GroupWise to Office 365 Migration – Step by Step Guide

GroupWise to Office 365 Migration

GroupWise is used for emailing platforms used worldwide. Users can perform multiple tasks on it, including emails, calendars, and contacts, along with other tasks. The GroupWise has been around for a long time but overran by Office 365 with its spectacular interface, applications, and features. GroupWise and Office 365 are equally competitive, but when we talk about users’ number, Office 365 certainly wins the bet. We’ll find out the best GroupWise to Office 365 Migration tool in a while but first, collect some reasons behind the users’ attraction toward Office 365.

Office 365’s Winning Points Over GroupWise:

  • Groupwise sometimes flashes errors while sending or receiving emails, which leads to a data loss scenario, unlike Office 365.
  • Office 365 provides its services to users at very economic and predictable price.
  • Office 365 cloud space that it provides to the users is way too secure to let users keep their files there worrying-free.
  • The interface of the Office 365 is too simple and intuitive, and of GroupWise it is complicated.
  • Office 365 can be accessed from anywhere at any point of time.
  • Office 365 provides on-time updates to continually and effectively contribute to a better business workflow.

Possible Ways for GroupWise Migration:

The two categories of approaches can be listed for GroupWise to Office 365 migration. One is the manual way and the other by utilizing the professional tools. Furthermore, we know migrating GroupWise to Office 365 is much of a technical task, and therefore users need to be extra cautious for the task.

Manual Method:

And if we dive deep down, the manual method is typical and requires users to hold expertise over migration. Otherwise, they could lose their data due to the complexity of the process that hinders them from completing the task. Users are suggested not to proceed through the manual method, but if they like to, they must keep the backup before. Moreover, the users who had used the manual method previously must be looking for an automated tool. There can be these disadvantages of using the manual method:

  • The chances of human errors are high and can lead to data loss.
  • The process proves too complex to bring to completion.
  • Users need to perform the task again if gets interrupted in between.
  • There is a high chance of data alteration while performing through this way.
  • This way is time-consuming and doesn’t even guarantee a desired migration.

So, seeing all these, the users are advised to use the certified and secure professional tools instead.

Convenient Way to Migrate GroupWise to Office 365:

The users must look for a professional tool for performing migration and especially when the data are vast. Down to this row, the Shoviv GroupWise to Office 365 migration tool is the ablest one that comes with a simple GUI to bring down the technicality of the process. The tool migrate GroupWise to Office 365 easily; even it helps to migrate multiple GroupWise mailboxes to Office 365, live exchange, Outlook PST, EML, and MSG formats in one go. Moreover, it doesn’t store any of the data provided by the users and hence is secure in all aspects. Users get a few features on this tool that help them to get effective migration which later proves beneficial in data management.

Steps to follow for Effective GroupWise Migration:

Download the Shoviv GroupWise to Office 365 Migration tool, install it successfully on the system, and open it to proceed as follows:

  • Step1: Click on Add icon from the ribbon bar.
  • Step2: Choose source, add NSFs, and hit OK.
  • Step3: Now click on Office 365, deal with the sub-folders and proceed.
  • Step4: Tap the “fetch all mailboxes from Office 365” radio button, provide details & click Next.
  • Step5: Perform mailbox mapping, validate target if required, and hit Next.
  • Step6: Use filters, perform folder mapping and tap Next.
  • Step7: The process will start; hit Finish when it completes.

It is this simple process the Shoviv tool provides. Now let gets into the points that speak in favor of the Shoviv tool.

Points that Make You Buy Shoviv GroupWise to Office 365 Migration Tool:

  • Multiple Way Connectivity: This tool allows users to connect to their GroupWise account through various paths. The paths include Default, Online, Cache, and Remote.
  • Null Prohibitions: Users do not need to think about the file size and number to add. This tool accepts multiple files in a single row of any size and performs migration with the same efficiency as it shows for single and small files.
  • Data Preview: This tool instantly prepares the preview of the content associated with the added GroupWise file, which users can access from the left pane.
  • Incremental Export: Shoviv GroupWise to Office 365 Migration tool comes with default incremental export to presume the process from where it went off due to interruption.
  • Filters: Filters of this tool are based on Item type and Message date to let users filter the items accordingly.
  • Advanced Options: Users can perform the folder mapping as well as the email translation task on this tool. The folder mapping helps in achieving the desired accuracy in migration, and email translation lets users replace the undesired email addresses with the desired ones.
  • Export All Items: The tool provides the “Export All Items” checkbox that users need to uncheck if want to prevent duplicity.

Final Bid:

If going for a GroupWise Migration, the manual method isn’t suggested. Moreover, it remains difficult to find a certified tool. So, one has been mentioned in the article with steps and features. However, if users like to fairly analyze the working of the Shoviv GroupWise to Office 365 Migration tool. They can use its FREE demo version before purchase.





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