Here’s Why Everyone Is Getting Eyelash Extensions

eyelash extensions

There’s a new craze in the world of beauty. Glamor and style have entered a new age with eyelash extensions. Forget about eyebrows and lenses. Eyelashes are one of the most distinctive parts of your eyes. So make them look as stunning as you feel. Here are a few reasons why this trend has been gaining momentum.

What Do We Mean By Eyelash Extensions?

Your eyes are exposed to dust, grime, and pollution every day. That can lead to your luscious lashes thinning as your rub your eyes. It’s natural. However, there are ways to regain the lush and beautiful lashes with a little help from extensions.

Eyelash extension is a cosmetic product that adds curl, length, and thickness to your lashes. There are also those which make your lashes look more voluminous. But, again, there are different options for everyone that offer various levels of personalization.

These extensions are made from silk, synthetic hair, horsehair, and mink. They’re applied by using an adhesive to the natural lash but never touching the eyelid. Because of that, they are convenient, easy to use and remove, and stunning to look at.

What’s So Special About Them?

You might wonder if they are all they are hyped up to be. The thing is, they probably are. The eyelash extension industry is ballooning and expanding. According to PRNewswire, the demand for extensions for eyelashes among millennials is increasing.

The emergence of big-name brands and small-town local sellers has made extensions available to everyone. Not only that, but the sheer variety of options has made it easy to find one that’s best for you. The different options mean different looks, and in fashion, looks do matter.

Eyelashes can go a long way to increase your confidence and make you look full of life. But, let’s face it, the city’s dirt and grime don’t do much for beauty. Extensions can help you regain the lush eyelashes you must have lost.

How to Care for Your Eyelash Extensions

If you’re considering getting eyelash extensions, or have already made the leap, congratulations! They are truly a game-changer when it comes to your appearance. Not only do they give you long and luscious lashes, but they also require very little upkeep. However, there are a few things you should know about how to care for your new lash extensions in order to keep them looking their best.

Here are a few tips on how to care for your eyelash extensions:

1. Be gentle when cleansing your face. When you wash your face, use a gentle cleanser and avoid rubbing your eyes. You can also use a cotton swab to clean around the lash line.

2. Avoid using oily products near your lash line. Oils can break down the bond between the extension and your natural lash, causing them to fall out prematurely.

3. Be careful when brushing your lashes. Gently brush through your lashes with a clean mascara wand or spoolie brush to keep them tidy and free of tangles. Avoid using an eyelash curler as this can damage the extensions.

4. Schedule touch-ups every 2-3 weeks. As your natural lashes grow and shed, the extensions will gradually loosen and fall out as well. To maintain a full and fresh look, schedule regular touch-ups every 2-3 weeks with your lash artist

The Different Types of Eyelash Extensions

There are many different types of eyelash extensions to choose from. You can get synthetic, mink, or human hair lashes. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Synthetic eyelash extensions are the most affordable option. They are also the most likely to cause an allergic reaction. Mink eyelash extensions are more expensive but they look more natural. Human hair lash extensions are the most expensive but they are also the safest option for those with allergies.

Here’s How They Elevate Your Beauty

Eyelash extensions can mean something different for everyone. Perhaps you need to look more youthful. Or maybe you want to dazzle the guys at prom. Whatever the case, extensions can get the job done well. Here are a few ways they can elevate your natural beauty.

Curlier And Thicker Lashes

During the natural aging process, your lashes might have lost their volume. So maybe you have noticed that they aren’t as luscious as they once were. There’s no need to worry, in any case. Extensions for eyelashes can bypass the problem entirely.

Extensions can offer you a chance to regain your youth by starting with one of the most important features of your face – your eyes. They can make your lashes look as curly and thick as you want, making you look years younger without any surgery.

That’s the best part about extensions. There is no need for Botox or any chemicals to look youthful. These extensions can be applied and removed with no hassle. They do what all your skincare products can do and then some.

Bring Out The Color In Your Eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul, as it is said. That’s why they’re the most important part of beauty. Usually, people go for lenses to make their eyes look full of light. However, by doing so, you aren’t letting your eyes shine with their true colors.

Lenses offer you an alternative. However, they don’t enhance your eyes. For that, you might need something different. If so, you might need eyelash extensions. They can add another level of beauty to your face that brings out the color in your eyes.

Your eyes deserve to shine with their natural color. This is exactly what extensions offer you. Not an alternative, but an enhancement. That is what beauty is all about. You are an individual. You deserve to shine with your own colors.

Look Your Best – Choose Your Style

Another advantage of lash extensions is that they allow you to pick and choose your style. There are tons of different varieties. You’re spoiled for choice. Extensions are available for every style and look.

Whether you want one for the party next week, the date tomorrow, or are looking for something natural or more flashy stuff, you can bet there are a few options just for you.

The level of customization means that you have greater control over how your eyelashes look. Regaining the youthful look may be why most people go for extensions. However, for different days and settings, you might require a little more.

Be Confident In Being Who You Are

Beauty is all about self-confidence. The more comfortable you feel in being who you are, the better you will look. It’s that simple. Extensions for eyelashes take this concept and run with it. Next time you look in the mirror, you will notice the change. You will notice that you look more confident.

This confidence is what everyone strives for. For you, achieving that is now easier than ever. Opting for extensions can help you feel more empowered and fearless. If you feel beautiful, you are beautiful. That’s what we say in any case.

A pair of extensions can do wonders for anyone suffering from low self-esteem. You need only apply them and see the magic yourself.

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If you are convinced that extensions are for you, you might be looking for the best place to get them. There are many options, and choosing the company and brand that suits you can take time. You might need to do much searching and consulting yourself.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Lash Xtend is an emerging company that not only specializes in eyelash extensions but offers guidance as well. If you are confused, take advantage of the FREE consultation offered and take your beauty to the next level!


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