Here is Everything You Need to know Before Buying a Hitachi Air Conditioner


Hitachi is a Japanese Brand well-known for the groundbreaking innovations it incorporates into its electronics and appliances. Hitachi, which has its roots in Japan, is well-known in India for its high-quality goods and cutting-edge technology. The Hitachi AC is recognized for its versatility, creativity, and emphasis on energy efficiency. Hitachi air conditioners are available in a range of price points to suit a variety of customer budgets in its split and window AC. 

Here are some of the things you should know before buying a Hitachi AC:

Type of AC: Split or window

There are several factors to consider when deciding between a split AC system and a window AC system, and each has its own set of features. Thus, the customer oversees whether a split or window AC is best for them. 

Compared to split air conditioners, window units are significantly less expensive for a variety of reasons, including their ease of installation. Split ACs, on the other hand, look better and run more quietly than window units.

What size should you choose?

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is referred to as its tonnage. Your monthly power bill will go up if you buy a smaller tonnage air conditioner and install it in a larger room. Due to the lower tonnage, it will not be able to effectively cool the room. 

Similarly, if you buy an air conditioner with higher tonnage than you need, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the Arctic. Here’s a quick and easy way to figure out how much tonnage you’ll need.

  • Buy a 1-ton air conditioner for a room up to 120 square feet in size.
  • Buy a 1.5-ton air conditioner for a room up to 180 square feet in size.
  • Buy a 2-ton air conditioner for a room up to 300 square feet in size.

Inverter AC vs. Non-Inverter AC: Which is better?

The inverter AC can adapt and operate at a variable speed and tonnage based on the required load, but the non-inverter AC cannot. Non-inverter AC units don’t have that kind of power. They run at a set speed and have a set number of units. Non-Inverter ACs are relatively quieter than the inverter AC and save more power than the latter. Inverter ACs have a comparatively shorter lifespan than the Non-inverter ACs.

Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency: 

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Department of Energy Savings, Government of India, assign star ratings to different electronic goods based on their energy efficiency. Also, it indicates the amount of power that the machine will use. Buying a Hitachi AC with a higher star rating may be a more expensive purchase but it will save you money in the longer run.

The most innovative Hitachi AC technologies are listed below.

  • Using Wave Blade Design Technology, you can make the air around you quiet.

Sine Wave Blades are an innovative feature of the indoor fan blower that differs from traditional straight blades. Noise reduction and maximum air volume are both guaranteed by the unique design of the Sine Wave Blades. As a result, you will be surrounded by a peaceful and cool breeze.

  • A 4-way Swing for a consistent cooling 

Cooling air is dispersed in the room using a two-way (up and down) swing blade. While older Hitachi split air conditioners only could blow cool air upwards and downwards, newer models feature a 4-way swing function (up-down and right-left). By adjusting the horizontal and vertical louvers, this four-way air distribution system quickly cools a larger area.

  • Different modes of operation:

Make sure that the air conditioner you are considering purchasing has the modes that are most beneficial to you. Hitachi split ACs include a powerful mode that makes the fan operate at its highest speed to swiftly cool the room. Similarly, Hitachi Windows AC has a Supercool mode that accomplishes the same thing. Some have sleep modes that gradually warm up the temperature throughout the night to be as efficient as possible.

Use Your Smartphone to Control Your Air Conditioning System Over WiFi.

The AC’s remote might go missing for a variety of reasons. Hitachi’s iConnect series has a WiFi-Connect feature that makes it easy to control the Hitachi AC from a smartphone. 

Simply download the Hitachi app, connect it to a router, and you’re all set. Once the connection is made, up to four air conditioners can be controlled from anywhere in the room. The best part is that you can still use Wi-Fi Direct to connect your smartphone (or tablet) to the AC even if there is no router or Wi-Fi network present. This is a lifesaver for people who lose or forget their AC remote control.

  • Auto Coil Dry Technology ensures fresh, odor-free air in any environment.

The distinct Auto Coil Dry Technology keeps the indoor fan blower operating for a while in standby mode when the AC is turned off with remote control. This way, the condensed water on the evaporator coil is dried up. It keeps the evaporator coil dry and free of dirt, dust, and pollen by preventing water droplets from condensing on it, thus ensuring clean and healthy air in the home or building.

  • Smart Air Conditioning with iSee and iSense

Some Hitachi AC models use intelligent image sensor technology to ensure that everyone in a room gets equal attention and cooling comfort. This reduces cooling waste. The image sensor identifies the number of people in the room, their position, their activities, and so on, and then adjusts the cooling to provide the most comfortable cooling experience possible. 

In a new way, a smart swing function looks at the size and shape of space before changing its swing angle to provide the best possible cooling.

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