Give a Firm Look to your Brand through Exquisite Custom Display Boxes

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Do you want to showcase your product in a more mesmerizing manner in stores? Are you in search of publicizing your products on the counters of your stores? Then custom display boxes are the best option that solves your problem in no time.

Recall your visit to a superstore or a retail store. What grabs your attention instantly? The products that are present on the cabinet or shelves, or the products that showcase on display racks? No matter how many times you watch or use the products on the display racks, you always go towards them and observe them. Businessmen use counter boxes as a tactic to get more attention from the customers. It constantly increases the company’s revenue and product profit.

A variety of display packaging boxes is available. Customize your boxes according to the product and brand’s motive. No matter what your product is selling in the market. There are countless customization options that flawlessly show your product fashionably on the display boxes.

Factors Consider while making Custom Display Boxes

Do you know counters are such places where every type of customer must visit and notice things more than any other place in the store? Therefore, the products present on counters get more attention from the vast population. The only way to present the products in an attractive way is through fabulous custom display boxes.

There are some important features that need to be considered while making display packaging for any type of product. These necessary points make your customers go wow with the unique and creative making of counter boxes.

Made with Attention-grabbing Designs and Styles

As counter boxes always get more attention from the customers but they are more appealing if they are made with radiant colors, attractive graphics, and beautiful layouts. Vibrant color schemes highlight the products on counters. Products packed in magnificent packaging boxes are always in high customer demand. Attractive stickers, decorative items, glitters, or ribbons have been used that lure your potential audience. Styling made your boxes unique. A variety of box styles is available such as:

  • Display box with dust flap (Image require)
  • Display box without dust flaps (Image require)
  • Retail display box (Image require)
  • Display box with inserts or drawers (Image require)
  • Organizer storage display case box (Image require)

Artistic ideas regarding product-related images, box designs, and styling are done for achieving promotional profits.  

Durable Counter Display Packaging

Poorly made counter boxes leave a bad impression on the brand. Counter boxes made with sturdy cardboard material give sustainable packaging. It holds multiple products in it easily and properly. Moreover, e-flute corrugated, bus boards are also used to give strong packaging boxes. The rigid material is also used to make counter boxes that are strong enough to bear any breakage during transportation hurdles. In addition, eco-friendly Kraft retail display boxes are common in the market. They are made from soy-based ink or paper material that is fully recycled and biodegradable. They save nature from unwanted waste. Companies that promote environmental-friendly products highly prefer Kraft paper boxes. (Image require)

Without fine finishing, the boxes give a very dull or unpleasant look. For the beautiful outlook of boxes, therefore different types of coatings and lamination processes apply. Glossy to a matte coating made on boxes for giving a shiny or matte outlook. However, soft-touch lamination processes give a pleasing effect to the customers while holding the box in their hands. (Image require)

Custom Printed Display Boxes

Do you understand the brand’s motive without prints? The answer is no. Actually, companies convey their message through exclusive prints. Various printing and font styles are used to make them attractive.  

One of the important messages of packaging is the publicity of a particular product. For this purpose, businessmen go towards the custom or counter boxes. Without prints, their message of product promotion goes incomplete. Creative and classy prints apply to highlight your brand name, logo, marketing slogan, and other important information. Modern printing techniques such as flexography, digital printing, offset printing, and CMYK or PMS color are used for spotlighting the brand’s message. Moreover, raised ink options, foil stamping, embossing, and debossing are used as additional ones. Custom printed counter boxes are proven beneficial for one’s brand growth as compared to simple ones. (Image require)

Budget-friendly Wholesale Display Packaging Boxes

Are you in search of pocket-friendly packaging for your product display? Then wholesale counter boxes are the best option. It takes your business up to the sky in no time.

When you are dealing with multiple products at a time then ordering wholesale boxes is the best decision. It meets your bulk quantity demands at less than a penny. Wholesale boxes are both time and money-saving options. They are proven cost-effective for both small and large-scale businesses. Moreover, you can customize your box design, shape, size, or color in your wholesale boxes. A large diversity comes in customizable wholesale counter boxes. Must check the 3D or physical sampling before ordering wholesale as it saves you and other packaging company’s time and money. Expand your business in the crucial marketplace with the fabulous wholesale counter boxes.

Work up your Business with Awesome Counter Boxes

As a businessman, do you feel in a race or competition? Yes, it’s true. In this era, everyone is in the race to compete with others. Hundreds of companies launching similar offerings in the market. Therefore, it becomes the need to differentiate your products and showcase them in a more attractive manner. Display packaging boxes are the best option. It is greatly helpful in promoting your product in the market. However, they are useful in spreading brand awareness and product promotion. Moreover, it reminds your regular or beloved clients about your brand and related products.

You can use these counter boxes for any type of business like food, beverages, bakery, confectioneries, pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics. Customize your box according to your demands and up-rank your brand in the most effective manner. Unique showcase boxes add value to your product and automatically boost your sale in the market. Moreover meeting your business demands with these outstanding boxes is a wise decision.

Have a great Packaging Experience with the Best Packaging Company

Are you still confused about the idea of your display box? Then stop worrying. OXO Packaging is here to solve your packaging queries. It is one of the leading packaging solution providers in the United States. Our experienced staff and their cooperative behavior were greatly helpful in designing the best box for your product display. In short, for any query, you may contact us through email at [email protected] at any time. You always get a positive and quick response. Feel free to ask for any customization option or product booking details.


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