General Insights on Double Side Polish Wafer


In recent years, every electronic appliance is getting smaller and thinner more than a compatible mode. However, its definite functions and usage are wide and moving to achieve high possibilities of productivity. This is mainly due to the advancement of nanotechnology. Wafers are an important component that is utilized for semiconductor and other elements of the electronic world. Thus, the manufacturing is significant among various manufacturers who try to explore various ideologies to get a better return on investments.

Double side polish wafer

In general, double side polish wafer is a type of semiconductor product with specific flatness and distinct features that are utilized on MEMS, semiconductors. and other electronic appliances. It is also used in double side pattering and device manufacturing activities. The need for wafers with enhanced performance and minimized size has evolved mainly due to reduced effects of a manufacturing process. Thus, to minimize its size with improvised performance, manufacturers strive to change the flatness and contamination level.

Methodology to improve flatness 

Basic ideology in preparing this special type of wafers is just through polishing on both sides of a substrate. Moreover, delicate care is taken in surface contamination. Preparing the surface on both sides is not an easy job, where it is achieved through a perfect content level and considering exterior environmental factors. Extrinsic gettering ability may be affected by this procedure which is considered as a major drawback in preparation. Gettering is nothing but a process of removing device damaging contaminants on an active circuit area of the water. Besides, some benefits are compromised that are polished on either side which is achieved a mirror finish which diminishes the chance of any roughness. The ultimate aim of any wafer producer though is to generate a double slice wafer that has possibilities in maintaining extrinsic gettering capabilities.

It starts with situating the semiconductor in a specified cutout which is disposed of in a working gap. This is then covered with an upper polishing pad and lower slicing pad covered by an exterior plat. It has tiled square segments that are formed by a series of arrangements for each channel. In a time of polishing, a carrier is guided with a separate portion of wafer temporarily projects that are relied on an external gap.

The major essentialities of a recent world are high-quality surfaces on either side of a wafer. The product with such requirements is high demand in today’s world with its significant importance. Many companies, organizations, and distributors are ready to utilize quality products that help to acquire a better return on investments. Above all, complete effectiveness of wafer can be obtained only through selecting proficient manufacturer.


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