Guidance to Your Dream Home Floor Coverings


The modern market offers the consumer a huge amount of home improvement materials from various companies and manufacturers: from domestic to imported, from relatively cheap to the elite class. Comfort, coziness, safety , as well as the beauty and decoration of the room depend on the right choice of home flooring.

When choosing home floor coverings, you should take into account the quality of products, so that the product will retain its durability and withstand stress. The floor should not be slippery, it should give and retain heat, as well as be resistant to fading and abrasion. The most common and popular materials for home flooring today are laminate , linoleum, parquet board , carpet, ceramic granite.

Laminate is a construction of several layers, which are designed to increase rigidity, protect the board from deformation, decorate the material , protect it from abrasion. The decorative layer is a paper on which a pattern is applied, coated on top with acrylic or melamine resin. The drawing imitates natural materials: stone, wood, tiles. Laminate flooring comes in a wide range of colors to match any room. It often has a locking clutch system and moisture-resistant impregnations, which increases the service life. The higher the class of laminate, the better its quality.

Linoleum is synthetic and natural (based on linseed oil, wood flour, pine resin). Natural linoleum has higher strength and stability. For artificial use polyester. Produced in rolls and placed on a flat surface with a special adhesive. There are bases and no bases. Various colors, can imitate a parquet board or laminate.

The parquet board is a wooden covering , consists of several layers, the top layer is varnished. It is much easier to install than parquet, it is cheaper, it comes to the store ready-made.

Carpet has a different pile structure, differs from the carpet in that it does not have a finished pattern. It is made from wool, polyamide, latex-based polypropylene or jute. Among the advantages are warmth, ease of installation, reasonable cost, heat resistance. The main disadvantage is the difficulty of cleaning, so it is not advisable for people with allergies to use it.

Ceramic granite is a type of fairly durable tile. It comes in a variety of colors and structures. The pattern is durable and does not fade. The material is devoid of microcracks, unlike natural stone. Durable, which allows it to be used in rooms with a load on the floor. Ideal for finishing bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, restaurants.

Thus, floor coverings are presented in a large assortment and for every taste, allowing you to turn the most extravagant fantasies into reality.

Advantages of Ceramic Tiles Over other Building Materials

If you have chosen ceramic tiles as a building material, then you should know at least some information about it. This will only consolidate your decision in choosing , and you will advise it to all your friends and relatives. Ceramic tiles the most popular building material on the world stage. Increasingly, it is bought and chosen by the inhabitants of our country.

All this happens precisely because the tile of this kind is made with high quality. But this is one of the positives. Each person thinks that he knows a lot about tiles, but at the same time he is deeply mistaken. This material came to us from ancient times and already has its own history.

It has passed to us through the centuries and is still very popular among our population and not only. It was ceramic tiles that absorbed all those irreplaceable and wonderful properties that none of the other building materials can convey to us . And more and more often, in almost every apartment, in every home, we can observe ceramic tiles.

In general, ceramics is a durable material in itself. But with proper installation, strength increases several times.

The limit of its strength can only be compared with reinforced concrete and cement. Also, it is a tough material. This quality allows the tile not to be deformed. It does not bend, even under maximum load. Tiles by design happens to be different. It can be both thin and thick, it can be small, or it can be large, it can also be of different shapes. The thicker the tile, the higher its stiffness and strength indicators. The next positive qualities of tiles are fire resistance and fire resistance. That is why it is used when lining fireplaces and stoves.

Jennifer ‘ the senior home & construction analyst writer at best essay writing service blog says, It is not subject to fire, and in addition to everything it has a protective function, that is, it protects the surface on which it is laid from fire. When it is heated, it surely do not emit any toxic substances. It does not conduct electricity. When exposed to any chemicals, it does not break down. However, for her there is one enemy that can destroy it – hydrofluoric acid. She is the material hygienically clean and microbes cannot live on it for a long time.

Deliveries of building materials from other countries show that the main building material imported to us from neighboring countries is ceramic tiles. And this is no accident. Our population has a very high demand for this species. They are increasingly using it in their households and in construction .

After all, tiles are not only for interior decoration, but also for exterior. Of course, its composition is different. After all, from the street it is also exposed to various weather conditions. But even here the tile has an advantage. In addition to everything else, it is also frost-resistant and is not exposed to direct sunlight.


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