GPS Tracking Software V/s Fleet Management Software: What Are the Differences?

GPS Tracking Software Vs Fleet Management Software What Are the Differences
GPS Tracking Software Vs Fleet Management Software What Are the Differences

Every industry has some confusing jargon that nobody seems to get. 


In the fleet industry, the often confusing terms are Fleet Management Software, GPS tracking software, and telematics systems. While all of them are packed in the same sheet, their contents are slightly different. Therefore, if you want to understand the nitty-gritty of the industry, you need to go into the depth of each package. 


Do you find yourself struggling in differentiating telematics systems from GPS tracking software and fleet management software? You’re at the right place since that is exactly what we’ll talk about in this article! 


GPS Tracking Software, Fleet Management Software, and Telematics Systems: Why Differentiate?

People assume that vehicle tracking includes only knowing your vehicles’ whereabouts in real-time. However, there are two major problems with this understanding:

  • They negate how powerful systems can help them get much more information than vehicle location 
  • They overlook several ways in which they can improve their fleet-centric business’ profits


While GPS tracking software, fleet management software, and telematics systems all fall under the same category, the kinds of benefits each have for your fleet are varied. 


To be able to take complete advantage of the latest technology and your fleet, you should know the software you’re using and what capabilities it has. 


GPS Tracking Software, Fleet Management Software, and Telematics Systems: What Are They?

Before we get to the key differences between the three, you need to understand what each of them individually is and offers. In this section, we will define the three terms in question and what each software or system individually offers. 


What is GPS Tracking Software? 

GPS tracking software is not as much about the fleet as the moving dots on the map. This means, with the help of satellite networks, this software will help you see where your vehicles are in real-time. 


When you use GPS tracking software, you are likely looking only for ways to put your fleet under surveillance. Other information might seem like noise to your way of managing your fleet. 


The minimum required information from GPS tracking software is generally suited for small fleets. 


What is Fleet Management Software? 

Fleet Management Software can collect and analyze geospatial data, fuel consumption, maintenance schedules, vehicle and driver information, and much more. All this is wrapped in one clean digital platform for you to consume comfortably. 


The biggest reason why businesses use fleet management software is because of the humongous information it collects. A huge purpose of this software is to reduce administrative time and increase the fleet’s lifecycle along with route and resource optimization. 


What are Telematics Systems? 

Telematics systems are in a different league than GPS tracking software and fleet management software. Telematics is an umbrella term that includes vehicle tracking, GPS tracking, and fleet management.


For any vehicle tracking software to run, you will need telematics systems. They take information from the installed hardware and create a seamless connection between the vehicle and the computer. This digital transmission of data is achieved through cellular or satellite connections. 


Differences Between GPS Tracking Software and Fleet Management Software

To understand which system will work the best for your organization, you should keep these key differences between the two in mind: 


  • Collected Data: GPS tracking software collects only location data and might or might not collect driver behavior data. However, fleet management software collects all geospatial, OBD, and engine data for 360o fleet surveillance. 
  • Presentation: GPS tracking software collects small information packets. It might or might not organize information into actionable reports. However, a defining function of good fleet management software is that it allows you to see everything about your fleet in bite-sized reports. 
  • Impact on Performance: Fleet management software yields performative results while GPS tracking software only gives surveillance data. While the latter can be used for better profits, that isn’t the direct application of GPS tracking software. 
  • Scalability: While GPS tracking software can support a large organization as well, the kind of data it offers will render useless as your fleet grows. Fleet management software is more scalable because of its ability to support larger fleets.
  • Applicability: GPS tracking software is ideal for patrolling vehicles or other such small operations. Whereas, fleet management software can be used in a myriad of industries such as pharmaceuticals, logistics, school bus management, and mining management. 


GPS Tracking Software or Fleet Management Software: What is Right For Your Business? 

Here are a few things that indicate whether your organization needs GPS tracking software or fleet management software:


  • Nature of Business: Is your business dependent on fleet or is only using the fleet for internal reasons? For the former, you will definitely need fleet management software. However, the latter can work with GPS tracking software as well. 
  • Features Required: Do you want to safeguard your fleet while making the most out of its resources? In that case, you should choose fleet management software. However, if you only want to check where each vehicle is, GPS tracking software will be okay. 
  • Administrative Time: GPS tracking software does nothing in terms of simplifying administrative functions. However, fleet management solutions automate the entire vehicle tracking and management process to save fleet managers time and energy. 
  • Insightful Reports: GPS tracking software generally only shows information without processing it. However, fleet management software’s purpose is to get that information and present it in bite-sized reports. 
  • Budget: GPS tracking software offers a lot less than fleet management software. Therefore, it is only obvious that it also costs less. While fleet management software is feature-packed, you’ll need to check with your company’s accounts first. 


Choose the Right System For Optimum Business! 

So, now you know what fleet management software, GPS tracking software, and telematics systems are. Ideally, you should use a telematics software which is an amalgamation of GPS tracking software and fleet management software. 

With higher technological advancements each year, you should be able to make the most out of what is available to you, right? So, head on to TrackoBit, India’s fastest growing telematics software to get the most out of your fleet today!


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