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Now that the move is over, the fun part begins – settling into your new home! There is more to moving in than simply unpacking your things. Unpacking is an imperative part of the process, but it is not the only one. Many people overlook some of the basics when buying a new house, and there are quite a few things to consider. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first home, or if you are a seasoned mover, this newly built home checklist can help you stay organized and minimize stress while furnishing and re-designing your new house.

Things You Need Before Moving into Your New Home:

A quick checklist for moving into a brand-new home is available here. You’ll need to transfer your utilities as well as activate your internet, TV, and phone services. All your accounts should be updated with your new billing and mailing addresses. It is wise to hire a cleaning service to deep clean the new home or schedule a day to do it on your own. You should refer to your home inspection report to make any necessary repairs. There is a good chance that you have been given a list of the items that need replacing. In order to get the most out of your budget, prioritize the items that you need first.

It is important to schedule appointments for renovations such as the painting of the walls and the installation of hardwood floors. For all kinds of repairs and maintenance, The Home Depot offers a wide range of services with the help of experienced professionals who can help you out. Take measurements of the room to decide how you want to arrange the furniture within it. For moving week, you should pack an overnight bag to ensure that all your essentials are within easy reach. Get to know the neighborhood and learn as much as you can about it. There are a few tips below on how to do this.

Know Your Neighborhood:

Getting to know the schedule of your local garbage collection will allow you to avoid missing a pickup.

Locate the nearest police station, fire station, and hospital in your area. Become familiar with the HOA rules and regulations. Find out if your neighborhood has a Neighborhood Watch program and if so, be a part of it. Find out if there are any recreation centers in your area. For more information about your new neighborhood Home Depot, you can also download the Home Depot app. Become familiar with the unique features that are available at the Home Depot in your neighborhood. Just like Home Depot Survey 2022 – $5000 Sweepstakes where you can get most of your new home essentials almost free. 

Things To Do Immediately After Moving Into Your New Home:

Let’s get started by unpacking! Make sure that all of your appliances are up and running before you start stocking your refrigerator and pantry with easy and tasty meals. While you are taking care of your home, make sure your children and pets have a comfortable place to lounge. Changing the locks on your home will improve the security of your home. If you replace your toilet seat, you will never know what has happened to the older ones. The first thing you need to do is find the valves and the circuit breakers. The next thing you need to do is install the security system in your home.

If you have a safe, make sure it is placed in a place that ensures the security of valuables and sensitive documents. You need to notify the local post office that your address has changed. It is important that you update your address on your driver’s license, as well as your credit card companies and banks. Please ensure that all utilities, including water, electricity, natural gas, and garbage collection, are in your name. Your garbage will be picked up every week.

A Happy Home Is A Safe Home:


Make certain that you know where your furnace and hot water heater are located, as well as whether they run on natural gas or another type of fuel. Ensure that the emergency shutoff valve is easily accessible so that it can be used in an emergency situation. 


Whenever you perform any kind of electrical inspections for your new house checklist, make sure you turn off the power by switching off the circuit breaker in the main service panel first. To ensure there is no electrical current still running through wires before you touch them, you should test the wires before touching them. When the main lever or breaker shutoff on your home is triggered, the entire house is cut off from electricity. The individual unit shutoff can be found in multi-unit buildings, and it is used to turn off the electricity for each unit individually. You need to take the time to locate the main electrical shut-off switch and circuit breaker box so that you can turn it off.

Ensure that you replace any cracked or missing cover plates on switches and receptacles to prevent electric shocks and shortages of power. You should make sure that all grounded receptacles are presently using an outlet tester, with all items plugged into the receptacle, but with the power on. To connect a 3-prong adapter to a 2-hole receptacle, make sure the metal tab is connected to the screw. Any receptacle that is placed in a damp area, such as beside sinks or in an exposed area outdoors, should be moved or at least capped. 


There is no doubt that water can do a significant amount of damage to structures, furnishings, and appliances if it pools on the ground and saturates the environment. A water source that is energized by electrical wires can also cause electrocution when it comes into contact with it. It is important that you know where the shutoff valve is located, and that the inside shutoff will also cut off the water supply to the home, except for the supply of water for fire sprinklers

Fire Safety: 

Make sure all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are located and the batteries are in good condition. In the event that you are uncertain of the battery levels, you should buy new batteries and replace the existing ones. Check the expiration dates of the fire extinguishers before moving into a new house that has existing fire extinguishers. Replace them as soon as possible if they are expired.

The dryer vent should be flushed if you are buying a previously owned home. It is possible for lint to build up and accidentally ignite the vent. Make sure that you check for loose, damaged, or scorched electrical outlets and replace them as necessary. It is a good idea to locate and examine your home’s circuit breakers as well. The outdoor fireplace in your new home should be cleaned and up to code if it is an outdoor fireplace. You should test it to make sure it is functioning correctly. 


The locks on the doors need to be changed. Change existing locks for smart locks that are compatible with your smart home system and add additional locks to your home. Update garage door openers and remote controls. Call the security company to ensure the previous owners’ security system was properly deactivated. 

To ensure that you are able to program your own code if you decide to use the same company for your security needs. It is a good idea to install home security systems, cameras, security lighting, or motion detectors if you are often out of town. As a precautionary measure, make sure that you make multiple copies of your new keys in order to prevent unwanted lockouts.


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