Here are some things you should know about Dream Design Property (Zaki Ameer):

Zaki Ameer

Here are some things you should know about Dream Design Property (Zaki Ameer):

Zaki Ameer founded Dream Design Property in Australia. Their real estate mentoring services have drawn some criticism online, so let me explain.

My blog has been written by me for many years as an Australian. I provide unbiased information to consumers. Sugarcoating and negativity should be left out. Even though I am a real optimist, I can spot fake news as well.

According to my experience as a fellow investor, property investments tend to have low returns. My aim is to boost my investment returns more effectively. So there you have it. My free training course has helped thousands of Australians. Come back later to learn more.

Some reflections on the work of Zakai Ameer

Zaki Ameer has taught me a great deal over the years. Before he became famous on the internet, I was a fan of Nathan Birch. Before a few years ago, I rarely saw his properties. Everything had changed then.


Zaki seemed to be a reputable individual. His expertise in property investment and real estate was well known, and he was praised for it. He had also previously discovered a few positive outcomes. The migrant mentality he brings to his role complements his go-getter attitude.

The media has been negative about Zaki Ameer for some time now, however. A number of owees have not received money. Even though I usually don’t listen to journalism, A Current Affair’s episode featuring Zaki made me smile.

In this article, Dream Design Properties is discussed

Property mentoring and long-term strategy consulting are Dream Design Do’s specialties. Customers often leave five-star reviews after visiting Dream Design Property. However, complaints have also been reported.

The following are some of the reviews I found for Dream Design Property:


  • You’re more likely to succeed if you have a long-term plan (20 years and beyond).
  • We strive to address the specific needs and goals of each family
  • You’ll be hassled (but will you get a refund?) if you don’t go through with it.
  • David Kochie praises the DDP services
  • There has been a lot of content published in property publications and mainstream media
  • You can get free property advice from them right now
  • There is a large number of free education options available, which is exciting to see

Creating digital assets

My preferred assets are digital assets. I have found that this provides a better cash flow than the Australian property market, which is currently declining with low consumer confidence. I recommend reconsidering your strategy.

There are now thousands of Australian property investors who are aware of this. Ultimately, Dream Design Do is a good strategy, but it earns very little money. Despite wanting to leave their jobs within two to three years, most people find it difficult to do so. Fortunately, I was able to leave sooner than most.

As a result of my journey, thousands of people have been inspired to take on new adventures. Our free online training course will teach you everything you need to know. Beginners will find it easy to use because it is already in Australia and New Zealand. Only your email address is required to access the 4 modules, and your email is protected. It is imperative that you are trustworthy.

Finally, one more thing

While Dream Design Do has a good reputation, it needs to improve.

Property mentoring companies should not receive such a high number of complaints. The number of dozens of these is far too high as a percentage.

A company that operates at this scale is likely to have a few minor setbacks. It is nearly impossible to satisfy every customer.

What are the benefits of recommending Zaki over other options? The decision you make should be based on the information you have been given. People can be unhappy or happy.

Dream Design continues to serve clients across Australia despite a bad press history.

Zaki Ameer, for instance, did not understand the market cycle when he began investing, but he built a portfolio of 10 rental properties worth $3 million within a few years. 

In 2008, investor Zaki bought a house in Port Macquarie for $80,000 after the GFC.

Zaki could not access any form of financing, especially the kind he wanted. Zaki’s property had been completely destroyed by fire, with three bedrooms requiring extensive repairs, but after three months of looking for a contractor to renovate it, it was worth $ 285,000, making him a $ 100,000 profit. 

In addition to being an author, Zeki founded Dream Design Property (DDP Property), which helps others become self-sufficient investors through the process of investing in real estate. 

Zaki says that now is the best time to buy. It’s foolish not to invest. People get caught up in ‘analysis paralysis’ when purchasing a property, and wait and wait for the ‘perfect’ deal when they could have bought a good property that appreciated over the years.


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