Hindware Kitchen Chimney – A Buyer’s Guide


If you are interested in buying a kitchen chimney, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. These include the Auto-clean feature, Suction power, IoT support, and Price. If you’re looking for a great kitchen chimney, here’s a guide to help you choose the best one. We’ll also discuss the different types of chimneys. Weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision.

Auto-clean feature

The Hindware kitchen chimney auto-clean feature is an efficient and simple way to clean a stove’s chimney. It collects grease, oil and other impurities in the chimney base. To clean it, simply open the lid and pour water in the hole. Press the auto-clean switch to start cleaning. The chimney should be cleaned every 15 days or as directed on the manual. This kitchen chimney is a great option if you want to keep your stove smelling fresh.

The  auto-clean feature is available in both the Stainless steel and Ceramic-coated models. These chimneys come with comprehensive manuals and clear instructions. They come with a one-year warranty on parts and 10 years on the motor. The auto-clean chimney can be used on both single and double burner stoves. This chimney is equipped with a powerful motor and is capable of removing up to 1100 m3/hr of dirt. Its automatic feature makes it easier to clean up the chimney while you are cooking.

Suction power

One of the features you should look for in a kitchen chimney is the suction power. The suction power of the Hindware kitchen chimney should be around 1200 m3/hr. You should also look for a filter, since it separates grease and spices. The motor power should be at least 180 watts. Thermal Auto-Clean technology is another feature of the Hindware kitchen chimney, and it works to keep the device clean and running at maximum efficiency. The unit comes with a 1-year warranty and an easy-to-use touch panel.

The suction power of a kitchen chimney should be determined by the type of cooking you do. There are chimneys available with suction capacities of 400 to 1,600 m3/hr. You should choose one with a suction capacity between 700 and 1,000 m3/hr if you are planning to do low-oil cooking. For deep-fried food, a chimney with a higher suction power should be considered.

IoT support

The IoT support on the Hindware Optimus iPro wall-mounted chimney allows the user to control the appliance from any location, including a smartphone. The chimney’s MaxX Silence Technology makes it 32% quieter than a conventional auto-clean kitchen chimney. This device also has thermal auto-clean technology that keeps the chimney clean from the inside, so you can enjoy a quieter cooking experience. The device also uses Wi-Fi to operate at any time, giving you access to complete product information.

The IoT support on the Hindware kitchen chimney makes it a great purchase, as it enables you to control the device from a mobile device. The chimney can also connect to smart speakers and offers remote control capabilities. The motor and device are covered by warranties of one year and five years respectively. The price is extremely competitive, and it’s worth checking out the IoT support on the Hindware kitchen chimney before you purchase it.


The Hindware kitchen chimney price list includes different models, including auto-clean, filterless, and more. The price range varies, and the features of each model will determine the price you pay. The price of these items is usually in the neighborhood of $50 to $60, but they may cost more. Hindware kitchen chimneys are popular, so they’re definitely worth the money! But if you’re not sure what to look for, here are a few things to consider.

The first thing to know is the size of your kitchen. A 60-cm chimney can handle approximately two cubic feet of air at a time, so it won’t fit most kitchens. Alternatively, you can opt for a 90-mm chimney, which will work in most kitchens. The Hindware Sabina chimney can be controlled from a smartphone, and comes with a 5-year motor warranty. You can use the Hindware kitchen chimney with a modular setup, or with a stand-alone chimney.

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