Gas Fire Chimney Liner: Definition, Benefits and Simple Tips

Gas Fire Chimney Liner
Gas Fire Chimney Liner

Have you ever thought, what should you do when the Gas Fire Chimney Liner is not working, and your chimney is not working properly?

The first thing you may feel is deep panic.  Fear and worry mixed into one.  You may find it difficult to think clearly for a while.  This is a big mistake.  And do you know what impact this action of yours actually had?

Of course your house will be filled with black smoke and harmful carbon combustion gasses that can threaten the life of you and your family.  Even if the case is handled too late it can lead to death.  You certainly do not want this fateful incident to happen to your family.

Even so, your reaction is actually a natural thing.  It is impossible for humans to still feel calm while in that position.

Well, maybe this solution will be a little late if you have already experienced such a bad incident.  But, so as not to experience a sad event like this again, we will suggest the right solution for you.

What is the solution?

The solution we provide for you is that it is better if you install a gas fire chimney liner.  Why should you install a gas fire chimney liner?

Before knowing the reason, let’s first consider the following things:

Definition of Gas Fire Chimney Liner

If a chimney is defined as a duct in a building that is designed to serve as an outlet or exhaust gas. So the gas fire chimney liner can be interpreted as a layer that serves to protect the chimney from burning a gas. Thus, the existence of a gas fire chimney is very important to be the second safety after the solid structure of the chimney itself.

Simply put, we can think of gas fire chimney liners as blankets from a chimney. The use of this blanket to cover also protects the chimney from various things.

Benefits of Gas Fire Chimney Liner

This point actually relates to the question “Why should you install a gas fire chimney liner?”

This question does seem trivial.  However, if you completely ignore it, you have already lost one big opportunity to save your family’s future life.

Well, you may still be doubtful or unsure about this decision.  Therefore, you can read some of the benefits below to clear your doubts.  Here are the benefits of a gas fire chimney liner:

  Able to Increase Security

The most important benefit most sought after from installing a gas fire chimney liner is safety.  As discussed above, gas fire chimney liners are able to protect the chimney from the possibility of a gas explosion.  By doing this step, you have minimized the bad things that might happen unexpectedly.

Become a Gas Exit Connector

What does this statement mean?  Simply put, the reason the gas fire chimney liner can be a connecting gas outlet is because the chimney is attached by a layer, indirectly this layer also becomes a gas outlet.

Resistant to Release of Carbon Monoxide (CO2)

The gas fire chimney liner will prevent the release of carbon monoxide (CO2) from spreading throughout the room.  Keep in mind, carbon monoxide itself has a harmful effect on the body.  Especially very dangerous for the lungs if inhaled carbon monoxide.

Prevent Cooling

The gas fire chimney liner also functions as a chimney cooling deterrent.  Do you know what the consequences of chimney cooling are?  This will result in the re-entry of smoke or gas that should be out because the molecules become solid.

Simple Tips for Preventing Fire on a Gas Fire Chimney Liner

The occurrence of an accident in the form of a fire or other things can certainly cause damage to the house.  It could be that the house caught fire and claimed lives.  Usually the cause of these fires is a lack of care or maintenance on the gas fire chimney.  Well, below will explain some ways that you might be able to do when facing the same problem.

Check and Clean Chimney Linings Annually

You need to know that a damaged chimney lining can spread fire.  Likewise, a dirty coating that contains a lot of creosote or soot is dangerous because if the temperature is too high it can cause a fire.  You certainly do not want this dangerous incident to happen to you.

Well, if you find it difficult to clean it yourself, you should hire an officially certified chimney cleaning service.  As a final reminder, chimney cleaning can allow smoke or gases to escape.

Turn down the fire

If you’re going to light a fireplace, it’s best to keep it low on fire.  A good little fire doesn’t produce as much creosote as a big fire.  This is because a fire that is lit too bright (too big) will produce a lot of smoke and soot which results in a buildup in the chimney.  When it’s too piled up you won’t be able to imagine how dangerous this can be.

Use Dry Textured Wood

Dry wood is the best choice for fireplace fuel.  This is because the burning of alkaline firewood takes longer and the amount of smoke condenses in the chimney is greater.  The result is an increase in creosote in your chimney.  As a suggestion, use wood that has been seasoned for 6 months or more for maximum results.

Never Use Paper or Liquid Materials

Materials such as paper and liquids are strictly prohibited and should be kept away from fireplaces.  This is because both of these materials are very flammable to be used as ignition materials.  As a result, the fire will spiral out of control quickly and can end in the destruction of all house pawns.  Avoid burning things in the fireplace.  This is because items like paper, trash, etc. can float in the fireplace when they burn.  As a result, the creosote will ignite and burn.

Using Chimney Cover

Mark this as a small note, the chimney cover has the function of preventing anything harmful from entering your chimney.  Small animals that you might think are trivial like birds that live in chimneys, can actually ignite a chimney fire.  Even just a small dry leaf can be a serious fire starter.

Check If Air Supply Is Available

Do you know?  It turns out that restriction of air supply can cause creosote.  You certainly don’t want a fire to happen, do you?  Therefore, check that the fireplace silencer opens properly, it is used to increase the air flow in the fireplace.  Then leave the door open so that the air supply is not cut off when a fire occurs.

Alright, guys, this is a quick breakdown of the gas fire chimney liner discussion.  Hopefully, this article can be useful to reduce your doubts, yes!  You can immediately install a gas fire chimney liner for the safety of your family!

Just a small suggestion for you, if you find it difficult to install it yourself, you can ask someone to help you install it.  Or you can call someone who is an expert in that field. Hopefully, this article is useful for you, yes!


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