acne-ridden boy or middle-aged man without jobs used to play games. Today, the majority of gamers are middle-aged women who love to play for long hours. At the same time ,Although if you have a battle or action game, you can move with male creators when the concern is about diversifying your game, you will have to move with female creators. 

App store optimization is essential:

ASO or App Store Optimization is one of the essential strategies to promote your game. If you are launching your game on the app store, ASO can help you in improving traffic and visibility to your game. App store optimization can improve your games rankings on the Google play store search results. Therefore, your target audience can find you on the Google play store. According to a popular game developer, Yunyi Zhao, mobile games cannot be promoted overnight as it takes consistent efforts. When the concern is about long-term marketing, ASO is your best friend. 

Social media marketing:

It is quite hard to find The Game Marketer who don’t love social media marketing as it is one of the best platforms to promote any brand of product, irrespective of whether it is a game or a hotel. Most gamers are highly active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Discord; therefore, you will have to partner with a game marketing company that can help you develop a game marketing campaign. You can also use Facebook and Instagram advertising as it will help you reach out to your target consumers effectively. 

Game marketing through guest blogging and review:

Well, it is a daunting task, but when done well, you would love to enjoy the features of the guest blogging and review websites. People love to review a game or find out the testimonials before they can spend their time within the game. You can reach out to top gaming review websites where you can post guest blogs and ask for public opinions of your game. 

There are various ways you can promote your game; therefore, you will have to find an innovative marketing strategy that will match your game marketing campaign. For a better results 

Do you want to promote your game?

Eon8, video game marketing agency can help you in promoting your game with their innovative game marketing strategies.  They follow a result-oriented approach; therefore you can rely on their experts to build brand awareness about your game. 


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