Health Benefits of Playing Guitar


 1. Increase Your Self-Esteem

You won’t experience this in the early days. But if you improve your gaming skills, the quality of your performance will increase. You will find yourself falling in love with playing guitar at a small concert. You will get some compliments and socialize better. Such experiences will boost your confidence and prepare you for large crowds or any public speaking engagement.

2. Strengthen Your Arms

In the new stage of playing the guitar, your hands can hurt. Over time, you have to learn uncomfortable (at first) hand exercises for better strumming. It not only improves your playing guitar skills but also the flexibility of your hands, especially your fingers. Your wrists and shoulder blades will also be strong. However, this is a slow process. So don’t force yourself to do many exercises at once.

3. Release Your Stress

Ask any avid guitarist and they will call the guitar their ‘happy place’. Playing the guitar demands your full attention and gives you an escape from the world. Even a 15-minute session can lift your mood like no other. People function better when their minds are free of stress. Bad day? Your guitar will hug you at night and make you smile.

4. Be A Better Listener

Listening is essential to learning how to play the guitar. Even a professional guitarist must listen carefully. Guitarists who don’t stick to one genre and keep an open mind are rewarded with better playing. You should listen to your guitar recordings to correct them in the next session. You’ll consistently recognize chords by ear, thanks to all the listening you’ve been doing since the beginning. So your ears will be sharp.

5. Beyond Heartbreak

Heart disease is something that most people deal with in their lifetime. Playing a musical instrument like the guitar can help reduce this awful feeling. It won’t happen overnight, but your heart will heal over time. At the end, you’ll have a healed heart along with new guitar skills. And maybe some new songs too!

6. Good Luck

Playing guitar will motivate you and you don’t want to play sitting lazily on the couch. Standing and playing the guitar will help you lose weight, not like working out at the gym, but more calories than you expect! If we were to list all the benefits of playing the guitar, it would be endless. Along with your singing playing some guitar chords and listening to the beautiful music you make.


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