Funny Christmas sayings

Jetzt leuchten die Weihnachtskerzen

Christmas is a festival that most look forward to. In particular, of course, the children. This page offers funny Weihnachtswünsche, which are sometimes a bit cheeky, for everyone who has a few problems with Christmas. With a little humor, the stress before the party can be better endured. Here you will find many original, modern and funny sayings for Christmas, which are sometimes a bit unusual.

Funny short Christmas

Funny short Christmas sayings can be found on this page. These sayings are only recommended as funny Christmas greetings for adults and young people. Cheeky Santa Claus sayings are also included. Some are ironic, others even sarcastic. In any case, they should be viewed with humor, you shouldn’t expect a lot of profundity. But fun is particularly important in difficult times, and you also want to laugh or smile once in a while – good for “mental hygiene”.

Funny Christmas sayings

The most common texts for Christmas are the few poems by a few classical poets. Your mood is more in the direction of romance, sometimes loosened up with a little cheerfulness. At that time, their authors hardly thought of humor. That would not have fitted into the understanding of their time. Today the zeitgeist is different. “Fed up” by modern media, more and more people are looking for light entertainment food – everything should be as easy to digest, humorous and funny as possible. That is understandable, as most people think more of gifts and days off when they think about Christmas than of the birth of Jesus. The formerly respectful figure of Santa Claus is also ideal to be dismantled in a fun and easy way.

Thoughtful Christmas

Thoughtful Christmas poems are more reflective, after all, Christmas is actually not about consumption and giving. For the little ones there is of course a very special site at VersSchmiede. There are rhymes and verses that you can use to shorten the time it takes for your children to receive their Christmas presents: Christmas poems for children.

Funny Christmas sayings

Christmas is considered a quiet and quiet time of the year. The scent of fresh gingerbread and hearty vanilla crescents, aromatic baked apples, sparkling children’s eyes, contemplative Christmas music, all kinds of Christmas gifts, an Advent wreath with four burning candles and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with plenty of tinsel, balls in a wide variety of colors and sizes and a small bell that Christ Child announces – yes, this is Christmas!

At such a wonderful festival, the right words should of course not be missing. We at will show you how you can wish a nice Christmas Eve as well as a peaceful festive season apart from “Merry Christmas”. It really doesn’t need a lot of words. Take a look at our Christmas sayings that we have made available to you on this website. Regardless of whether it is contemplative, purely traditional, classic, wise, meaningful, thought-provoking or funny or funny – we provide you with a wide variety of our Christmas sayings. Just take some time and browse through our compilation.

Christmas sayings

In addition to pure sayings for Christmas and Christmas Eve, you will also find Christmas quotes that are ideal for the textual design of Christmas cards. If you would like to make a Christmas greeting card yourself, you could write a suitable Christmas quote or a reflective Christmas saying on the front of the card. This would act as a small intellectual input and make the card truly unique. The inside could therefore be furnished with a few cordial lines relating to Christmas and the following festive days.

Christmas sayings

Tip: Just let your creativity run free and turn your words and lines into something very special – our sayings and quotes about Christmas will help you!

Christmas sayings come in a wide variety of variations – and that’s exactly what you can find here at We have researched for you to the best of our knowledge in order to be able to present you wonderful words for Christmas, Christmas Eve and the following festive days on this website. No matter whether classic, wise or contemplative Christmas sayings – with us you are guaranteed to find the right lines for your Christmas greetings. Just take some time and browse our collection.

Christmas quotes

In addition to classic, contemplative and wise Christmas sayings, traditional Christmas quotes should not be neglected in our collection. But what exactly is the difference between a Christmas quote and a Christmas saying? The fact is that Christmas quotes are basically written like wisdom, proverbs, or aphorisms. They take up certain aspects and formulate a meaningful or thought-provoking statement. As a rule, quotes for Christmas are therefore also known as one-liners. As they usually communicate everything they want to express in one sentence.

Christmas sayings, on the other hand, are welcome to be a little longer. They are often even written in the form of poems and verses and provided with rhyming patterns.

To give means to give something to another,
what you would like to keep for yourself.

I will honor Christmas in my heart and try
to keep it all year round.
Charles Dickens

Although Christmas

Although Christmas is actually considered a quiet and quiet time, for some people it is still important to look at Christmas from the funny and funny side. Precisely for this reason, we have exactly the right words ready for you in this regard: presents you all sorts of funny Christmas sayings – and in the most varied of variations. Regardless of whether it is funny, funny, funny or to make you smile – our funny sayings for Christmas understand exactly what it means to drag Christmas and related aspects a little through the cocoa.

Templates for Christmas cards

Since Christmas is usually only spent with the closest family. The rest of the relatives must be wished “Merry Christmas” with a Christmas card. Christmas cards are a wonderful way to send greetings and to wish you. A peaceful and happy holiday with the family.

The best thing to do is to get a lovely card with a suitable Christmas motif in a stationery store or a stationery store and design the inside with a contemplative, classic, wise or funny Christmas saying. You can also write a few personal lines yourself or tell us how you will spend Christmas Eve.

Our recommendation for you: You will find a sufficient variety of quotes, aphorisms and sayings for Christmas with us. Browse through our collections and find the right words for your Christmas greeting card. If, on the other hand, you have already found wonderful lines for your Christmas wishes and are now looking for a nice card for them. Then we have the ultimate tip for you: You can find wonderful and attractively designed ready-made Christmas cards here. Take a look around and make your Christmas greetings and wishes something very special with wonderful Christmas greeting cards …

Formulate Christmas wishes personally

To give the Christmas card a personal touch, it is advisable to refer to the events of the past year. This shows that you gave honest thought to the recipient when creating the Christmas card.

So love, children or success can be topics that are addressed in the Christmas greeting. However, unpleasant topics such as illness, separation or failure can also be thematized on the map. Christmas cards are also a great way to express gratitude. So why not just say thank you for the support of your loved ones?

For individual Christmas cards, empty phrases and rigidity should be avoided. Instead, the card should show by alternation – also on the design level – that the sender has thought about the recipient. A short saying or a nice quote at the beginning or at the end rounds off the personal greeting card.

Christmas sayings for friends and family

Softly, softly, through the night, a gentle way floats very gently. Touches the heart as light as a feather, the hustle and bustle leaves us. You pause to listen, let yourself be carried away, intoxicated by the sound. Peace, rest, are you ready? It is Christmas time.

We wish you all the best for Christmas, of course. Peace and quiet for this beautiful season.

When children’s eyes light up and candles burn on the Advent wreath. Mysterious faces and people running through the shops. Then we know the time will come soon, oh you happy Christmas time.

I wish you all contemplation and wellbeing for Christmas and may the New Year be as successful as the old one!

Time for love and feeling, today it only stays cool on the outside! Candlelight and the scent of cookies, Christmas is in the air!

Grandma sings the old songs, Grandpa covers his ears. Every year it’s gone, the Christmas rest.

I wish you a heart full of happiness and serenity for Christmas time. That all worries seem to have been forgotten and people happily unite.

The children dream of the Christ Child and Santa Claus, who can bring the presents? No matter who brings the presents, every child is happy.

Taking and giving, that’s life. Because you give me so much, I want you to get something too. A little present so you know I’m thinking of you.

Whether above or below zero, whether it’s raining or snowing, your Christmas season will be particularly beautiful and wonderful!

I wish you moments of joy at Christmas time. That some people think of you, give you peace, warmth and love.

Poems, greetings and wishes for Christmas – reflective words for Christmas

Aside from sayings, quotes, wisdom and aphorisms. Christmas cards can also be wonderfully decorated with classic poems or contemplative greetings and wishes. You can find out exactly how this works here at . Just take some time, come with us and get helpful information for the textual design of your Christmas greeting cards and general Christmas greetings.

Tip: Christmas poems are a great way to convey a Christmas message in a lyrical and poetic way with classic rhyme schemes. The same applies, of course, to Christmas verses in the form of single and multiple lines. Wishes and greetings for Christmas, on the other hand. Are rather short and sweet and are therefore understood as classic messages with different textual content. You can find more information about this in the two categories created for this purpose.

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