Frozen front door lock: how to unlock it quickly?

Frozen front door lock: how to unlock it quickly?
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With cold and frost, the lock on the front door can get stuck. There are a few simple techniques to quickly unlock a door with a frozen lock. Follow the advice of All in one Locksmith Tampa to avoid getting stuck outside in front of your frozen lock. Also, find out how to effectively protect a lock from freezing.

Lock blocked by frost: bad ideas to avoid

After a freezing day, you arrive in front of your house, impossible to open the front door. Indeed, it can get blocked with the gel that has formed inside. But, don’t panic; there are solutions!

However, before detailing the good techniques, let’s indicate the techniques to avoid so as not to damage your key or the lock. First, do not try to force the key. There is a risk of bending it or breaking it in the lock. This will require the intervention of a locksmith.

By the way, may you be tempted to pour hot water into the lock? Bad idea. You will probably be able to open the frozen lock, but the moisture in the lock will freeze again in a few moments and re-lock your lock. Repeatedly, this solution will create various damages depending on your type of lock: rust, seizing, deterioration of plastic parts, etc.

Here are the effective techniques to unlock a frozen front door lock. In certain cases, the intervention of a professional remains preferable. The expert locksmiths of the All in one Locksmith network are at your disposal for any troubleshooting of blocked or damaged locks.

Unlock a frozen lock with a lighter

Heating the key is still the easiest to unlock a frozen front door lock. For this use a lighter to heat, without burning yourself, a few seconds the key. Be careful not to expose it to the flame for too long: your key may be damaged.

This technique does not always work the first time. Repeat the operation if necessary.

Unlock a frozen lock with a hairdryer

The hairdryer is also useful in a lock blocked by the gel. Here it is not the key that must be heated, but the lock. Bring the hairdryer directly to the keyhole to heat it while drying the remaining moisture.

100% efficient technique. However, not always achievable. Indeed, it is still necessary to have a hairdryer on hand and an external socket available while one is locked outside.

Unlock a frozen lock with methylated spirits

Another solution to defrost a lock gives very good results. Pour a few drops of methylated spirits into the keyhole and leave to act for a few seconds before inserting the key.

Fast and easy, always as long as you have rubbing alcohol with you.

Unlock a frozen lock with a spray

In specialized stores (DIY or car maintenance), you will find aerosol cans capable of unlocking a frozen lock. For a perfect result, use a can of antifreeze directly. Lubricating, cleaning or penetrating sprays can sometimes do the trick.

Insert the special nozzle into the lock, spray the product, and wait. Your lock will thaw after a few minutes.

How to protect your lock from freezing?

Before the cold sets in, you can take the initiative and protect your lock from freezing. First, coat your key with petroleum jelly or glycerin, then insert it into the lock. This will prevent frost from forming in the lock. Repeat this operation regularly until the end of winter temperatures.

You can cover the front of the lock with a piece of tape to prevent moisture from entering. A magnet attached to the lock also prevents it from jamming with the gel. Finally, you can remove the humidity in a lock by projecting compressed air into it.

The lock still blocked? Call a Pro

You know all the simple and effective techniques to unlock a frozen front door lock. However, some solutions discussed above require having the right equipment at hand. Not always easy when you stay locked outside in the cold.

In addition, your lock may be too old or damaged. Thus, you will have more difficulty unlocking it. Avoid pushing yourself hard on a recalcitrant lock at the risk of causing even more damage. Sometimes, the intervention of a professional locksmith in Tampa is the best solution. Indeed, he has the right tools and knowledge to repair your locks or change them if necessary.

If your door handle and lock are expensive, it’s not worthwhile to take a risk that can cause further damage to your expensive door and locks. All in One Locksmith will provide professional services to not face this same issue again. We provide a permanent solution that is long-lasting and affordable. Our expert technicians will reach you within 15-30 minutes anywhere in the whole of Tampa Bay, Florida. We have state-of-the-art equipment that can unlock, repair or replace your lock, keys in no time without damaging your property.

Our company is registered with the American Association of Locksmith, and all our technicians are certified, locksmiths. You need to be very careful where and tear locks as your security is essential for your family. You need to get a security audit to idenfy the risk related to any security threats. Theif and burglars are waiting for such an opportunity where they come to know that your locks are rusty due to cold. Christmas is coming, and most businesses are on holiday and families out of their house for vocation. All the criminals are aware of this opportunity, and they are most likely to take advantage. Therefore, you must make sure to check all the locks of your premises are working properly without any problem.

There is much more information available on our website posting tree for more tips and tricks. Do explore this website for more interesting material that can help your life. We wish you the best of luck in this holiday and home you stay safe and healthy.

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