Funeral flowers are just as important as condolence money because of these six reasons.


For centuries, people have recognised that sending flowers to mourners is the most fitting gesture. It is not uncommon to see floral arrangements on display during funerals, memorial ceremonies, or even during interment rites. This proves that the Filipino practice of bringing flowers at a loved one’s burial is widely accept.

When it comes to funeral flowers, some people may reconsider and choose consolation money in their place. While flowers as funeral tokens might bring a deeper value than money, they can also be a valuable source of financial help.

Funeral flowers are just as important as any other kind of contribution, for the following reasons.

Funeral flowers are superior to other types of sympathy gifts for the following six reasons.

Funeral flowers have a higher emotional value

Despite the fact that flowers are unable to express themselves verbally, their presence alone is enough to convey what words alone cannot. They have a unique way of expressing profound feelings of empathy and understanding via their unique language. As a result, this is a gift that money can never provide.

Sending flowers in remembrance of a loved one shows how much you care about the departed and how they will always be in your thoughts always. Seeing a loved one’s casket surrounded by emotional floral tributes is a heartbreaking experience. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to know that he/she is appreciated by so many?

It’s a Tribute to a Loved One’s Life

Floral tributes to those in mourning will last forever, even if they fade and perish. Cash may be a helpful financial assistance, but it can easily be overlooked and neglected at a moment of need. The bereaved will remember that you were there every step of the way if they see funeral flowers at wakes and burials.

The Spiritual Importance of Sympathy Flowers 

As well as conveying feelings of love and compassion, flowers have a variety of other meanings. For both flowers and people, death is an unavoidable aspect of life. Christianity’s idea that life on this planet is just transient may possibly be a contributing factor.

In contrast to money offerings, funeral flowers convey the idea that human lives are like flowers: ephemeral. This little gesture may go a long way toward letting the bereaved know that you care and that your compassion is genuine.

Funeral flowers aren’t only for decoration; they’re also an important part of the service itself.

Embalming was not widely practised thousands of years ago, therefore the practise of delivering flowers to mourners may be dated back to that time period. Flowers were also utilised for their scent to mask the stench of decomposing remains, in addition to paying honour to the deceased. For centuries, it’s been a living tradition. Even though embalming has been around for a while, flower arrangements are still an important feature of funerals today, both for aesthetic reasons and to mask the stench of the deceased.

Flowers for funerals may customised.

Flowers, as opposed to sympathy money, allow you to personalise the message you wish to convey. Each style and colour of floral speaks to a particular character. There is more to a flower’s symbolism than meets the eye. Including the grieving family in the process of choosing the flower arrangements may deepen the meaning of your tribute.

More Effort is Demonstrate by the Sending of Funeral Flowers

Online businesses have simplified the procedure of sending flowers, but the actual act of delivering flowers still includes work that is more onerous than merely donating money. The time and effort you put into this gesture of respect will be much appreciated, from choosing the florist and flower arrangements to paying the bill.

It is never easy to lose a loved one, and presents may not be able to ease the agony. A gesture as basic as delivering flowers to a grieving family may immediately demonstrate solidarity that goes well beyond monetary contributions.

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