GHD IV Hair Straighteners Reviews

GHD IV Hair Straighteners

The GHD IV Hair Straighteners have received celebrity endorsements and also a large number of five-star reviews online. If you don’t already know Ghd products are not only sold in the UK but also in over 10 other countries around the world.

The name is definitely known to be a leader in the styling business. They offer an extensive product line that goes far beyond this one hair straightener. But is this the best hair straightener on the market at the moment? Read on to find out.

GHD IV Hair Straighteners Description

This straightener is perfect for all hair types to include straight hair and wavy hair as well as short, medium length, and long hair. It is capable of using universal voltage so you can take it with you anywhere in the world and not have to worry.

It has a round barrel-making ideal for not only straightening but also for curling, flicking, and waving. In this model, the GHD IV Hair straightener features a sleep mode that turns off the straightener if left unused for 30 minutes.

This is a safety feature that allows you to be able to continue with your day even after realizing that you have left the styler on unintentionally.

This straightener has a number of technologically advanced features to include a shiver mode which allows the straightener to shut off if the room temperature is too low. This allows you to protect your purchase though it may inconvenience you.

It will automatically start when the temperature of the room goes up above 8 degrees Celsius. Comes with the Ghd hologram sticker so you know it is an authentic purchase.

GHD IV Hair Straighteners Features

  • Good for use on all types of hair
  • Straightens, curls, flicks, and waves
  • Shiver mode to protect against internal condensation
  • On and Off button
  • Swivel cord for ease of use and for the prevention of tangles
  • Even pressure distribution due to the floating plates
  • Sleep mode chips in after 30 minutes
  • Universal  voltage so it can be used worldwide
  • Rounder barrel for multipurpose styling
  • Temperature control for safe and effective styling
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of two years

Customer Reviews for GHD IV Hair Straighteners

Many people read all the customer reviews they can find before they purchase an item but if you don’t have the time for that we can understand.

That is why we have a section that is dedicated to providing you with Ghd IV Hair Straightener reviews right here. Before you read the in-depth reviews though here is what some of what people are saying in their reviews.

  • Best money I have spent on a product for myself.
  • I would recommend these to anyone.
  • Brilliant buy.
  • Trust me it’s GOOD.
  • It’s a bit pricy but it’s worth it.

One reviewer said she is the type of person that sits down and reads all the reviews of a product before she makes the decision to purchase it or not.

This was the case with this product and she says this is the best money she has spent on a personal purchase in a while. She says the device does such a great job that even her hairstylist is impressed with the results.

She mentioned that it heats up in just seconds and that it is very easy to use. The reviewer says it takes her approximately 10 minutes to straighten her shoulder-length hair with this straightener and she loves the results when she is done.

After a couple of uses and realizing that she didn’t need to use it every day she was even more thrilled with the product.

She says she was so pleased with the brand that she went out and purchased some other items from Ghd as well. She finishes her review by saying that she definitely recommends this to anyone.

One gentleman said he and his wife decided to purchase the Ghd IV hair straightener so that she could have something to take some international tips. They said it was a brilliant buy and they love it.

One reviewer said that they had owned GHD’s for five years and so buying another one was a no-brainer.

She loves the fact that she can take them anywhere with her and not have to worry about voltage and sockets.

One reviewer comments that she is a black woman with long thick hair. She says that usually straighteners don’t do so well in her hair But this one did extremely well. The reviewer said after doing her hair with this for the first time she looks as if she was coming right out of the salon.

She says the results of using this are a nice head of hair that is light, bouncy, and straight. Now she says she has to give GHD the praises it deserves. She says it is definitely worth the money. She wouldn’t waste her time writing it if it wasn’t true.

Another reviewer has owned this brand of hair straightener for 5 years. They said no other option in mind and purchased this one shortly after their older one stopped working.

The reviewer had some problems with it. When it first arrived but sent it back and got their refund right away. They state that they still trust GHD but they will buy this straightener at a shop where they can see the actual product before they buy.


This has a lot of positive reviews and is easy to use and lightweight.


Some individuals have had problems with straighteners being delivered with uneven plates but have been able to return them.

Conclusion – GHD IV Hair Straighteners

Despite some of the problems that some people are facing with the GHD IV hair straightener. There is a wealth of positive reviews, it is an excellent product and is highly recommending.

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