Goa Tour: A Complete Guide For North And South Goa

Unable to Decide Between North Goa and South Goa? We Bring Here The Best Of Both Worlds

Goa is home to some of the most exciting adventures and sensational parties. However, it is also home for the spiritually inspired and ones who are looking for peace and tranquillity.
Whether it be a thirst for excitement and a dive into the unknown or a place of serenity and calmness. Unable to Decide Between North Goa and South Goa tour? We Bring Here The Best Of Both Worlds.

South Goa VS. North Goa

The best way to ensure you and your loved ones have the most memorable time in Goa, you should find out everything Goa has to offer to its visitors. The multitude of activities will have you wanting to experience all of it. However, there are some activities or locations you will certainly love more than others. In the quest to find the ideal vacation, Tourtravelworld offers Goa local tour packages suited to fulfill your desire.

South Goa Beaches

If you are a sunset lover, south Goa beaches will allow you to enjoy them to the fullest in quiet. South Goa beaches will throw you in a trance with its serenity. It truly is paradise here. You can enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one in elite restaurants and cafes on south goa beaches.

Some of the best beaches to visit in South Goa are Palolem beach, Majorda beach, and Butterfly beach.

North Goa Beaches

Are you in the mood for a wild vacation? Full of parties, amazing rock bands, dance floors, and delicious cocktails and mocktails? Then North Goa beaches will make you feel more alive than ever before.
North Goa beaches host some of the most amazing beach parties and nightlife experiences in the world. So pack your prettiest bathing suits and get ready for a thrilling adventure in North Goa.
You should visit Vagator beach, Baga beach, and Anjuna beach to attend the best North Goa has to offer.

South Goa Beaches VS. North Goa Beaches

North goa beaches attract more tourists each year compared to the less explored South Goa beaches. However, South Goa beaches are much better suited for families with children and romantic getaways while North Goa is ideal for the young and adventurous.

Places To Visit In North And South Goa

Although Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches and beach activities. There is so much more this state offers to people. Luxurious Casinos, beautiful market areas, old churches being some of them.

Exploring South Goa

South Goa is the more expensive and elite side of Goa. It houses some of the fanciest locations and hosts some of the most luxurious parties. Some of the places you must visit in South Goa are listed below.

Grand Churches

South Goa is home to some of the grandest and most beautiful churches. Although these churches are much newer than the ones in North Goa. Some of the famous churches in South Goa are Rachol Seminary, Velim church, and Three kings church.

Flea Markets Of South Goa

If you are looking to buy some authentic art decors, clothing, or souvenirs then South Goan Flea markets are the ideal location for you. These markets are less crowded and have unique items for you to buy. Do visit Palolem market, Caculo market, or Colem market to find the perfect souvenir.

Elite Party Venues

South Goa has some of the most luxurious resorts and pubs that host amazing parties in the state. Although, these clubs are not cheap and often out of budget for most. If you do plan on visiting the rich life in Goa, do not miss out on the silent noise club and Leopard valley. These are some of the best locations for nightlife in South Goa.

Try Your Luck In South Goa’s Casinos

Casino Pearl, The Zuri white sands, and casino pride are newly developed projects of Goa that offer the best experiences. You can indulge in a night of rummy, ice-cold drinks, and lively music at these venues.

Meet Dolphins And Other Wildlife In South Goa

Dolphin sightseeing in Goa is an experience you will surely enjoy. These wild dolphins are a beauty of nature. You can also enjoy spotting tigers in the wild at Codigo wildlife sanctuary.

Adventures At North Goa

North Goa is ideal for vacations on a budget. While not everything is cheap. However, lodging and partying are less expensive in North Goa due to the high tourist influx in this part of Goa as compared to South Goa.

Explore The Old Portuguese Colony And Churches

North Goan Churches will throw you in a trance as you walk through its gates. These old churches are a reminder of the Portuguese colony that once thrived in Goa. Church of St. Catherine, Church of St. Lawrence, and St. Anthony’s church are bound to make you feel more connected spiritually.

Shopping Haul At North Goan Markets

Your bargaining skills will be put to test in North Goa’s famous markets. While everything is more or less reasonably priced, the exciting part is that you can get a wonderful item for a very low price! Do visit Anjuna Market, Maposa market, or Arpora market to collect souvenirs for your friends and family.

Best Night Life Experience

If Goa is famous it is certainly because of North Goan beach parties, delicious food, and drinks. Tito’s Club and Cafe Mamo’s are a must-visit if you wish to have the craziest time in Goa.

Gambling On A Cruise

North Goa has a unique experience to offer. Can you imagine you and your loved ones aboard a luxury liner that houses a casino as well? You should certainly consider visiting Crown casino, casino Palms, or Casino carnival during your time in North Goa.

Ancient Forts And Animal Sanctuaries In North Goa

The ruins of Fort Aguada, and Chapora Fort are just the locations you should explore with your friends and family. These forts hold great importance in history and attract tourists from all over the world annually. Bondla wildlife sanctuary and Mhadhei wildlife sanctuary are places you can spend your entire day closer to nature and greenery.

Where To Stay In North Goa Or South Goa?

North and South Goa alike have beautiful resorts which host hundreds of guests annually. However, you can choose from these varieties of resorts to stay in during your vacation depending on your needs and budget.

Relaxing South Goan Resorts

If you are looking for luxury and comfort. South Goan resorts are an ideal fit for you and your loved ones. These resorts have top-notch services, all-year-round jacuzzi, spas, and restaurants. The Nest, Beachhutbooking, and The HQ are the best resorts for you to consider.

Buzzing North Goan Resorts

North goa offers various choices of shacks and hotels on a budget for you to stay in during your vacation. Some locations you can consider are S2 beach shack, Casa Vagator, and Calamari beach shack.

Can You Cover Both Ends Of Goa During Your Visit?

The answer to the above question is YES! Goa being a small state, you can reach one end to the other within an hour or so with a car. The distance between north and south goa is 72Km.

Important Things To Remember During Your Visit To Goa

Goa is a place that houses adventure and thrill to all age groups. However, you must remember to carry loads of sunscreen, light cotton apparel, and sun caps or umbrellas. The Goan sun shines bright and the location near the sea makes it humid. Thus, remember to hydrate yourself well during your visit to Goa. Most tourists visit Goa from November to April as it is cooler than peak summers.

Goa is a small state thus it does not house big medical institutes. However, you can locate several well-equipped clinics in case of medical emergencies during the visit. Be sure to talk to your travel agency for important details such as the closest police station and medical clinic.

Goa has strict covid19 rules so ensure you are vaccinated completely or you have taken at least one dose of vaccination before visiting Goa. In case of a single dose, you must carry a Covid test stating you are not Covid19 positive before your visit.

Goa is often crowded with tourists from all over the world including all states of India. Thus, in case you suffer from comorbidities, you should avoid crowded beaches and locations of Goa. You can opt for more secluded, and quiet tourist spots in Goa instead. Goa tour operators are at work 24/7 providing the best services to tourists in Goa. You can ensure a safe and happy vacation in Goa with your family and friends without worry.


People live much more sedentary and stressful lives than ever before. Breaks from monotonous lifestyles are important to ensure good mental health and enjoy your life. India has a multitude of tourists attractions that make the ideal vacation spots, Goa being one of them.

Goa offers the ideal getaway to you and your family. While traveling to Goa do ensure carrying necessary medicine, extra clothing, sunglasses, and your favorite flip-flops.

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