Global Hide Manager: Capable of hiding the Unwanted sections

global hide manager

Businesses today are looking to hide unwanted sections and fields in SuiteCRM which is important for their business security. These days such requirements are needed because you don’t want to be the victim of data loss and all. Your CRM software is the one where you start your business everyday. Without wasting your time just want to tell you that there is a need to put some investment on the extension like SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager (Premium). Customers have faith in you and that is why they choose you. Hide their sensitive information so that no one can steal and you will not lose customers. 

For example: You have some vital records of your customer and it is important for you to hide some of the characters on that record. If failing to do this and not having any plugin to do then get connected with Global Hide Manager (Premium). Why? Here you are able to encrypt or hide the starting character or even the ending character of that record. Like this: 98711*****. Greatest extension of all time! 


Some proven features of the Global Hide Manager plugin

We tried and tested this plugin and it is ready to refresh your experience by giving tons of functions. Let’s have a look at the points below-

  • From now the users of this extension can easily hide and disable fields based on the Hyperlinks, Class, and Index. 
  • SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager (Premium) allows you to hide the crucial records based on the status. Top-notch function! 
  • Beneficial for the businesses to hide the buttons, fields, and sections for your assistance.
  • Powerful enough to hide the values in the list, detail, and edit view. 
  • People can unhide those buttons/sections later on as well. 
  • It is easy to hide or unhide the functionalities for a particular group and role.


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