Floor Cleaning Services in Broward County

Floor Cleaning Services in Broward County
Floor cleaning wax could be the solution to a common problem. Sometimes the floor in the house is dull and not very shiny. This happens even if cleaned with a product that has specific characteristics inherent to the material in which the floor is made.
The wax makes the floors shiny and gives them immediate radiance and shine.
This type of product is ideal for different types of surfaces. For example, it is very useful for reviving terracotta floors. There is also wax for marble floors.

How to apply floor cleaning wax

How to apply floor cleaning wax generally has two particular functions, a protective and an aesthetic one.
The first is to create a sort of protective film that can protect the floor cleaning from any harmful agents, such as stains and light. Another danger is possible abrasions and scratches caused by the continuous movement of the shoes or by the dragging of any piece of furniture.
The amount of wax needed to create this sort of protection depends on the properties of the floor to treat. For example, an antique marble floor, for greater protection, requires more floor wax than another. If you overdo it with the amount of wax, you could get the opposite case, which is a greater adhesion of dirt.

Pass the wax  requires a lot of patience, here are the basic steps:


Dusting the surface with a vacuum cleaner or sweeping the floor with a broom.
WASH THE FLOOR, sanitizing with warm water and a detergent, ideal for removing impurities, dirt, and bacteria present.

ALLOW THE FLOOR TO DRY, after rinsing thoroughly.

COMBINE WAX AND WARM WATER in a bucket, being careful to respect the recommended doses.
PASS THE WAX ON THE FLOOR with a rag evenly over the entire surface.

Finally, one last trick:

WIPE WITH A DRY WOOL RAG to make the surface even shinier. If you don’t have a woolen cloth for cleaning, you can use an old garment.
Types of wax
There are different types of  floor cleaning wax  depending on the material with which the surface to treat is composed, you must always give the wax uniformly, whether it is liquid or full-bodied, among the most common we find:

The color revives wax:

A particular wax that can revive and polish the color of the surfaces at the same time. Ideal for terracotta, brick, or concrete floors.

Natural wood:

A type of wax that makes an untreated natural wood floor shiny and non-slip.

Marble wax:

They usually have special cleaning characteristics that allow the elimination of stains, making the surface clean, shiny, and shiny.

Polished floor cleaning

A DIY intervention is not always enough, even when it comes to doing something as simple as polishing the floor. When the surface is badly damaged, the best solution is to turn to professionals.
When choosing a cleaning company it must specialize in the professional treatment of floor cleaning of all materials. The most delicate and fragile surfaces are terracotta, parquet, and marble, so you have to pay close attention.

 Clean Wanted housekeeping

It is well known that keeping the house tidy and clean requires time and effort, two things that often do not help in this attempt. This is why it is important to know how to clean the floor in the right way. Various effective and quick methods help achieve an ideal floor cleaning.

How to clean the floor of the house

Keeping a clean floor is ideal for house hygiene, especially if there are children around. To maintain hygiene it is not enough to know how many times, but also how to clean the floor. There are three operations to follow for correct cleaning of the classic floor:
First of all, using a broom or an electric vacuum cleaner, dust, crumbs, pet hair and everything else that may be on the surface of the floor must remove to subsequently allow proper cleaning.
The second operation to do is to sanitize and clean the floor with water and a detergent suitable for the material the floor is made of. For the very common tiled floor cleaning, the ideal solution is to combine the soap with hot water; for wooden floors, on the other hand, it is necessary to use a little water and specific or even neutral detergents so as not to damage it.

Finally, the last step is to dry the floor with a soft cloth, and possibly that can capture the excess dust left on the floor.

These three simple sanitation steps, depending on the means we use to clean the floor, can be more or less quick and practical. For example, the classic broom will make our cleaning much longer and less effective than an electric vacuum cleaner. The same thing for the brushes and rags that every time have to rinse and wrung out.
Thanks to technology, some tools enclose everything with excellent and fast sanitization, they are the steam scrubbing brooms. Without adding anything else, these particular brooms, thanks to the power of the steam, are very effective against bacteria while offering very effective floor cleaning.

Floor types

There are various types of flooring and therefore various cleaning methods in order not to damage the material it is made of. Here are some  common floor cleaning tips  :


After passing the broom, use water that is not too hot with a well-wrung cloth; you can also use a neutral detergent or a specific detergent for wooden floors.


After sweeping, the floor must degrease with hot water and alcohol before starting cleaning with a suitable detergent.


Use hot water and soap, after a thorough use of the broom, and to obtain a shiny floor it is recommended to wipe with a cloth.
The cleaning staff is responsible for maintaining the order and cleanliness of the premises, in a domestic and industrial environment. Must know how to apply the safety and hygiene rules, use specific tools (vacuum cleaner, polisher, single brush …), safely handle and store the products necessary for cleaning surfaces, use personal protective equipment that may be important (such as gloves or masks), and knowing how to manage waste disposal.
The cleaner can work in different environments: cleaning apartments, warehouses, industrial and commercial buildings, pizzerias and hotels, condominiums, residential buildings, public places such as schools, hospitals, museums. Many jobs offers concern the field of house cleaning. In the ads, we often use ” cleaning lady”, and sometimes among the tasks requested there is also the ironing service.

Why choose a cleaner in Broward County?

Let’s start by defining some important points: who are the cleaners and what are their job responsibilities?

Activities and responsibilities

A cleaner is a professional person who takes care of maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of domestic or commercial environments. The cleaner must take into account and respect the hygiene and safety rules, must always handle detergents with care, while ensuring an adequate level of hygiene.

Working hours

The working time of an employee is unusual, having to adapt to the needs of customers. The cleaning of commercial activity, for example, will carry out before or after opening hours, while those of the house during the customer’s working hours.

Where do the cleaners work?

Commercial area

In the commercial field, the staff works a lot with other professionals within companies that offer their cleaning services to activities such as bells, restaurants, hotels, offices, warehouses, etc.
Maintaining cleanliness in these areas requires a great deal of work and professional equipment, conditions that an independent worker cannot cope with. Cleaning in a commercial environment is aimed at offices and companies, shops, banks … Cleaning in a civil environment is carried out in the farmhouses and apartments owned.

Domestic area

The cleaner can also work independently to start collaborations with private individuals. Most of these jobs involve house cleaning carried out only a few days a week, easily manageable by a single person. In the current case, the cleaner works in all respects as a freelancer.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Company

Surely you always want to live in a clean space free of dirt and other disease hazards due to pathogens. There are times when it becomes almost impossible for you to deal with all the problems. And you think about choosing the Clean Wanted cleaning company.
But it doesn’t mean that this is no longer a priority, as most of your time is spent at home, with your family, loved ones. It is therefore important to always have a clean and healthy environment alike.

Why it is important to contact the right cleaning company

All things inside the house that surrounds us must flawless, especially when it comes to cleanliness. Anyone may wish that when they return home after an extremely tiring day at work, they should enjoy a moment of relaxation, in a clean space with a fresh, flawless, and healthy smell.
But what do we do when we don’t have time for all of this?
Because our days are full of work and we cannot divide ourselves into all the parts…
Well, in this situation, the only convenient solution we have is to contact a cleaning company.
And since there are hundreds and thousands of cleaning companies on the market, everything becomes much simpler and safer.
Once we have decided that we need to use the services of a cleaning company, we first need to see what the benefits are using their services.


  • Experience of qualified personnel
  • Accessible and professional programs
  • Cleaning plans adapted to the particularities of each customer
In general, a cleaning company should guarantee:
Training of cleaning staff on techniques for performing all types of cleaning, using products and equipment correctly.
Effective use of detergents and cleaning solutions using the dosage instructions required.
Use of equipment according to the rules: work clothing, gloves, masks depending on the specifics of cleaning jobs and seasons.

Our Mission

The Clean Wanted corporate mission has always been to strive for a continuous and constant improvement in the quality of services, also by listening to the feedback and suggestions of our customers.


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