Follow These Tricks, Tips To Preserve The Purity Of Cashmere Blanket


It is that time of the year when we have to bring out our Cashmere Throw Blankets from the shelf. As winter is here, and it is here to stay, we have to bring out the beloved blankets that will keep us warm. And when it comes to the material that keeps one hot, nothing can beat the purity and the warmth that a cashmere product emits.

Products made of cashmere wool have been considered as one of the most popular materials that are going on around the world. Because of its cultural relevance of Kashmir and how it has been upheld many times due to its aesthetic, many tend to lean towards the cashmere blanket rather than suede.

Though it has become a luxurious item which, due to heritage importance, has more significance, it is rather tough to clean it. Among many important aspects, one has to ensure to preserve the quality of the product. In this article, we will give you certain tricks and tips to clean and preserve Cashmere Throw Blankets.

The tips and tricks to employ while cleaning cashmere blanket:

Certain tricks you have to employ to make sure that your blanket is warm. To maintain the structural integrity of the blanket, you have to wash it properly keeping in mind certain pointers.

If you think it is easy to wash a blanket, guess again. One wrong could topple the whole thing. Your blanket could lose its structural composition, it could lose its texture, most importantly, it could lose its warmth. So let us begin.

● You have to make sure that you wash the blanket with your hand. Hand wash is the best way to ensure the structural composition of the product.

● Never machine wash the cashmere blanket. Not only a blanket but even any product made out of cashmere should be avoided as you could lose warmth and other aspects of the product.

● Make sure that you use a solution that is not heavy on chemicals. So using baby shampoo or for that matter, any mild shampoo will do.

● If your Cashmere Throw Blankets is emitting a bit of bad odor from it, then make sure that you pour half a cup of vinegar into the solution.

● Never wash your cashmere products in hot water. It is another reason why one could lose the warmth of the product.

● Soak the product in the solution for ten minutes before rubbing gently with your hand. By soaking it, the dirt will be issuing away.

● Never rub the product with a heavy hand. Rub it gently. Rub one end of the product with its other end.

● If there is a strain in your blanket, then never rub it out. It will hamper the quality of the product.

● Make sure that you rinse the product very beautifully to get rid of the solution. Clutch the product together in one place and press the water out.

● Always air dries the cashmere made product.


You have to maintain the product and its composition. Make sure that you don’t put it in a lace that has moisture and heat. So put it in a breathable bag and place it in a cold place.


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