Free Images Websites

Free Images Websites

Free Images Websites

Free Images Websites


It is said- “A Picture says a Thousand Words!” That is, a picture tells a thousand words. This means that if at some place we are never able to express our words through words, then pictures can help us in doing this work there.

Even in Blogging and Content Writing, it happens many times that we are not able to put our point properly through words and even there it helps us in this work – IMAGES

If you are a Blogger, Youtuber or Content Writer, then perhaps you can understand the importance of pictures better than a common person.

Whether to make a video, to make a thumbnail, to write an article or to put a screenshot… Photos are useful for us everywhere.

But in this age of the internet, where most of the good photos are copyrighted by the creator of them, that is, we cannot use them without the permission of the owner of that photo. If we use them without permission, we may have to suffer.

Apart from this, there are some pictures which we can use in our article, but along with this we also need to give credit attribute to the creator of that photo; Telling that brother, this photo is yours, just I am using it..

Due to the lack of good pictures, the sound of your words should not be reduced at all, so in today’s post we are going to talk about those 6 photo-websites, which provide very good and copyright free images to freelancers. so let’s know


Free Images Websites

1. Mixing Images

Do you know? How to download free copyright images from Google? In today’s time, if you want to use the image in your blog, then keeping this in mind, you can use that image when it is fresh and not copyrighted. If you use any other image which is copyrighted, then in that case the owner of that image can file a legal action against you or a complaint on Google, which can put your future in danger. For this you should not face such problem.

2. All Latest Images

For this, we will make you aware of such top website where you are not going to face the problem of copyright at all. You can download free images here and without worry you can use on your blog or anywhere.

You will not have to pay any money on these websites. Here you can download images of every category, whether it is related to culture or related to food, you can search all types of images there by clicking on the search bar of websites. If you are a Youtuber, blogger or web designer then these websites can prove to be very good for you. Here you will not come across any copyright issues.

To overcome these problems, we have brought top website from where you can download images of any category.

3. HD Top Images

Image type

We get to see a lot of images while running mobile and computer. Are all these images the same? No, all are of different types, we see today. How many types of images are there?



Raster images are simply like our photos ( photographs , scanning picture ). Which we do in social media, website. These images are made up of small pixels. The quality of such an image depends on the number of pixels (small dots that we see on the screen of TV and computer).

In multimedia such as: mobile, computer, television, the quality of the image “depends on the number of pixels in an area of ??one inch.”

From this you can guess. The higher the number of pixels in the image. The quality and resolution of that image will be of higher quality.

In this way when we try to enlarge a raster image on the computer. So the quality of that image becomes low and blurred. Because in this case the number of pixels per inch decreases due to which the quality of the image starts working.

We need software like Photoshop, image editor to maintain the quality of raster image.



All Vector Images work in the same way on the mathematics algorithm system. Path and curve line are used to create vector image. Just as the number of pixels decreases while compressing an image, it loses its quality. But this does not happen in vector images. Because it does not work on pixels. It works on mathematics algorithm, which does not affect its quality when the image is enlarged or enlarged.

The size of a vector image is large, which makes it difficult to edit and process such an image.

For editing this type of image, software like Corel Draw is required.


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