Hampta Pass Trek – A Comprehensive Guide to Backpacking

hampta pass trek
hampta pass trek

One of the most special treks in the Himachali field is the Hampta Pass trek. It provides a real shock to the system through the most contradictory landscape. You will be welcome to open a different universe when you get to the top of Hampta Pass.


From the familiar views of lush green mammals from the Himalayas, from Manali’s side, you reach the top of the Hampta Pass and see the deserted countryside of Lahaul & Spiti Valley on your side. The drama is fascinating, and it takes you a warm second to understand what has just taken place!


Hampta Pass Trek

Obviously, it is indescribable to reach the top and the crossing of the Hampta Pass. Very few people get to know such places. The physical power and mental challenges you face; your friendship with your adrenaline fellows the most intimate and cherished (a.k.a. friends for life). It’s going to be a wonderful trip, FINALLY, when people say that the mountains call and I DO GO!


About Hampta Pass Trek

Trek is one of the most beautiful treks in Himachal Pradesh on more than 200 defined paths. In comparison to its colleagues, the Hampta Pass Trek is definitely easier. So, while it might not be something that experienced trekkers would experience, the adrenalin and jaw-striking feeling is definitely a great way for beginners.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that seasoned hikers don’t enjoy the walk – the pure variety from glacial valleys to exquisite green pastures, everything is worth it.


Duration and Location


The 5-6 day hiking tour begins in Manali, in Himachal Pradesh. Amazing waterfalls, flowers and maple forests are surrounding this beautiful trek. It is ideal for beginners because it has enough adventurous feelings. The Hampta Pass itself, therefore, connects Manali’s Valley of the Gods with Spiti’s Valley, which is known as the “Middle Land.”


The grasslands and the splendor surround it, on the one hand, while the crude desertness of Spiti is on the other hand. In general, people cross Hampta Pass and go to Chandratal Lake. On the last day you will be able to see the amazing Chandrataal lake if the roads are open.


You don’t have to worry about the Hampta Pass Trek air-conditioning. However, it’s always advisable to rest and go for easy enjoyment, because you’ve reached 14,000 feet.


Best time to do Hampta pass trek

This Trek goes from June to September, but it is monsoon time from the middle of June to September which is the best time for the Hampta Pass trek. The road to Chandrataal Lake could not be open in the beginning of June.


Visiting the growing moon-shaped lake is an unforgettable experience that should not be lost when brightening the sky across its surface. If not, during this season you can always do the Hampta pass trek.


The most favorite time of the winter or monsoon is the summer season, so you can experience the Himalayan fairy-tale. I hope you will experience snow around the region at the beginning of the season.


However, you must expect rain from the side of Manal from the middle of July. Snow begins to melt around July. Spiti Valley has no mousses as we know and in this period you will have bright sunshine (and metaphorical ranches, unicorns and butterflies)!


Hampta Pass Trek remains at a maximum temperature between 12 deg C and 20 deg C, with a minimum temperature between -6 deg C and 4 deg C.


Weather at Hampta Pass

After living in the hills and traveling in wondrously wet places (including the harshly cold winter months). I believe the weather is the way people are happy. I believe STRONG.


The natural tendency of the body (and souls?) should be irritated when it’s hot (ala Delhi weather) and humid (like the weather in Mumbai). You’re going to be happy and content with life! Change the landscape, change the weather! What do you think? What do you think? The following comment!


How to reach Hampta Pass

The road links Manali well. Delhi is about 550 kilometers away and Chandigarh is about 310 kilometers away. You get to a certain point by flights and trains and you have to depend on the road network. You can easily drive to Jobra, the Hampta Pass Basis Camp, after you reach Manali.


  • Take the garbage to Manali with you. Let’s make the Himalayas a better location, a responsible traveler.
  • Carry with you the necessary woolen clothes and a raincoat. At that altitude, the weather could get bad, so all things should be done better.
  • For this trek you must have waterproof trekking shoes; otherwise you will face a lot of trouble while trekking.
  • Ensure that before embarking on the journey you inform your friends/family about where you are and your route. The cause of anxiety to your loved ones is not your fun! Your fun!


Thanks to its beautiful scenic view and ample diversity, Hampta Pass Trek occupies a special place in all Himachal Treks. I hope you will help with this article to plan the Hampta Trek Pass.


You can comment and I will assist you in any possible manner if you have any more questions about this trek. In the future, I’ll write more about Himachal Pradesh treks. Continue to read. Happy Wanderluster trails to you.


Jobra is the final location for the network. It has no stable connection so that all your worries can be left and you can enjoy this lovely trek. A detailed mobile network guide is available in Spiti Valley.


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