Here’s How You Never Run Out Of Inspiration As A Designer


If you are a designer, you are already well-related to the idea in the title. Creating original pieces is no easy feat. There are times when ideas flow in your mind like the Ganges, and there’d be times when you are struggling to find just one idea to start with.

This problem isn’t just for novice designers. Even the most talented names in the industry struggle with getting original ideas. Down below, we shall try and help you be original and fast.

While there’s no shortcut to it, there are a few things that you can do to avoid impediments to your creativity. Let’s have a look at them:

Quit Everything

Yeah. Just plain and simple, quit everything and leave the indoors. 

Clustered mind is the biggest barrier to creativity. Designers are often on the internet for hours looking for inspiration. But sometimes, you need to make space for creativity to flow. That happens when you bring the mind to absolute ease.

So, quit working. Go for a walk or a jog. If your brain is too crowded with thoughts, then go take a 2-day vacation and start with a fresher mind. 

You’ll see your brain will often attract originality when you aren’t actively searching for it.

Exercise The Creative Muscle

Creativity is simply gym work. Just as your body grows over time, so does your creativity. 

The goal should be to not give up on any of the slightest inconveniences that you face. Train your mind to enjoy creative blocks and work through them. Once you get comfortable, you’ll see your hunt for inspiration lessening significantly over time.

Everything Is A Copy

Nothing in the world is original. Everything is inspired. 

Your task is to not make the exact copy but just to hunt for the right inspiration. 

If you just try and make things as an exact replica, your creativity will die down soon. It’s okay to practice other people’s work to better your craft. But never get too carried away doing that. Always strive to establish originality in anything that you do.

Jot Down The Ideas

Creativity comes in ebbs and flows. 

This means that there’d be days when your brain will be on overdrive with ideas. Don’t let those opportunities go to waste. Write down the ideas at that time and use them when your brain becomes an empty storage house. 

Watch The Right Things

Sometimes, you aren’t hunting for inspiration at the right place. Keep your mind and eyes open. There’s a high possibility that your next big idea comes from the dragon ball z official merchandise that a stranger is wearing on the street. 

Makes sense? It absolutely does.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

This one is practically the gest of the article- never be too hard on yourself. 

Sometimes, designers directly question their merit if they fail to produce something meaningful. Know that it’s okay to not be at your best always. 

The point is that you need to work through these blocks without lowering your esteem. 

Sometimes, it takes years to create a masterpiece, and sometimes it’s just a random epiphany. You need to enjoy life through both phases.

Final Words

As a designer, just work on the right things so that creativity never leaves you. 

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