Frontier Airlines Provides Special Airport Assistance Services

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Frontier Airlines recently announced that they would provide special assistance services at several airports across the country, including Denver International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, and Orlando Sanford International Airport. Frontier Airlines, while primarily offering low-cost domestic travel within the United States, also offers international flights to Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic as well as Australia and New Zealand. Frontier Airlines operates more than 750 daily flights in its fleet of Airbus A320s and A321s to 101 destinations in the United States and five international locations.

Who Is Eligible?

Frontier Airlines provides special assistance to travelers who need a little extra help getting around or into their plane. Frontier offers two different kinds of assistance: wheelchair service and boarding assistant service. Frontier has partnered with AirServe Inc. to provide these services at no additional cost to passengers in need of special assistance when traveling on Frontier flights booking. With over 25 years of experience, AirServe is recognized as one of America’s largest providers of professional mobility services. To request assistance, please call Frontier customer service number (+1-888-720-1433) at least 24 hours prior to your departure time.

Booking Requirements

A frontier airline requires one of two things to be at a boarding gate 30 minutes before your flight is scheduled to leave. Passengers can either have their confirmation code, or they must be in possession of their boarding pass. They do not permit passengers who do not meet these requirements to board their flights unless they are eligible for on-the-spot rebooking (this happens after you check in for Frontier airlines and print your boarding pass). This is what Frontier Airlines considers last minute check-in, so if you don’t make it through security and to your gate in time, you may need to pay a different fare.

What If You Are Late?

Frontier’s policy states that every customer who has purchased a flight with them is eligible for certain assistance, whether they have been traveling on Frontier or not. You can be reimbursed for travel expenses. If you are more than one hour late arriving at your destination. You have paid for your transportation to reach your final destination book frontier airlines Chicago. Frontier will cover both outbound and inbound transportation costs, including lost wages if a passenger misses work as a result of an overslept arrival due to Frontier’s delay or cancellation. Customers can also choose between refunds of their tickets or vouchers. That may be applied toward future travel with Frontier Airlines.

What If I Lose My Luggage?

We’re sorry if you lose your luggage, but we’re here to help. If your bag doesn’t show up, let us know right away at Frontier Airlines Baggage policy by calling +1-888-720-1433. We can file a report with our airport baggage department, and they will work with local authorities and you to recover your bag as quickly as possible. Remember to pack an extra set of clothes in case something happens; nothing ruins a vacation faster than waiting for delayed luggage. Fortunately, no matter what happens you can always count on being taken care of on board; flight attendants are well equipped to take care of spills or other emergency situations that might arise during your trip.

Does My Pet Need a Carrier?

Frontier Airlines website allows you to bring your small pet on board, but it’s important to remember that your pet must be able to stand up and turn around. Frontier also requires pets to be crated during travel, so if you plan on using a carrier for your pet’s comfort during travel, make sure it is airline-approved. If you plan on not using a carrier for your pet, remember that Frontier airlines deals will only transport approved pets in a hard-sided or soft-sided carrier that can be stowed under the seat in front of you. Regardless of which option you choose for traveling with your pet, Frontier requires an additional ticket fee and there are restrictions on how many pets may fly in one flight (no more than four).

What Happens at the Gate?

Travelers have complained that Frontier Airlines web site has failed to provide adequate disability assistance when they arrive at their departure gate. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires Frontier, like any commercial airline carrier in operation since January 1993, to provide complementary wheelchair service and a boarding ramp for individuals traveling with wheelchairs or other mobility devices. If a traveler arrives at his/her destination without being offered assistance, he/she may be entitled to claim compensation for potential damages. The air carrier is responsible if it cannot prove otherwise. If you have experienced similar problems and would like assistance with your case, please contact us Frontier customer services number for a free consultation.

How Do I Cancel an Advance Seat Selection?

To cancel an advance seat selection, log into your Frontier Airlines account and view your Pending Reservations. Select View Pending Reservation next to your flight and click cancel flight Frontier airlines. You will see a message confirming that you have canceled your advance seat selection. Note: You cannot undo cancellations, so please make sure you really want to cancel it before selecting cancel. If you choose not to cancel, simply close out of that page or tab by clicking outside of it. When looking at a reservation confirmation email, be sure to look for any information on canceling seat assignments.

Wheel Chair Request

When travelling with a wheel chair or mobility device, Frontier Airlines requires customers to request a wheelchair 48 hours in advance of departure. Customers are responsible for providing their own wheel chair or mobility device. Frontier will need to know what brand and model number to provide appropriate size assistance equipment at the airport. The customer is also responsible for ensuring they have adequate battery power on their battery-powered wheelchair. Frontier’s policy states that if your battery has less than 10% charge, you will not be able to board your flight. For guests travelling with powered scooters, Frontier recommends booking wheelchair assistance so you can ensure assistance is provided during boarding and deplaning processes since most U.S airports require people pushing a scooter or wheelchair to exit after other passengers deplane.

Frontier Airlines Accessibility Request Form

Frontier Airlines provides airport assistance services to customers with special needs. Any customer service frontier who requires additional assistance at any Frontier Airline terminal may request help through Frontier’s Accessibility Request Form located on their website. From filling out an online form, a Frontier representative will call you to determine your specific needs and will also call you when it is time for boarding. Once you are on board, a Frontier gate agent will walk with you to your assigned seat and assist you in getting situated with frontier carry on luggage. This accessibility service is provided free of charge by Frontier Airline agents, but there is a limit of one escort per customer.


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