Go-Go Ultra X 4 Wheel Travel Scooter Offering Smooth Ride Outdoors

4 wheel travel scooter

Pride Mobility is a leading company bringing a ray of hope in the lives of thousands of people suffering from limited mobility issues by launching advanced models of 4 wheel travel scooter. The 4 wheeled mobility scooter is designed for exhibiting superior on-road performance and maximum stability on all surfaces. These scooters, before coming to the market, are engineered and tested extensively to ensure top-quality and consistent performance for years. These scooters are battery-operated and are extremely versatile when it comes to customizing with different accessories.

Some scooters support one-hand disassembling whereas other models are easy to fold and become a compact unit. If you are looking for a scooter with one-hand disassembling, then the on-road performance of Go-Go Ultra X 4 wheeler scooter is hard to beat. It supports feather-touch disassembly that disassembles the entire scooter into 5 lightweight pieces. These 5 parts are easy to store in small pieces and the trunk of the SUV and vans. Some other salient features of this model are:

  1. It has a weight holding capacity of 260 lbs, runs up to 7.2  miles per charge with a top speed of 4 mph.
  2.  It has a compact, padded, and a foldable seat, which allows a person to sit comfortably even for extended hours.
  3. The tiller-mounted standard front basket is ideal to store small items of daily needs. This is a removable basket.
  4. Easy-to-grip tiller adjustment knob allows a rider to adjust the tiller as per his requirements.
  5. The trademarked black and non-scuffling tires by Pride Mobility ensure safe movement inside and outside the house.
  6. It supports both on-board and off-board battery charging due to the presence of off-board dual voltage charger.

Available in attractive red color, it is a good mobility option for those people who are dependent upon others for remaining physically active in their social circles. The Go-Go Ultra X 4 wheel travel scooter is available in the market both on sale and on a rental basis. The price-sensitive customers can opt for the rental option if they want the scooter for a limited time frame.


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