Here are 5 interesting facts about bubble tea

Here are 5 interesting facts about bubble tea
Here are 5 interesting facts about bubble tea

If you haven’t heard of the latest trendy drinks, be prepared because we have 5 interesting facts you should know about Bubble Tea, also known as Boba Tea. If you haven’t tried or heard of it, you’ll definitely want to visit your nearest Bubble Tea Cafe after reading this fun information about this drink.

Either way, this is a delicious, fun, and super refreshing drink that is truly authentic!

Listed below are 5 Bubble Tea fun facts that we promised you and you should know

  1. Origin of bubble tea. Its origin is from Taiwan. However, there is a popular story about how this happens: a woman named Mrs. Lin Xu, who worked at a tea stall in the 1980s, felt a little bored during a break and, was in search of entertainment.

In fact, it was so delicious that it add to the menu! It later became the franchise’s best-selling drink! After other cafes/houses saw the success of this spontaneous drink, they started adding a wealth of tapioca pearls and fruit flavors to their iced teas. As we know – this is how it happened…

  1. Bubble Tea Trend: Whether you know it or not, this tea is at the top of popularity! Today, you can find bubble tea shops on every street in Taiwan. The popularity grew so much that it spread through the streets of China and South Korea. Also, it’s flourishing in the states because it’s big business in several cities in San Francisco, California, and New York. However, for most westerners – it hasn’t discover yet, but its popularity is growing, still…
There are approximately 800 bubble tea stores in the United States, mostly in California and New York, and in over 30 other countries.
  1. Bubble Tea at McDonald’s? In 2012, McDonald’s was the first fast-food chain in the world to hear about this new drink/trend and really appreciate it… McDonald’s served bubble tea for a month at its locations in Germany. Customers were offered three different options – with or without milk, seven flavored syrups, four available options, and two jam options.
  2. Adults drink bubble tea: Yes, adults really do drink this tea. We can see how confusing the name can and people can easily guess that it was made for children or teenagers.

The fact is that this tea has become a sensation among schoolchildren in Taiwan

However, this is definitely not just for kids. It’s like other common iced teas. However, drinking this tea will make you have a lot more fun! In New York, it raise once in 2008. Now… is it creative or what? Unfortunately, this bar in New York clos.

  1. Lots of Names for Bubble Tea: This is one of many popular names for this fun drink. However, it has several names that enter popular culture. Some of these names include Tapioca, Momi Milk, Q, Boba Nai Chai, Milk Tea, Boba Tea, Pearl Tea and, to be honest, a few more names… say what you will. 

Again, if you haven’t tried this tea yet, then maybe it’s time for you… Bubble tea is a delicious drink, very fun to drink too! After all, you can fully customize your tea.  In addition, you can add as much sugar as you want and, even if it’s not ready, you can order your tea with tapioca pearls or jam.

Find out everything about bubble tea on the blog of Bubble Tea Party!

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